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  1. found it! https://www.nclhltd.com/investors/shareholder-benefits
  2. How to get this Shareholder discount? Is there specific email address or phone number? How much discount do you get? Number of shares or for how long you have them? Is this particular to NCL or all cruise lines?
  3. Thanks all for your comments and suggestions. Cruise Critic do NOT allow to post names of businesses but this policy seems like very poetic as Cruise Critic themselves post list of best travel agents on this website. https://www.cruisecritic.com/articles/best-cruise-travel-agents Is like editorial vs advertorial kind of thing! ? One of biggest perks I am looking for single person discount and it seems like it is no where to be found on Cruise line websites esp. where I want to go (No Cozumel please, it seems like this particular location is profit maker as half of Caribbean cruises go there) . There were single discounts on NCL last month and but rooms were inside (I was ok with that one) but it was on 4th Floor and I thought that was very low level. Not sure sure how far they are from engines or crew cabin. I just missed that deal as it was very good itinerary (southern Caribbean) and I thought they may have better opening in a week or so but seems like demand is off the charts. Those cabin went like hot cakes. Thanks all.
  4. Ok thanks, Some general idea. Local (mom and pop shop), regional or affiliated with big box store etc. You can name your travel agent as ABC and how did you find them? I know some people like them and some don't. Not sure how to find cruise specialist travel agent?
  5. Do you use Travel agent for Cruises or depends or book directly with cruise? Any suggestions how to find Travel Agent for Cruises? Google search will get you all over the places. Thanks
  6. Has anyone booked any cruise via this website. To me cruise search engine like a banner as once you select a cruise it will take to some other website and rates quoted initially are like bait. I felt every time I wasted time trying to find a cruise via cruise critic.
  7. Does anyone any forum to ask about how best earn and use Travel Points and rewards? Travel rewards does not seems be hot topic here at Cruise Critic. You do need airline ticket to travel to cruise port. I have travel points and airline reward spread across various credit card and airline rewards program. Is there a way if I can combine them? I have seen people use miles on (lets say) Delta airline but operated by Virgin Atlantic. First I need to transfer mile from credit card rewards to Delta (if Delta is in their network) and then use Delta rewards program to book airline ticket either on Delta or partner airline?
  8. Thank you for addressing water issue. I guess there will be plenty of water. Since lots of European responding to my post. How is food esp. Pizza and Pasta. I love good Pizza, Ravioli by the way. Do you guys eat Pizza by hand like most Americans do or by fork? I did not get quite get internet issue for Americans. Is it only Costa App which does Not work or no internet at all? Does it matter which phone do you have, iphone or Android?
  9. Pier Runner is depends who do you ask. You can can claim you stuck in traffic or your watch missed Time zone adjustment. Or you simply did not return. What is difference between Trip Delay or Trip Interruption? How do I know if this perk (pier runner) is included in insurance. This happens quite often as people miss cruise at port mid way). I don't have Travel agent and I will buying online on my own. Is there particular insurance language for this mishap and under which section? Thanks for clarification on Trip Cancellation or CFAR.
  10. I am sure this topic has been discussed and asked thousands of time. I have never purchase cruise insurance and now I am getting older so starting to think about it. Q: Cruise Insurance from Cruise Company I am assuming this insurance only covers Cruise portion of Travel? not before and after? I have seen here lot of people buy these from cruise companies, any particular reason why or lack of knowledge? Q: Lets say you bought your Cruise and airline tickets from big online travel websites. There are many dot coms around. I don't want to mention any names. I did this mistake by asking this question. I was banned from this forum. and only way to get re-instated was to plead guilty to Cruise Critic and admitted that I knowingly promoted somethings. I asked question naively comparing 2 products by mentioning names! Thing are many dot com travel websites there is NOT a link between Cruise booking and airline booking. You book one first, pay for it and then book other one and pay for it. Every one more than happy to sell you insurance. Question is buying insurance from big internet based dot com covers whole thing or depends as they are selling you 2 things separately? Q: There are some big name retailer also sell travel packages and again insurance (I bet profit margin must be very high on insurance products as every one is selling them). Is it best to buy from them or 3rd party (my next question)? Q: In an other post here on Cruise Critic someone posted a link to article which take to sort of market place of 3rd party travel insurance companies where you add your requirements like what you need and it shows different insurance companies and their rates (again not going to mention name as not to get banned again!). Plus then you read insurance policy detail what is covered. Is that more suitable route?
