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  1. Spoke to my PCC at HAL this morning to see if Club Orange was offered on my Eurodam trip this October. She told me it is, currently priced at $20/pp per day. That would come to an extra $440 for my 11-nights. Seems like a lot for the benefits; I'd rather wait and see about putting that toward an upsell if any Signature Suites are offered at a reasonable price.
  2. I would imagine the rule applies for passengers who are on board for the entire cruise. The situation you describe sounds like a one-time visit during the day by locals in a port. Completely different scenario.
  3. Don't always assume that just because it is a closed-loop cruise that a passport is not necessary. If you go to travel.gov and look up the requirements for visiting Costa Rica you will see that a passport is required with at least one day of validity for a US citizen to enter the country. When we did a cruise a few years ago with a Costa Rica stop, we made sure to carry it with us in case we were challenged as I had learned during our planning phase that having a passport to enter the country was required.
  4. Thanks for the insight. I initially went there to check on seats for the second-leg of the outbound, from YYV-YZR. There is a group of seats toward the front that Air Canada charges a significant price for seat selection based on 'more leg room' than the standard. The price for the 'standard' seat is around $25-30 and these run $60-65 each. Since that is the longer of the two legs (and we got a great deal on the airfare) I thought we'd splurge on the more leg room but Seat Guru isn't showing how much more room there is. That got me to checking the first leg and I saw the odd airline code share.
  5. Was checking on Seat Guru tonight as I am preparing to make seat selections for our flights in October from PHL --> YYZ --> YVR and our Air Canada flight from PHL to YYZ on Seat Guru indicates a code share with Kavminvodyavia Airlines. Wikipedia tells me this airline is no longer flying, and hasn't flown for a number of years. Why would it show up as a code share if this is true?
  6. This is sad...chilled fruit soups are so rare on any of the land-based restaurants I have been to, and have always looked forward to enjoying them on cruises. Regarding ordering the night before, is this really something that I could make an inquiry about?
  7. We never opt out and always give extra to our room steward(s) and main dining room waiter/assistant. Bar servers are always tipped at time of service (a few dollars, depending on how many drinks served...over the usual on the receipt) and if we've connected with a favorite bar tender or two during the trip they would also get an extra envelope at the end of the week. If a wine steward or the main dining room manager were particularly attentive, we will also remember them.
  8. Using a 'tamper-evident' envelope for a spare credit card and cash seems a false sense of security. Wouldn't prevent that envelope from just being removed from your suitcase altogether and disappearing so someone could tamper with it at home. I would never, ever put something like that in luggage that is being separated from me for any period of time.
  9. Thank you for your perspective. We've cruised on HAL three times (our fourth will be in two months on Eurodam) but never on NCL...that will change next December. I just booked a holiday voyage on NCL's Escape to treat our adult kids and their spouses to a vacation. We chose NCL because of the departure port we needed to use (Port Canaveral) and the value with the free beverage package, shorex credit and internet minutes included. We've always shied away from NCL because of the 'freestyle' aspect but will give it a fair shot when the time comes
  10. RCCL and Holland are the lines my husband and I prefer...both have the My Time dining option but we still opt for 8pm standard. It's nice that the lines still have this option. While I'm sure many like the idea that they can come and go as they please, have our set time means we stride right into the dining room at our time without waiting in line. If that makes me a dinosaur, then call me T-Rex. 🙂
  11. Thanks for the information Mary Ann - appreciate it. My hope is to plan two, maybe three set-group dinners with the kids and then basically give them the freedom to do what they want. We'll still join them if they don't mind, but I want them to have the freedom to do what they want, when they want. Husband and I will move out of our comfort zone and 'wing it'! Good to know about the reservations for the comedy shows. We'll definitely want to get to at least one of those, so I'll be sure to have my details together and get that done ASAP.
  12. Not often when I have two cruises booked at the same time, but this one is a trip we've been hoping to plan for a long time...happy we're finally making it happen! EMBARKATION DATE: Dec 27, 2020 SHIP: NCL Escape DESTINATION: 7-night Eastern Caribbean Holiday cruise to celebrate with our adult children!
  13. No specific experience or knowledge, but I suspect it is up to the individual cruise lines AND the requirement of the captain in charge. He/she has ultimate responsibility for the souls aboard, and if he/she wants to require every passenger to attend every muster, then I would imagine they have the authority to compel. Honestly, I never understood the desire of passengers to skip this safety drill no matter how many consecutive cruises they are on. It's 20 minutes out of your day...everything is closed during that time, and the entire crew is focused on the drill. It's not an inconvenience...it's a necessity.
  14. My husband and I have always passed over NCL because of the dining - we are 'traditional' cruisers who love set dining and having the same servers every night (though we always opt for a two-top because we treat our cruises as one long date night!). I just never wanted to deal with having to decide where to eat, making reservations, etc. for a cruise. That changed when we were researching the family cruise we're planning for December 2020. We're treating our adult children and their spouses to a cruise over New Year's, and I simply could not ignore the value NCL offers with the inclusion of the drink package, shore excursion credit and internet minutes...AND the $50pp deposit. We'd planned to book with RCL but the same category of accommodation (ocean facing balcony) would have cost almost $1200 more for the three staterooms and I'd have to fork over at least another $2500 for drinks (a lot more if I got the drink package on RCL). I'd have to put down $1500 now as opposed to just $300 on NCL. It was an easy choice. We'll give NCL a try...go with an open mind and the idea we just want our kids to have a great and memorable trip...and see where it takes us. Who knows, maybe NCL will enter the 'rotation' of our preferred lines.
  15. Thank you - that link has some great information. I didn't think we'd need to collect bags since we're on one locator and one carrier. Very happy we have what I hope is plenty of time between flights to ensure we make the connection.
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