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  1. We rolled the dice once with a balcony guarantee on Westerdam and won the lottery with an aft on deck 5...huge balcony!! I figure I used up all my luck with that and now always choose my stateroom.
  2. Well, my husband and I took first steps and booked a trip in March 2022. Fully refundable deposit, and not a lot at risk - we used a future cruise certificate purchased back in 2018 for $100 each, so if we end up canceling the future cruise certificate just goes back into our account. Final payment isn't due until December 2021, so plenty of time to decide.
  3. While I realize we were on the ship over 5 years ago, we did have loungers on our balcony - we were dead center deck 5 in a VB: Certainly possible that things have changed, but these loungers were out there from the start for us
  4. Oh how I've waited for the day when I could post and add my name to the list...FINALLY!!! Mar 16-27, 2022 Nieuw Statendam Southern Caribbean Wayfarer This will be our first voyage on this ship, with a few new islands to discover that we've never visited. Just can't wait to get back to sea!!
  5. My husband and I definitely try to keep things simple for our stateroom attendants...they work so hard (as does everyone on the ship) and we're always appreciative of any kindness they are able to extend. The cruise we're looking at is spring 2022, so really hoping that they have this whole COVID thing figured out. Thank you to everyone who responded. I think we'll still try for that stateroom - just having all that space will feel great and, if anything, give us more airflow with the walls further apart in the warm Caribbean
  6. Strongly considering booking on Nieuw Statendam, stateroom 4154...the balcony is huge, but I've read that only the standard chair/footrest and small table are available. Has anyone had success requesting loungers and/or a larger table for that space? I'll happily reward my steward if they can arrange it....
  7. Got a call yesterday from my PCC letting me know that these cruises were now scheduled, and excited to see some listed on the website in the afternoon. My husband and I are targeting spring 2022, so it will be nice to get one on the schedule!
  8. For those who say 'just wait for NCL to cancel' - easy to say, harder to consider if you are looking at forking over a large sum of money, especially for one that departs on Dec 27th as the OP's...that's a holiday sailing. To keep the reservation active , final payment would need to be made if the cruise isn't cancelled by final payment date. If I had taken that route, I'd be looking at forking over close to $12k to NCL this week for the Dec 26th cruise I had booked. For the OP, if it's just one stateroom, it could still be thousands leaving the bank account right now.
  9. Don't be surprised if there are late December sailings that are not at full capacity... I had three club suites booked for the December 26th Escape, first booked in mid-2019. Eagerly anticipated a wonderful family holiday cruise, despite the fact that the fare was close to double what I would normally pay for a 7-night cruise. When considering that the start-up date kept pushing back, I decided that spending $15k for a cruise that might only be the 3rd or 4th one out since the start up was NOT a good spend of that kind of coin. I had a vision for this trip despite it'
  10. I would jump on that in a hearbeat...especially if they planned two or even three stops and the rest sea days circling around. I just need to get away, sit on a balcony with a cocktail and a good book and watch the sea go by.
  11. We usually book our own flights but our last 11-night cruise on Eurodam included a generous credit for flights booked through Flight Ease, and since we were embarking in one port (Vancouver) and flying home from another (San Diego)we took the credit and booked through Flight Ease. Experience booking was just fine, my comments here regard the service. On the day of our flights to Vancouver (PHL-TOR, TOR-YVR), which was day before embarkation, our flight to TOR was cancelled. There was a mad scramble to the desk by passengers to get re-booked, and most of Air Canada's flights to YV
  12. We've always requested a table for two and will often ask for a specific location - cruises are when my husband and I get to disconnect with our busy careers and reconnect with each other, so every night is date night for us. I do recall one trip where we asked for a table for two, and were assigned a four-top. We did enjoy the extra space, but imagine our surprise on night 5 when we approached our table and another couple was seated there. We introduced ourselves, but conversation was not easy - English was not their primary language and neither couple really found an ease of
  13. Fairly certain the first cruises we book will be Caribbean, and quite honestly all I want to do right now is relax on a ship. I would have no issues with the restrictions and likely would just stay on board and relax with a good book in one hand and a drink in the other.
  14. While I haven't read this thread in a while, the last couple of posts with suggestions that suitcases be opened outside is a pretty good one. My daughter attended college for four years in Savannah GA, a place where "palmetto bugs" were everywhere...and I mean everywhere. (think a kinder southern roach). Whatever was packed up and brought home every spring was quarantined/isolated. We'd open suitcases in the driveway, dump all the clothing into plastic bags and seal them up for three days with as little air as possible inside. Then the bags were opened outside, clothing shaken
  15. We did this a few years ago. My husband and I had a specific week we knew we would be on vacation, and knew we wanted to go someplace warm. Booked a cheap R/T ticket to Miami (leaving on a Saturday, returning the following Sunday) to give us the most flexibility. I made a list of all the cruises leaving Ft. Lauderdale and Miami on the Saturday arrival day and the next day (Sunday) with 7-night itineraries and just watched prices. While the Saturday departures weren't first choices (I hate to fly in on day of embarkation) we kept them as options. Had we not been able to find or
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