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  1. I was on the same cruise and enjoyed it. But then I frequently cruise with Costa and know what to expect. I just wish I had the energy to stay awake for all the late night entertainment! I’ve never had an issue with my cabin but it makes sense to study the ship layout and choose carefully. In fact I had no choice this time as I booked last minute; got upgraded from a balcony cabin to a jacuzzi suite which I thought just meant a jacuzzi bath (which I did have). But I actually had an extra room, off the lounge area, which was a full private jacuzzi and relaxation area. It was only noisy in our bathroom and that was because the spa’s large jacuzzi was directly overhead. Once I knew what it was, no problem. Still a big Costa fan.
  2. I would always advise arranging flights and transfers through your travel agent/Costa where possible, so that they are responsible for getting you to and from the ship on time. But I recently returned from a cruise departing from Savona and did not have this option (it was a last minute booking). So I decided to travel to Savona five days earlier than cruise departure and explore the area. I found flights from Manchester to Genoa. I pre-booked all train travel via Trainline (the app seemed easier than Trenitalia) including Genoa airport to Savona. The first part of that journey is a five min bus transfer from the airport to Genoa station, then by train to Savona. Tickets were about £6 each, Italian train tickets are cheap. Bear in mind, you will only have 5-15 mins to get from the bus stop at the railway station to the platform - ideally you need 15mins to find the lifts and the right platform. When you get to Savona, there are taxis which will take you from the train station to the port for £15-£20. A wise taxi driver will drop you at the embarkation point by the harbour rather than go through to the tunnels as embarkation day creates queues of traffic. We stayed in Savona for two days, then two days at Ventimiglia as it’s easy to get a train into Nice from there. We didn’t miss any of our pre-booked trains but it wasn’t easy lugging around cruise sized cases! I had printed out all the train tickets which meant I didn’t need to “check in” on the machines on the trains/bus. But if you are using electronic or open tickets, do remember to do this. The ticket inspectors are many in number and will fine anyone who has not used those machines onboard. It happened to others on the same bus as us. Anyway, this issue, plus lugging cases up and down carriages and the risk of missing trains, finding the right platform and the lifts - all very good reason for getting your transfers included when you book. Also it was hard work trying to guess how long it would take to get through passport control etc or to get a taxi. I often overestimated the time to be safe and as a result spent a lot of time waiting and drinking coffee in Savona railway station, I certainly know my way around that station now!
  3. I have not had a cabin above a bar but find the cabins have good sound insulation anyway. Never had an issue with noise. I always take earplugs just in case! I have a suite in the spa this time
  4. Hope you enjoy your cruise. We are on the same one, also embarking at Savona. It’s our fourth or fifth time with Costa. Don’t forget to pack appropriate clothes for “white night” and Italian night.
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