  11. I am sure people are familiar with concept of Pier runner. Lets say if you miss your cruise connection while on cruise. What kind of insurance do you need? This does happen. Trip Interruption Trip Cancellation (most likely your trip going to go cancel) Trip delay or something else Does insurance purchased from Cruise line at time of booking cover this clause. Or need also to have Cancellation for Any reason?
  12. I could not find appropriate forum for this topic. Have you take a cruise (any cruise line) which embark or disembark from La Romana/Dominican Republic. In Dominican Republic airport is in Punta Cana and Cruise terminal is in La Romana. I could not find any useful help from Punta Cana airport website (ground transportation). If have used use this route, how did you handle this. Did you stay either before or after cruise in Punta Cana or La Romana. How did you get there, rental car or shared ride (van etc) or taxi/uber? If you stayed in La Romana, where did you stay like area. In most cities there are hotels right near cruise terminals.
  13. Thanks for your input. I should have been more clear. I will be traveling solo. Before pandemic there were always deals on NCL and RCL for solo travelers and most of time one can find cruise where there was no extra premium. Now this is gone so cost is almost double. Cost in my case is sort of Solo traveler Tax. Costa is Med cruise line and naturally it will be full of home country people. Caribbean is quite far and most of time European travelers have to travel via some other country (most likely USA). So Costa in Caribbean is still full of European/Italians? I don't have any problem either with European people or Italian food on board. I have read some horrible things on these boards like your phone (not sure all phones or only iPhone) does NOT work (not even to check your cruise account). It has to do with certain bandwidth in Europe or app store. (any way I am traveling in Caribbean). No free Fountain water (My guess is this will be new normal on all cruises). Announcements are in non English language only. Staff does NOT speak much English. Phone is Not working .My concern was overall atmosphere as don't want to get lost! I usually choose cruise based on destination and I am not particularly loyal to any specific cruise line.
  14. How are Costa Cruises in Caribbean? Well Inflation has hit home and Costa are only cruises which I can find under $1000 for a 7 day cruise. Really appreciate your input if you have been various cruise line for a comparison? Thanks
  15. Has anyone tried their luck with sail away? or only book sail away. Any horror stories? With Sail Away cruise line can put you near engine room or below pool deck. I am sure cruise people knows trick people deploy, book cheapest inside sail away then perhaps hope to get either free (depending upon your cruise status) or pay little extra for upgrade? Cost difference between inside sail away and balcony can be few hundreds to thousands of dollars.
  16. If you are cruising out of San Juan, what are best things to do for Day. Since you will be on water and beaches whole week cruise, water related activities may not be top priority? On day of disembarkation, you are typically out lets say 9 or 10 AM (small luggage) and you have evening flight like 10 or 11PM, where one can store luggage to walk around city? or are there locker storage to rent? or what can one to kill like 8 - 10 hours. I am sure this is common issue. Every time I looked at cruise line (does not matter which cruise line or which port) and looked at cruise booking schedule then went to airline or some travel booking website for same date, I never saw best price around early afternoon (disembarkation day). Sometimes there is ridiculous price difference such as late evening flight around $150 and early afternoon $600 or higher. This includes budget airlines. Perhaps website cookies pick up scent there is money to be made.
  17. Thanks, Pan American Terminal is for both embarkation and disembarkation?
  18. San Juan port has 2 terminals at 2 very different locations. Which terminal is used by NCL, Old San Juan or Pan American? Or it will depends. I have not booked yet and from web it is not clear which one will be used or either location can used? I did try search function but website takes me back to booking a cruise. I could not get to message board
  19. Thanks I suppose I save my $200 to get what I want to drink la crate.
  20. I don't drink and many of NCL packages are offering lots of free items and OPEN bar is one them. But as most fellow cruisers here will know free Open bar is NOT exactly free as there are Open Bar Gratuities which are close to $200. Q1: What non alcholic beverages (like coffee, tea or juice) are included in free dining (without any open bar package)? or What is NOT included like latte or freshly squeezed orange juice? Q2. What extra non alcholic beverages come with Open bar package which you don't get in your fare and complimentary dining? Just because it is free and unlimited, one should be drinking more than 1 o 2 glasses of juices per day as I don't want to gain 10 lbs from free non alcoholic beverages alone. I am trying to decide if I should get this open bar for non- alcoholic beverages or just spend $200 saved from gratuities as la carte what I like?
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