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  1. Aubriee01

    Pedi cabs

    How much do most people tip the pedi cabs that take you from the ship into the port area?
  2. We are going on a 14 day Panama cruise in January. We prepaid gratuities. Being a 14 day cruise, what would be a decent amount to tip our room steward and waiters? We want to tip them extra, but are unsure how much for a longer cruise. Does the length of the cruise matter?
  3. FTTF has not been available for our January Panama cruise since FTTF were first released for the 2024 sailings, however FTTF has been available for our October 2024 B2B for about a month. I'm guessing there are too many Diamond/Platinums on the January Panama cruise and FTTF is just not going to be offered at all for that sailing. I keep checking every day though. Off topic: I can't believe FTTF is $189.00 for our October 2024 B2B cruise.
  4. OK, we decided to take everyone's advice and booked Nachi. Thanks!
  5. Is Nachi all you can eat, as well as all you can drink? I just saw a YouTube video that said it included a appetizer; entree, and dessert, making it sound like you only get one of each.
  6. Good food, laid back atmosphere, good massage, just a relaxing day
  7. Trying to decide between Mr Sanchos, Paradise Beach, and Nachi Coccum. We've been to Mr Sanchos but not the other two. Which do you prefer and why?
  8. None of the cruise sponsored excursions look interesting to us. What are some things to do in Bimini?
  9. I just returned about 2 1/2 weeks ago and have another cruise booked for January. I too have received zip. I gave up waiting and booked a b2b for next October.
  10. I asked this question on the Ask a Cruise Question board but it was suggested I move it over here to the Carnival board. How do back to backs work if you are doing both cruises on the same ship, in the same cabin? Can you leave your stuff in the cabin and just disembark then re-embark? Stay on the ship? What is Carnival's policy? We'd be sailing out of Galveston if that matters.
  11. The same thing happened for our Jan 13th Panama cruise. FTTF was not there at 2:00am when I checked but showed up as sold out at 7:30 am when I checked again. How did it sell out from sometime after 2am till before 7:30am? Why bother to even list it if they didn't plan to sell any? Are they going to open it up later for booking? I'm going to keep looking but am pretty bummed right now.
  12. I'm still waiting for my Jan 13th Panama canal cruise on the Dream. Checking every day, multiple times a day in fact.
  13. Off topic but I wonder if we are on the same cruise (Carnival Dream out of Galveston January 13-27, 2024). If so we are doing: Jamaica--Bobsled, Mystic Mountain, Dunn's River Falls Aruba-'Kakoo kunuka Bus & Beach Break Curacao--Family Combo: Caves, Snorkeling, Sights, & Beach Columbia--Sea Rumba & Old City Tour Panama Canal--Grand Tour (Eco, Indians, Locks) Costa Rica--Veragua Rain Forest ziplining & Tram Combo Cozumel--Ultimate Combo ( Mayan Ruins, Snorkeling, & Lunch)
  14. Does the Carnival Dream have self service laundry? I'd like to iron a few items and maybe do a load of laundry.
  15. I asked about both a 6 day and a 14 day because we are going on a 6 day Caribbean cruise in Sept and then a 14 day Panama cruise in January and we're wondering how many and when the formal/elegant nights were. Our first and second ever cruises, so we're excited!
  16. How many on a 14 day cruise?
  17. How many formal nights are there on a 6 day Carnival cruise?
  18. How many formal nights are there on a five day cruise and also on a fourteen day cruise?
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