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  1. Jaime's is absolutely incredible! We love that place and they give you so much food its just awesome. Everything tasted beyond great.
  2. Excellent info, thanks. I know most people don't care about Captains when it comes to cruises but I like to know and I'm always interested in the inner workings of the ships but more the navigation part of the crew. Thanks again.
  3. Congrats! We are just 16 points away, and after Oasis next May we will be only 9 away. Planning a 9 day just to get there and then we'll be Diamond going forward. I know people say not to get too excited about crown and anchor steps or perks we are excited to go Diamond.
  4. I know I'm way far ahead of myself asking this question when we don't sail on Oasis till May 10th 2020 but who are the captains of Oasis and do you think they will be the same come May next year? We sailed Anthem twice and love Srecko Ban and was just curious who we might have as captain on Oasis for our cruise? Hey what is the regular Captain schedule is general, I read its 3 months on and 3 months off. Correct or not, more complicated than that? Thanks for any info.
  5. We were on the Anthem cruise just before this one to Bermuda. Anthem is such a great ship.
  6. I just explained no one is breathing down my neck, nor do I see them doing that with anyone. They aren't yelling where is my tip. Its 5 freaking bucks. I can't believe people are having a hissy fit over this.
  7. Yeah to not honor already booked perks is even lower than RCI usually is. Pretty ridiculous really. Its not hard to just honor current bookings. Its wrong either way but this is way wrong.
  8. Wow is that true because on Anthem next week I was planning on giving my room steward 20 bucks cash over my pre paid gratuities of course. He/she won't even be able to keep that? That kinda stinks, the room steward is the person you interact with the most, like every day and can really make your trip much smoother.
  9. Me either, I sail from NJ and NY only. I just love the ships, the itinerary doesn't mean a whole lot to me, a little but not a lot.
  10. As soon as I saw that cabin and it has sunlight, at the price it was I jumped on it. It looks like a fun room in a pretty cool location. The little love seat in front of the window looks like a nice place to sit and look at the scenery.
  11. I believe its Port Canaveral. I'm from NJ so I'm not up on the lingo either.
  12. Well these threads are always annoying. I sail from NJ or NY, but 99% of the time from NJ and have NEVER been harassed for a tip. I always do tip, because that is what we do here in NY/NJ but its not like the guy is breathing down are necks or outright saying, GIVE ME MY TIP NOW! We usually have 2 bags checked and I hand the guy 5 bucks. I just spent a couple grand on a vacation, 5 bucks ain't gonna kill me.
  13. Glad we booked a Central part INSIDE view cabin over this. I capitalized inside because people often confuse these cabins. We saved a bunch of money and we get sun light and the location seems great. We on Oasis next May from NJ.
  14. Yeah I'm no meteorologist or geography expert but I just brought up a map of the Bahamas and then the path of Dorian and where it will hit "The Bahamas". To me it looks like biggest, worst part of the storm is not anywhere near it. The freaking out and drama here is a little bit amusing. To me it looks like the worst part of the storm is going to well North of CocoCay.
  15. Ok there are 26 pages here, and a million comments so I', not going through all of them. Where is Coco Cay in relation to where the storm is? Is it to the south of the main island of the Bahamas? Is it expected to take a full on direct hit? RCI must have thought of all this before they built it, I'm sure they have plans in place for kind of thing.
  16. We booked Oasis for May 2020 in a central park interior view and really looking forward to it. Really good price for a nice view and natural sunlight. I forget what room but its not a big deal. Just happy as can be to be sailing Oasis from NJ, never thought I'd see that!
  17. So the rule is 12 regular sized bottles of water is allowed? Or is it by the length of the cruise? We are on Anthem 5 days next month and I was planning on bringing 10 bottles. Is that going to be allowed? Thanks guys.
  18. This is exactly what I am doing on our Anthem cruise next month. I only drink water so the soda package is a no-go. I will drink filtered ship water. Its gonna save me money in the end. 😁
  19. Anthem is an amazing ship and as was said was built for cold weather like we get in the North East. The indoor pool area is really incredible, that is one cool room. The solarium for adults again same thing but even cooler, its such a beautiful part of the ship. Two70 is one of the coolest I have ever seen on a cruise ship, the views from the back of the ship out of its wrap around huge windows is awesome. We will be on Anthem for a second time next month and can't wait. I want to at some point sail Anthem in the dead of winter, January or February, I think that would be super fun.
  20. Excellent info, thanks. We'll leave for the port at 9:20 then and get there at 10 AM. I think this is a good plan. Now the hard part is getting my wife and our 6 year old son up early enough to make this happen. 🤣
  21. Ok great because that was my original plan but I thought at 10 AM I would be running into problem with passengers still getting off Anthem. We can get there at 10 AM with no problems, no issues? I just want to drop off luggage, park my truck with as little hassle or traffic as possible. I mean we have to wait an hour in the terminal no big deal, would like to avoid some of the craziness. Thanks for the info and suggestion. Oh we only live 35-40 minutes from Cape Liberty.
  22. We are on Anthem Sept 21 and we are driving to the port and parking at the port. Oh our time says 11:00-11:30 but we plan on getting there at 10:15-10:30. They don't really care if you are early right? With the parking, can you elect to park in the over flow parking even though you are early enough to park in the garage? It looks like less of a hassle and I'm not the biggest fan of parking garages.
  23. They are bad with math unless its counting up profits, that they are great at.🤣
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