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  1. Hi Cindy!


    I am sailing on the Constellation on October 2nd...What's up with all this recent negative Member Review after Member Review??? The Titles range from "Disappointing from top to bottom" to "Do Not Sail on the Constellation!"


    Of course some comments are just stupid...or about things I could less about...but...the reviews starting from Mid 7/14 thru 8/14 are awful!


    What do you make of this?




    Hi HLR,

    I was on the June 2nd cruise after Cindy's and I would agree with everything she said. The Constellation is a happy ship and it starts with Captain and his crew. A friend of mine was on the August 2nd sailing and she too had a wonderful time. She will be posting a review soon and she is very detail oriented. Please look for it. It will probably reassure you. Have a great trip.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing your experience!


    As it has been said numerous times in previous comments, Fabulous photos and amazing trip report! I felt like I was there with you, step by step, port by port.... and was a little sad it ended!


    We are booked on a similar itinerary next June on RCI. Although ours won't include Amsterdam.


    Thanks for all the great info you provided, especially the weather commentaries. That will help with my packing when it's time to do so.


    :) Jasmine


    Hi Jasmine,

    I was on the cruise right after Cindy and our weather in early June was Totally different. I agree that you should be prepared but you may be surprised. Our weather was mostly sunny and in the 70's. It only rained on the sea days. Have a wonderful time. It is a great itinerary.

  3. No. I just booked regularly under 123 Go, so just had the Beverage package. I now have the PYP Beverage package and $100 OBC.


    Sorry, I should clarify, I ended up not taking the 100 OBC as instead they were able to get me the $110 loyalty discount, but for some reason they still changed it to PYP Bev, but they did confirm I had the choice of the $100 Summer sale OBC or the $110 loyalty discount.


    When you refer to a loyalty discount do you mean the one category upgrade you get from Captains Club? Last night when they rebooked me from 123 to PYP to get the OBC I lost the upgrade price but when I told the rep what happened he quickly corrected it. However my discount was only $40.00.

  4. I rarely drink martinis, but if I do my favorite is a Dirty Vodka Martini. It has olive juice and olives - I am definitely a "salt person," so this one tastes pretty good to me.


    I agree, because I too enjoy a dirty martini but it is kind of strong as a first choice. I would also suggest a lemon drop or if you like cranberry perhaps a cosmopolitan.

  5. I just got off the phone with Celebrity and I did receive the OBC for my January Carribbean cruise. We never discussed canceling and rebooking. Just let me see what I can do for you. However when he rebooked me from 123 to PYP I lost my one category upgrade. He quickly corrected that. I was on the phone for a half an hour but for $100.00 I feel it was worth it.

  6. The place I noticed it most was in the MDR. There were no bar servers and the asst. waiter took your drink order. After 2 poor Martinis we just brought our drinks from the Martini Bar in with us. I did complain to the HD Dan Simon about this but he came off cocky and unconcerned. Other than this the cruise was wonderful and I will just work around cocktails in the MDR in the future.

  7. May I suggest that if you haven't done so already, you do a search on the Ports of Call/Europe/Other Med Ports forum, and then post your question there if you still need more info?


    You can also see Valletta easily on your own.


    One tip: be sure to be on deck early so you don't miss any of the sail-in to Valletta. It's one of the most magnificent natural harbors in the world.


    Have a great trip!


    I totally agree. You will never see a more impressive sail-in than Valletta.

  8. That Çağlar, what a flirt. We just loved him, Metin and Dodik. They were so much fun and made great Martinis. We are looking forward to seeing Çağlar in January on the Silhouette.

    Your pictures of Copehhagen from the canal are spectacular. I guess we will have to go back again and see it for ourselves. Thanks for letting us relive our Baltic cruise through your wonderful review.

    Mary Jo

  9. We are booked on two cruises in 2015 where our cabins are 1A quads but it will be just the two of us booked in the cabin. We chose these cabins based on the location and larger balcony. We have payed full price less the one category upgrade from CC. Can Celebrity reassign us if a party of 4 wants our cabin? One of the cruises is more than a year out and has few 1A's left. I need the expertise of you frequent Celebrity cruisers.

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