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  1. I just returned from the Hondius an Oceanwide ship and food and drink except water was stricky forbidden under IAATO laws and regulations! Which Island our mainland where you on? Did you have to vacuum your clothes you were wearing onshore? And attend the meeting for IAATO, which is mandatory?
  2. We have been looking into an Australia/New Zealand cruise and their prices are outrageous! $ 11,099 plus $845 port charges pp for a Star Balcony, it is very port intensive but really? We are booked on Regent Explorer for 14 days at $20,000 total and that gives us, drinks, shore excursions, port charges etc. on a very nice ship.
  3. Rusian was our favorite bartender on the Voyager this past December, his Vespers are my favorite and Mayya was our bartender this past April Tokyo to Tokyo. Please say hello from us, Tom (the really tall guy) and Larry.
  4. We are going with Chimu adventures, they have a great deal with a full charter of the new Hondius (Oceanwide) we have a twin porthole cabin for under $13K for 11 days, this November 22.
  5. My DH is planning on camping in Antartica this November, $250pp and this is what they describe, you must eat early (they ask other passengers to please let the campers eat first) your off the ship by 8:30pm and they give you a shovel to dig out your sleeping area, an expedition sleeping bag. You cannot bring anything ashore food etc. There is an emergency toilet located several feet from your camping area, everything must be packed out, so they encourage you NOT to go! With me this is the camping deal killer, all night (its never dark) and not using the restroom. They also warn of the large sea mammals my visit and not to engage them yea right. Oh and before you get off the ship everything must be disinfected.
  6. We have found we book most of our own tours through Viator.com they have all kinds of tours in Sydney and all over the world, we have NEVER had any problems with them, always showed up on time and are very knowledgable guides. We took a private tour with them in Tokyo this April (during Golden Week) the car and driver/guide was fantastic.
  7. Okay I will put my two cents in, for what its worth. We sailed on the Tokyo-Tokyo cruise in April and the cast of the shows were all new not only Regent but new to cruising as well, we spoke to several of the entertainers and most had hoped that they would “get on one of the big ships” like the Bliss/Joy etc. NCL now has their own production company and train for all the shows in Los Angeles or Miami (not sure which) Keeping in mind most of the entertainers are very young and not very experienced, I was embarrassed for some of them after reading their autobiographies they had no prior experienced and it showed on stage. However in December we sailed on the Voyager and the entertainment was great in fact we stayed through most of the shows. To the OP, I agree about Nick we often thought about taking one of the pillows and putting it under his left foot!
  8. Enjoying all the wonderful pictures, we also stop at Jeju on the 21st which is my birthday. Our excursion is Hallum park and tea museum.
  9. Following along and have to say loving the pictures! I am hoping that we didn’t pick any 5:45 am departures, I will have to look back at what we booked! I hope that Marla will be staying on, we have cruised with her several times and just love her and her singing. The Land of Enchantment was having snow yesterday but woke this am to those beautiful cobalt skies....
  10. We have pulled up a chair to your table and anxiously await your blog, safe travels and Happy Birthday to you and Ginny. As you know we follow hot on your heels for the Tokyo roundtrip, its hard to believe that it was two years in the making of this sold out cruise, we hope to make as many memories as you during our cruise and we just might include a few paragraphs of our own observations, that is if Tom will be my secretary. It must be Birthday celebration month on RSSC, tom and I celebrating our birthdays in April, Osaka for Tom and Jeju for me! Tell Ginny hello for us and wishing you both warmest birthday wishes!
  11. Yes, very expensive for the short drive, I checked again to make sure of the port and it is Harumi, $275.00 for two, so we will definitely take a cab, although I am waiting on a quote from the Peninsula. Just for fun here are the tours we have booked in Tokyo. Robot Cafe Private car with a tour around the major sights Full day tour of Hakone with private guide, this also includes the “Romance Car” on the train to Hakone.
  12. We have looked into this as well as we will be disembarking the Mariner on April 27 and need transport to The Peninsula, I always use Viator (Trip Advisor Co.) the cost for a private sedan from the port to Tokyo hotels is approx. $278 USD. This seem very expensive to me. So i will be looking at what a taxi would cost. I will let you know what I have found.
  13. TC I remember on the Mariner cruise roundtrip Istanbul that Dennis wanted to try the fish spa, but couldn’t find one and then at lunch I saw you and said yes there is one and gave you directions to it. It was in Rhodes, Greece. Enjoying your blog, I hope to be somewhat successful while onboard the Mariner, Tokyo-Tokyo next month. BTW Bright-eyed was used in the 1500’s Bushy tailed did not come along until the 1800’s it is not know when the two were first used together but often used to describe and squirrel. Have a safe trip home to your beautiful cats!
  14. We booked with Aerolineas Argentina, roundtrip from Buenos Aires. It was the only airline that we could fly after 12:00pm on the day of Disembarkation. Aerolineas doesn’t have a great reputation either, but most SA carriers do not.
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