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  1. For most, being inside is worse if you are seasick. The problem is the disconnect between what your body is feeling (the motion) and what your brain is seeing (what appears to be nothing moving). Getting yourself outside to actually see the horizon moving in the same manner that your body is feeling tells your brain "ok...now I get it". Balcony all the way...and as another poster said, Meclizine. Works wonders.
  2. Necessary? Maybe not, but not over the top...if anything, extremely cautious. The key here is the word "except"...'fully vaccinated EXCEPT those 12 and under'. There will likely be some on board who have not been vaccinated. If the line wishes to enforce mask wearing (as any business is permitted to, even with general mask mandates lifted) then that is their choice.
  3. Ahhh...OK. That does make sense. We sailed from Vancouver and you are right, cleared customs as we walked into the terminal to check in. I remember thinking that was odd until I realized "OK, that means when we get to Santa Barbara we're good to go!" San Diego, same thing.
  4. Others may know for sure, but I wonder if it depends on how HAL is selling the cruise...sometimes, two itineraries are sold as one voyage (even two 7-night Caribbean). We did an 11-night on Eurodam which was also sold as a 4-night Pacific Coastal and 7-day Mexican Riviera...but we were booked as 11-night guests. When we arrived in San Diego (the end of the four-day segment) there was no mention at all of us needing to leave the ship or get to zero-count...they said anyone remaining on for the next 7 days was pretty much free to treat this as a normal port stop. We were told we co
  5. When it comes to 'free drinks' promotions, I tend to do a little fancy math to see if it is worth it. Back in 2017 we had the chance to add Explore 4 to an existing 10-night reservation for $69pp through a reprice of the trip. That was total, not per day...so just $140 to get free drinks for 10 nights, internet, Pinnacle Grill. That was a no-brainer. During that trip we decided to see just how much of a value free drinks really are for us. Receipts were still given for all drinks, and everything was credited off our bill at the end. I saved all those receipts and ad
  6. I can't recall if we still had to sign for the drinks, but my husband and I always handed the server a dollar or two at time of order...that seemed to ensure that we were always 'remembered' after a while for refills if we were not sitting at the bar. When at the bar, we always left a more substantial tip if we had a couple of drinks while sitting there. Our favorite servers are always remembered at the end of the trip as well.
  7. I think it's more about how much time one spends in the casino than anything else. My husband and I are not big gamblers by any means, but after our first HAL cruise we got on the 'casino list' and have received offers for the past 6-7 years consistently. We are in the casino every single day of the cruise, always make sure we have them run our card when seated at a table or playing video poker (no regular slots for us). We also get to know the dealers and casino host, and participate in blackjack tournaments. But our casino 'budget' is never more than $100
  8. Wow @Crew News, that is narrow. Well, we won't give up our walks, but I have to imagine they won't be nearly as brisk as past trips. How does that deck size work out for On Deck for a Cause?
  9. My only space concern is the outside promenade deck for walking. I've heard it is much more narrow than other ships. One of our cruise standards each morning is a brisk walk on deck, usually at least 10-12 laps. I'm hoping this will still be as enjoyable when we sail NS in March.
  10. This is the size of my balcony on my upcoming HAL cruise...a regular veranda stateroom but one of just two on this ship with a double-wide, extended balcony. My hack will be to pass some greenbacks to my stateroom attendant on day 1 to see about a couple of loungers and a larger table, if they aren't already there.
  11. How far in advance can you add Club Orange to a booking? Gosh I wish my PCC hadn't been let go...I need to find another.
  12. I'm giving some serious thought to Club Orange for our NS cruise scheduled for March 2022. I'm not so sure I care about the upgraded stateroom (I am booked into one of the two aft staterooms on deck 4 with the double-wide balcony), but the other perks are intriguing...especially the idea of the separate dining space for breakfast/dinner. My question is about dinner...if one chooses to eat there every night, do you need to have reservations? Does the same wait staff work there the entire cruise, and can you try to get the same crew each evening as one would in fixed dining in the
  13. We've always had pressing included with the laundry package, but dry cleaning is not. My husband always sends every one of his dress shirts out on embarkation day as we unpack so they can be freshly pressed - we leave them for our stateroom attendant when we go to dinner. They've always been back to us by noon the next day.
  14. My husband and I get the casino 'offers' via email fairly often. We are not high-rollers but do enjoy the casino on the ship and spend time there every day of a cruise, and get to know the host and dealers throughout the trip. Since getting our first offer a couple of years ago, we qualify for a casino discount on every cruise we have taken since. It's usually a decent break - at least $300 or more off the fare, and we've always been able to take advantage of any other perks currently offered at the time of reservation. I think the best deal we ended up with was the Zuiderdam
  15. Half Moon Cay is one of my top destinations...and when I dream of a beautiful beach, that is the one that always comes to mind. Walking along that pure white sand, swimming in that crystal clear water. It's heaven...
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