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  1. We had the sleep 3 XL Terrace cabin and it had a large, blue square ottoman that we found more useful than the chair. Here’s a pic of our cabin so you can see the ottoman from both angles. HTHs
  2. Our 5 night cruise late January-early February was 95% full according to a staff member. VV had many of the passengers onboard and trying to book for the next season, but the Get Lost counter couldn't take bookings as it was all under review. VV initially branded itself incorrectly, but once a few sailings had occurred and word got out as to how good they were, more people got interested and booked to give them a try. I have friends who are Princess and Celebrity die-hard cruisers who now only want to sail on VV. All that effort to initially get their VV brand noticed and build a following in our Region to now not return seems a shame.
  3. It's a shame as I really enjoyed our cruise on Resilient Lady in January and wanted to go on more cruises in Feb 2025 with them too. I am glad I got a refund on the MNVV that I purchased when onboard though. There just seemed to be too much uncertainty around whether VV would return to Australia, so we felt it best to get a refund once home & during the cooling off period. I do hope they come back downunder one day.
  4. It's such a shame. We did buy a MNVV when onboard Resilient Lady in late January, but the inability to book a cruise next summer and the sales staff on board being unable to answer questions left us feeling very uncertain about VV's return to Australia next season. Once home, I'm glad we decided to cancel & get a refund on the MNVV within cooling off period. Loved our cruise on Resilient Lady though.
  5. I didn't ask onboard. We decided not to book anything for next season with any travel agent given the warnings we were given onboard. I have emailed Sailor Services about the whole situation and am awaiting their reply.
  6. We're just off the Resilient Lady and when buying a MNVV, was advised by the sales desk that they couldn't book us onto any AU/NZ 2024-25 season cruises. We were told that all itineraries for this season were under review. We were also told that if we booked with other cruise travel agents who are still advertising cruises for this season, that there was no guarantee it would go ahead. It's certainly left us wondering what's happening and we've got 2 days left to decide whether to cancel & request a full refund on our MNVV or hope that they'll be back downunder next summer so we can use it.
  7. We're just off the Resilient Lady which was more than 90% full (according to a staff member). I had booked our disembarkation day breakfast and all our dinner reservations 45 days prior to sailing so we had no problems with our reservations and enjoyed the dining experience onboard. The challenge for us, & many others, was trying to get breakfast at The Galley between 8.30 - 10am. It simply didn't cope with the number of passengers on a pretty full ship wanting to eat at that time. It was extremely crowded and there was no seating available. We gave up on that first morning, got some 'grab & go' packs and went back to have breakfast on our balcony instead. Thereafter we learned to forget even trying to get into The Galley for breakfast/brunch and went straight to Razzle Dazzle instead. We were always able to walk in and get a table for 2 and we really enjoyed their breakfast menu too. I did overhear a lot of older passengers complaining about the App and not being technologically savvy. They hadn't realised they could have booked dinner reservations via the App either and were frustrated at not getting into any of the main restaurants for the whole cruise.
  8. We've just disembarked off the Resilient Lady in Melbourne today. When onboard 2 days ago, we asked about the 2024/25 AU/NZ season as we were interested in booking a NZ cruise covering the Sounds. At the 'Get Lost' sales desk we were advised that all AU/NZ itineraries were under review and that even if I purchased a MNVV then, she couldn't book us on any AU/NZ sailings next summer. We did get the MNVV, but still have 5 days to cancel it for a full refund (which we're considering doing given all the uncertainty around what they're doing). I do hope they retain some cruises out of Melbourne next summer as going to Sydney simply isn't worth it.
  9. Perfect - thanks so much @cantgetin. We sail this weekend, so this info is very useful.
  10. Sorry, this may sound like a daft question (first time VV cruiser here) - what login credentials do we use to sign into the ship's network please? Are they provided to us upon check-in or is it just our VV login/password please?
  11. We seem to have posted at the same time and you've answered my question - thank you! 🙂
  12. My friends have DBE and are getting premium wifi on our cruise. However, this is our first time sailing VV and we only have the standard wifi option. I'm wondering if we can purchase/upgrade to premium wifi as an add-on once on board please? I don't currently see it as an option to purchase in the App pre-cruise. TIA
  13. Yes this applies to Australian sailings too. They advise to put it into your carry on luggage so it can be easily checked at security prior to boarding. As to whether you can bring 1 or 2 bottles as a solo passenger, the policy states 2 bottles per cabin - it doesn't state the limits per person, so you may be lucky. You may want to double check with VV before your voyage.
  14. Yes you can. You're allowed 2 x 750ml bottles of wine per cabin. Extract from their policy...
  15. I'm also cruising out of Melbourne next month and originally only saw the US$300/AU$485 bar tab option. As a side note - upon checking the app today, I noticed that there are now two other bar tab options. They are US$100/AU$165 (with a US$10 bonus) and US$200/AU$325 (with US$20 bonus) which will definitely suit us better than the AU$485 one.
  16. Another Aussie here and I too thought the alcohol prices looked a bit expensive. I’m certainly planning on taking our permitted two bottles on wine onboard our January Resilient Lady cruise.
  17. When I booked my trip, the discount didn't appear until I was at the checkout/payment screen. HTHs
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