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  1. We booked September 8th a year ago not knowing it was a signature cruise (we are all signature) we aren’t happy about it. Casino will be very crowded
  2. Had some random cas rep call me out of the blue and say I have great offers for you. I picked a cruise 5 day Bermuda in feb she said ok an oceanview for you both only $938. I was like you think this is a great offer? No thanks. A couple weeks later I called back and asked what I could get on the exact cruise - comp forward facing haven penthouse. Total $520 for both. Discrepancies ya think? Lol
  3. I know when I sail NCL out of Manhattan there’s a minimal tax added to my folio when in port. Anyone know if that applies to royal port in Bayonne nj
  4. Hi Everyone, Question; is OBC that is issued to you spendable at your discretion; i.e., can I use it in the casino or for grats? Thank you.
  5. I’m not giving up my YC so I guess I’ll have them take it overnight to charge thanks for the information
  6. Hi we booked a YC interior and am wondering if they have handicapped accessible interior YC suites. I use a scooter so wondering. On my other cruises on other lines I either get a HC room and can bring my scooter in to charge or if I’m not in HC room I have someone take it at night and deliver it back in the morning.
  7. You don’t need a doctors note. There are 4 in our cabin. 2 people drink alcohol 2 of us don’t. We bought 2 alcohol beverage packages and 2 of the ones that have soda, coffee, etc. wasn’t a problem at all
  8. Just booked a comped YC msc cruise for next year. Can’t wait to try the casino and YC. We have a fabulous host who got this for us.
  9. We bid on a 2 bed ATS star class from a crown loft suite sky class. Had originally paid for our gratuity which is included in star class and our gratuity was returned to our cc and yes we got everything star class has I,e. Beverage package, dining package, gratuities and of course a genie we are again in a crown loft and just bid on the 2 bed ATS wondering if lighting can strike twice
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