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  1. Passport renewals just restarted but it will be months before anyone get their passport back. It will be processed in the order the passports were sent in, in chronological order. Go to the USA Passport site for further information on renewals and passport validity for returning to the USA. My general rule of thumb, for my passport, I renew it one year before it expires. Good luck. Kate
  2. and this too: CLIA Press Release: https://cruising.org/news-and-research/press-room/2020/june/clia-announces-voluntary-suspension-of-cruise-operations-from-us-ports
  3. Around March 2020 Crystal stopped sending emails. It tuned out to be that in my Crystal profile, the email subscriptions were unchecked by Crystal. Having said that, the subscription email I have never seen before until three weeks ago when I checked my Crystal profile and noticed the subsciption email was added to my profile which i suspect it was done around February or march which resulted the suspension of Crystal promos email because they were unchecked by default. I checked all subscription options and saved. In about 10 days or so, Crystal started to send promo e
  4. Major difference between the Seabreeze Penthouse H and Old version Penthouse H is that Seabreeze PH does not have bathtubs. Old version (with new decor) PH have a bathtub complete with sprayers and jacuzzi. I prefer the old version PH because, in my opinion, it has a better layout and rooms are more mid ship. Plus, the bed have curtains below to hide luggage’s that are stored under the bed. Seabreeze PH, under the bed, luggage’s are visible. kate
  5. ALmost Retired, we have not yet gotten our Delta refund. It has been more than a month and counting. The minute Delta canceled our flights we called and requested a refund instead of the vouchers they originally offered. You were lucky you got yours right away. Delta at Flyer Talk forum, members are saying Delta is taking weeks to process the refund to credit cards, even million milers too!. So it is not a stroke of button. Kate
  6. No survey for me. Haven’t gotten any Crystal marketing emails since the Pandemic. Of course, in my profile, emails were unchecked by Crystal’s database, not me. kate
  7. Roland You get emails from Crystal?? Lucky you. Crystal seem to have stopped sending promotions emails to me around March 2020. few days ago, I went to my profile and all were unchecked so I rechecked. Thank goodness for CC board and FB, I can follow what is going on with Crystal. Kate
  8. 1. Smiling friendly crew members 2. Room service breakfast.
  9. I along with others, canceled my cruise FEBRUARY 28. Guess what, I took a number (deli style) and am waiting patiently for my turn to receive the refund for a canceled cruise. suzluvscruise, you were extremely lucky to receive your refund immediately. All others, including me who canceled before you are still waiting, patiently. The refund will come, eventually. I just go about my life, isolate, and stay in touch virtually and by email with friends/family during this challenging time. kate
  10. On Dec 2019 cruise, we noticed the Waterside dining food And presentation were much better than previous cruises. I wonder if Crystal changed food vendors, or the cooking simply got better in the kitchen among the chefs. Who knows, but, I have to say even the dishes that were not on the menu were excellent as well the hollandaise sauce, the best in a long time. Who ever made the hollandaise sauce, keep that chef, please!
  11. FYI, Red Hook, Brooklyn is not part of Manhattan. It involves crossing one of the bridges to Brooklyn or Manhattan, if one desire to go into the city to tour. JFK would be the closest airport because it is on south shore of Queens. kate
  12. Keith is spot on. NYC traffic is very unpredictable. Going cross town or over any bridges are subject to delays to any airport. Plus, streets are subject to closure due to fire or police activity. if flying out or in, use either JFK or EWR. If flying out, have a flight after 1pm. Best method of transportation is a car service. LGA traffic can be a mess with ongoing construction. I once got caught in ungodly traffic when a President decided to take in a show in the Theatre district while working my way to Chelsea Piers from GCT for a fundraiser during rush hour in the taxi. Th
  13. Speaking of left over OBC towards the end of the cruise. it is a personal decision, the leftover OBC which one cannot find ways to spend after tips, extra laundry, etc, you can always donate to *crew welfare fund.* the crew welfare fund helps crystal employees for transportation back home if there is an emergency, crew parties, crew tours, etc... every time someone donates left over OBC or makes a personal donation, the crew are utmost grateful. The crew work hard for months at a time. Again, it is a personal decision. kate
  14. Very interesting to know that there are other more stable providers out there. Just learned something new! kate
  15. Clef Dors is absolutely correct. May/June 2019 cruise, Internet was fine. Internet on 2018 cruises were fine. It is around Dec 2019 cruise and going forward, something broke the internet. Kate
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