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  1. I'm interested in the $400 referral credit. Could you please contact me at HiediWeiss at gmail dot com.
  2. Much of your itinerary sounds very familiar. [emoji1303] Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  3. Thanks. I'll be sending Bernadine an email today for our Oct 29th, 2016 sailing since I also volunteered to organize our Meet & Greet. Thanks.
  4. I noticed the poster has only posted 2 times. It's really hard for me to give much credibility to anyone who only has 2 posts. Just saying.....
  5. There's a reason not to spend much time in your cabin if it's an inside cabin. I can guarantee you will never find a reason to rush out of an aft balcony. Don't try it if you don't want to get hooked.
  6. CCL closed at a 52 week high again. $41.25 They are obviously doing something right. We paid about $30 a share a few years ago and we enjoy the onboard credit for being a stockholder as well as the dividend. There's more to FTTF than getting on first. You also get off first. That's a big deal if you're in a time crunch to get home. Another Platinum perk is free laundry and the Captain's Party with free drinks. We've never paid for FTTF because we're Platinum but I can tell you that other passengers say it's definitely worth it. Your choice.
  7. The best part of being Platinum as far as I'm concerned is embarking first as well as disembarking first. Hands down, best advantages.
  8. They have soft serve ice cream 24 hrs a day and there's a deli counter open most of the day and the pizzeria in the back of the ship is open long hours. All of these items are no additional charge. There's a coffee shop with pretty pastries for an additional fee but the buffet coffee is always free.
  9. I haven't been on all of the Carnival ships but I can honestly say that none of the ships I've sailed on have Main Dining Rooms that look like cafeterias. I certainly could understand why you wouldn't want to continue to sail with Carnival if you feel that their Main Dining Rooms look like cafeterias. You must have some fancy cafeterias up in Canada.
  10. Well said. I hope I never get to the point that I stop cruising a particular cruise line because of no tablecloths. As a CCL stockholder, I have absolutely no problem with tablecloths only appearing on formal night. It's also a very eco-friendly decision to make. Just think of all the water savings if there's only one or two nights with tablecloths as opposed to every night. I have no problem with no tablecloths and our family eats dinner out every single night. :) Life is Good my friend.
  11. All Carnival Cruises in late December will have lots of kids on board. When we cruised with our kids (now 17 & 24) we kept them busy with the kid friendly events as well as Camp Carnival. When we travel without our kids we stay in the adult only sections: We go to the adult only shows, we hang out on the Serenity Deck, we enjoy the casino, we drink in the bars, we workout at the gym and I especially love that the sauna and steam rooms in the spa are free. We use any time dining but I can assure you that you'll have fewer kids at the late dining seating. Stay away from the Lido Deck if you don't want to see lots of kids. The location of your cabin can also be important if you don't like being around noisy kids. We find the cabins in the center of the ship house more kids than the aft cabins and we also find more smokers in the aft balcony cabins. My hubby enjoys a cigar when we cruise and most cruise lines don't allow smoking of anything on the balcony but Carnival does. The name "Fun Ship" has a very different meaning to most people. I'm 56 and DH is 60. I find the rowdiest group of people on Carnival to be the 25 to 35 range. You could be quite entertained by watching some youtube videos of some very drunk passengers on cruise ships. Additionally, if price is of any concern at all, you can't beat Carnival's prices. I'm sure you'll enjoy your Carnival Cruise.
  12. Once you become Platinum, you keep getting the Platinum gift each cruise until you become a Diamond and then you keep getting the Diamond gift. I love my tervis cup from last January.:)
  13. Share them with some first time Carnival Cruisers. You'll really make their day. :)
  14. That's good because we'll be sailing her in January 2014.
  15. DH and I bring $100 per person per day for the casino and another $500 for anything else. We also use our S&S or CC whenever possible. That being said, if we lose all our casino money, we know we still have enough money for the other stuff.:)
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