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  1. I'm assuming with this many people you had two rooms. Were you able to adjoin the balconies on this ship? Thanks
  2. I am considering a cruise with my parents and just sleeping on the sofa bed in a deluxe balcony cabin on the Royal Princess. I know that it will be crowded but is it worse than me climbing into an upper bunk? Can you squeeze past to get to the balcony when it's folded out? Is it easy to open and close each night? Does the cabin steward do that just like he would do the bunk? Anyone have input or pictures to help me with my decision? Thanks, Susan
  3. Since we have returned from our trip I thought I would post here in case anyone runs across this thread. As MNmariner said, Ken's Garage was very convenient to the cruise dock and were nice to interface with. All went well. I would recommend them for car rental.
  4. @djh1959 Thanks so much for the response!
  5. So has anyone 'been there, done that' and can verify that with the Explorer Pass you DO NOT need to pre-book a time at Edinburgh Castle. I have searched high and low and can't find anywhere that says you need to. I'm also planning to use the pass at Stirling & Urquhart and think I need to do nothing there but show up. Anyone have experience with this? Thanks!
  6. Good advice. Thank you! I got stuck right off looking at a ticket for the Tower of London. Specifically, the one on tripadvisor was £7 more but said 'skip the long lines'. Didn't know if that was something worth it or just the same skip by not going to the ticket window. Misleading I think
  7. We will be in London for a couple of days before and a couple of days after our cruise. I have multiple attractions I would like to buy advance passes to. I have checked and we are not visiting enough places for the London Pass or others like that to benefit us. But, I'm wondering if I should buy our tickets for each attraction individually from their official website or does anyone recommend a website to buy from that may have some other benefit or price difference? visitBritian.com and getyourguide.com are a couple I've seen but I don't know if there is any drawback or benefit. Thanks
  8. Thank you for the advice on Island Coachways. I had looked at that and saw they only did 2 days a week.. not when we will be there. But, on your advice I checked again. The half day tour is only twice a week. But the Explorer (90 min) Tour is several times a day when ships are in port. We will definitely consider this. I was kind of hoping to just use the Guernsey bus so that we could stop anywhere we like. But this is a nice alternative.
  9. In Guernsey we mostly plan to walk around town and to Castle Cornet. But, I'm struggling with finding concrete information about the bus for if we decide that we want to see more of the island. I think that to travel a full loop around the island via bus we need to get a Day Pass for £5 because it will be what's called a non-standard journey. Can anyone verify if this is correct? And also, can we hop off where we want and then get back on another bus later? If so, does it have to be the same route or can we jump around? Thanks so much for any help!
  10. Thank you so much for all the advice. I have to admit it is a bit daunting! But I'll figure it out eventually. Haha. Seems you are saying that in the area of Victoria tube station there is also an LTR bus station, train station, & a Nat Express coach station. And I have to find the right one. That part sounds daunting 🙂 So another question. @brian1 said to get off at Barons Court and switch to the District line. I am looking at the tube map and I thought you could only switch lines where there is a white circle. There is no circle at Barons but both lines have a tab mark. Is switching available because they share the track there and both have stops there? Just wondering so I understand how to read this map. Also, Is Victoria the best place to get a coach to Southhampton or is there something else you would recommend?
  11. Thanks for all the replies. Sounds like a solid business and is very convenient. We have rented for a day this coming July.
  12. Thank you for the suggestions. I was feeling so overwhelmed for even where to start given the tube zones and how to get to Southhampton. We will have suitcases for a 2 week visit. Is it reasonable to use the tube for transportation from LHR and then back to Victoria with luggage? Is that common or will we be standouts?
  13. Ok, I know that this is so basic and there are hundreds of options. I am so overwhelmed!! We are flying into Heathrow a couple of days prior to a cruise from Southhampton. There are 4 of us and we want to stay somewhere near a tube so that we can easily get around to the sites w/ no car and not too much walking. One of us is a little mobility challenged. I don't really know what area would be good to stay in. Want something reasonable because we are splurging on the cruise. I'm wondering if we can take the tube to a hotel and then back to ride the National Express Bus to Southhampton. Or is it advisable to only do a taxi / car service to the hotel? Help! Any advice on areas or hotels? Thanks
  14. Read a suggestion somewhere that I can rent a car from Ken's Garage and they deliver right to the cruise pier. Can't seem to find anything on them good or bad. Does anyone have experience with this company? Thanks, Susan
  15. Thanks to all for all the advice. I have booked a tour through Clyde Coast Tourism. It looks like it will be a wonderful tour.
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