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  1. Cindy, your pictures are unbelievable. It makes me feel like we were back there. We were on the cruise after yours and lucky for us we did not have bad weather or terrible crowds. I envy your trip to the market. I would have loved to have done a stop like that. When we had some extra time on our second day they did a drive past of a convent patronized by Empress Elizabeth. The market sounded a lot more interesting. Keep those pictures coming. I check in several times a day just to see if you have posted.

  2. Thank you, thank you, thank you to Celebrity. A very pleasant member of staff telephoned me today to say drinks package has been sorted. I am so pleased T how this issue has been resolved. Two very happy Celebrity customers.


    It is so nice to know that Celebrity came through for you. It shows they really respect cruise critic members. Hope you have a fabulous 25th. Enjoy!

  3. Appreciate that Celebrity will look into this. We were on an early June Constellation cruise and liked JC and the Capt very much and thought it was the best staff yet. So sorry to hear that this has could have happened on a later cruise and this could tarnish how others would preceive that staff, especially JC.


    Just wondering if anyone from that gathering complained at the time (while still on the ship) about what JC said and what the response was?


    We were on the same cruise with micruiser. In no way was JC inappropriate during the M&M. He does have a kind of ironic sense of humour which may have been misinterrupted. At one point he asked if anyone had any questions and someone wanted to know who Mary Jo was. I had organized a roll call tour with SPB that involved about 60 people. In no way did he make me feel uncomfortable about that. I thought the staff and crew on the Constellation were terrific.

  4. It's just ridiculous. Last night I waited 4 hours and 15 minutes for a call back I was supposed to receive within the hour. After waiting 3 hours I called back and was on hold for an hour and 15 minutes when the call back came through. All I wanted to do was change my cabin location. Even the customer service rep sounded disgusted. I was polite but I am sure they are listening to irate customers all day long.

  5. On our Adriatic cruise we had our cabin changed after we had ordered our luggage tags from a C3 to a C1 which I guess would be considered an upgrade. However, I have knee problems and did not want that long walk to the aft of the ship so they put us in the last available C2 midship. 3 days before the cruise a C2 hump cabin opened up on deck 12. Now that was what I considered an upgrade. Hope you get lucky too.

  6. Not sure if this is what others have been doing , but I was having problems could not view just about anything.

    Then all I did was on the home page I clicked on Already Booked at the top of the page entered res number and it was all there and able to access everything not sure if this helps but it worked for me


    Thanks Chester,

    I went the Already Booked route and I did get in to my reservation but when I went to view shore excursions it took me to the page but I could go no farther. It would not let me view any available excursions or details about them. Oh well, at least I can see my reservation, the price is correct and I still have my beverage package.

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