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  1. I looked at the other posts and got this information:


    We like booking our tours with private companies instead of the ship.... A smaller and more personal tour.


    *Whale tour: Alaska Galore Tours - Icy Straight Point

    Harv and Marv - Juneau

    *Seaplane tour - Island Wings - Ketchikan

    Southeast aviation-Ketchikan


    I'm also going on the Infinity next June (2017) and was hoping since you all are going, can you please take a picture of the Tuscan Grill menu? Since the ship was refurbished, Celebrity changed the menu on her and then it will go to all the other ships. I was following a thread that stated depending on how people reacted to it, they might change it in June or July. So, I was hoping to see what their menu looks like at this time. Thanks!



    You will love Harv and Marv. They show you a wonderful tour. Enjoy!

  2. They were pooling them at the martini bar on Solstice. We gave them all $10 and everyone one of them put it in the same envelope


    I have found they do this at the Martini Bar most of the time. We had 2 bartenders that found out they were going to become fathers during the cruise.. So we wanted to give them a larger tip as a baby gift. But I warned them if the money was going in the tip jar I wouldn't bother. They both put in their pockets.

  3. Yes you are right. I have already been to the Pacific Islands and never mentioned going anywhere but the Caribbean.

    After reading all the responses I think we are sold on the Eclipse Itinerary.

    Might look at a few nights in Nashville or New Orleans or both then a couple of nights in Miami pre cruise. Because we are flying about 20 hours need to see a few other places.

    Thankyou guys for all your imput.


    Kind Regards Bob & Christine.


    You could also consider Key West. To me Duvall Street is an upscale Bourbon Street. Both cities have great restaurants.

  4. I have sailed during the Playoffs and The Super Bowl before. It was on

    not on Sihlouette but I know they do have a set up for it. I was on

    Summit and the put a GIANT screen in the main theater....they had

    all kinds of food/drinks/etc....they had decorations for both teams

    and they had a smaller set up inside the casino too. They had "the

    squares game" as well.....So, after you board the ship, I would look

    in your daily or speak with Guest Relations.....but in many years of

    cruising during the Playoffs, they are always shown and for the Super

    Bowl? They will definitely show it:)...you just need to find out what

    they are going to do for it.

    Sailing on SUPERBOWL SUNDAY is fun:)


    We will be boarding on Super Bowl Sunday in 2017. I thought I may have made a mistake but after reading your post we are really looking forward to it. It sounds like a lot of fun. Thanks for easing my mind.

  5. We have just booked this same cruise for next year and wondered why so few staterooms were available. I think that there maybe a large charter group on our sailing as well. Except for the WJ were there any other areas that were difficult to access? Were the passengers local people from Denmark? Thank you so much for posting. Your insight is very helpful.

  6. I just took advantage of this offer on our 10 day Med cruise in September. I too was unaware of this offer so thank you Host Andy. We had previously booked this cruise 2 weeks ago and rec'd Beverage package and OBC. When I called the rep was totally unaware of this promotion but she did look into it and agreed we were entitled to it at the prevailing cruise fare which was 100.00 more than our original booking price, but with gratuities being 240.00 it was worth changing to the new promo.

    My question is it standard that it takes up to 10 days for the credit for the gratuities to post on the My Celebrity account? That is what the rep told me. Has anyone else had the same experience?

  7. Kevin T Brown, JaneStarr, Chooz2cruz, Sloop-JohnB, excitedofharpenden, Eaglerocker, jagoffee and others who have recognized the situation for what it was, I thank you. I would love to connect and let you all know how it goes. It's a great pleasure to take this time and see my mother celebrate turning such a milestone, as she lost her husband and I my father at a young age, so we cherish every year, but this one is exciting.


    I hope you all have a wonderful winter and get a chance to enjoy what we all love - floating on our homes at sea, whereever they may take us.


    Cheers to all!!

    Stacy :)

    I just want to say that I think you and your Mom (since she raised you) are a class act. I think you have been wonderful during a stressful situation. Hope you both have the trip of a lifetime.

  8. A question for everyone and be honest here: IF you were the new passengers in this cabin and you discovered that the person who had booked it months ago lost it because of Celebrity's error, would you "give it back" to her or would consider her "SOL"?


    Speaking for myself, I could not in good conscience keep it. At the same time, because of Celebrity's error, I would expect something in return from Celebrity to give it back to the original passenger. Would I NOT return it if Celebrity said "no" to that request? No, but I would be very disappointed and it might be my last Celebrity cruise. So while I would lose "preferred cabin", and I would definitely be very upset, I could not be the one to prevent someone who had "first dibs" from taking it back. It just wouldn't be right, IMO.


    I totally agree with everything you just said. However, they also have been damaged by Celebrity's mistake and should receive some kind of compensation. My next two cruises are both in "1st off the hump" cabins that I had booked far in advance. If I lost them I would be very upset.

  9. They said "no" to me. It's either/or. ;):(


    Even though I feel bad for you, I am glad that you didn't get a different response than I received and you were a new booking. Oh well, I got free classic package, free gratuities, and OBC and a great 1A stateroom. I am still very happy.

  10. Why? They won't do it. Loyalty discount and OBC aren't enough?


    I explained that I had booked on board and that instead of keeping the 123 perks I wanted to use my on board booking perk (beverage package) and combine it with the loyalty discount. She said that because I had also received an OBC for booking onboard I couldn't do it. I said I was willing to drop the OBC but she said I would have to drop the drink package. I still think I will call again tomorrow.

  11. Thanks everyone for your input. I guess I will just have to call Celebrity but I am not to optimistic.

    When you do a dummy booking on the website the cruise we are booked on is now offering a $750 per cabin Loyalty Discount when I enter my CC number. I have never seen this before myself but I have read about them on Cruise Critic.

  12. I am booked on a Med Cruise for September 2015. We booked this cruise in June when we were onboard the Constellation and received the 123 promo with the drink package and gratuities. We also received a one category upgrade.

    Does anyone know if I can combine this with a captions club loyalty discount which is currently being offered. If I can't, can I change from the 123 go promo to the on board booking perk and keep the drink package and combine that with the loyalty discount. I would really appreciate your opinions.

  13. hotels like Rodeway fort Lauderdale does offer both where you come in drop off the luggage park the car and then the shuttle you to the port door to door the nice thing is they are next to all the major exits from the road i95 turnpike.


    but why not come the night before relax wake up in the morning and be on board the ship by lunch time.


    I have seen guest come down the day of their cruise only to have a tire or mechanical problem and miss the cruise.


    but there are lots of great option and what ever you chose it will be a great one.

    Thank you so much for the tip about Rodeway. We feel we got a great deal. Gotta love Cruise Critic.

  14. We had this cabin on the Silhouette in 2012. Balcony was great and there was no obstruction from a support beam. There also was no noise from the pool area. This cabin was convenient to the oceanview cafe and elevator. However, it was below a restroom outside the buffet so we could hear noise during the day but it was quiet at night. Hope this helps.

  15. We were on the Constellation in June and I have also read the "bad" reviews. After reading them I really wondered if we were on the same ship. We felt that the captain and crew were amazing. The ship was well maintained and the food was very good. We were on the Infinity last year and even though the service was excellent we felt that the ship was showing it's age. Hope you enjoy the Constellation as much as we did.

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