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  1. The train station is quite close and we actually walked it with suitcases. I'm sure there were taxis waiting so I personally wouldn't see the need to pre-book.
  2. Every last night of a cruise we automatically put the hangers on the floor as the banging empty hangers keeps me awake even on a calm night!
  3. Good to know thanks. I'm doing the 9 nighter in Feb. Nice to get the ABCs for a change
  4. Loads of hotels in Dubai do the brunches and some cost a small fortune. You can get them without alcohol but £100 is cheap (by their standards) if alcohol included. Time Outs in Dubai and Abu Dhabi will give loads of info.
  5. I know what you mean. I like the Windjammer for convenience and just a quick dinner. I'm not overly germ averse but I now bring hand gel and use it before eating. Some people just don't know how to behave around food! One thing that gives me shudders is seeing people eat the food off their plates with their hands while going round the sections and then handling more tongs. Can't people wait until they get to the table. In terms of portion control I really really wish they would do smaller serving spoons. it is almost impossible to get a small portion of some items w
  6. I got married in the Bahamas 21 years ago but we were staying there and not on a cruise. What I do remember is that they really took their time checking over all the documentation to make sure everything was in order. Please make sure you are totally prepared with all your docs and meet their requirements fully as it would be awful if there was a problem. Congratulations!
  7. Oasis actually refused to give money at the cashiers desk if it was for slots. We got it at the machine and didn't get charged.
  8. My central park view cabin recently on Oasis was a bit shabby. The drawers were badly marked and constantly had wood shavings. I asked for some plastic to line the drawers.
  9. Reason I'm asking about the onboard drink package price is I've never bought one before as I didn't t really drink enough to make it worthwhile. I'm also D+ and have lounge access, however, I feel the alcohol prices are getting really high and the package is almost making it worthwhile unfortunately. I might try it for the final 3 or 4 days (can't remember how many days needs to be left on the cruise to purchase it) and was comparing prices.
  10. You also need to have signed permissions from the parents and complete the RCI form. Check out the RCI website on what you need to do - its not straightforward and I would definitely want a confirmed name much sooner than 24 hours.
  11. Thanks anyway but it was current onboard price I was looking for
  12. It's really not good how RCI treat non US passengers sometimes. I usually book through US but have never managed to time it for a price drop request as my drops have been past final payment. I booked these cruises and 2 for Dec this year with UK as they were significantly cheaper than US so I only book UK if price difference justifies it
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