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  1. That's also good to know, thanks. Sent from my Pixel using Tapatalk
  2. Thanks yeah, I guess anyone paying attention would figure it out once they see the total amount. Someone not paying attention that has money to spare might not and end up paying for 4 or 6 devices accidentally. [emoji45] Sent from my Pixel using Tapatalk
  3. Thanks for the info. I realized that after the price was sky high. I thought it was asking who was going to be using the service. Either way I didn't but it that way. Thanks again. Sent from my Pixel using Tapatalk
  4. Oh perfect, seems a bit confusing but that makes sense. Thanks guys.
  5. So when I go into my cruise planner and I add a 2 device surf + stream package it then asks something about guests. I don't understand the complication. If I understand it correctly we can use any 2 devices at one time, then log off and use 2 other devices or on and off any device as long as its only 2 devices at one time. Why are they asking for which guest? Doesn't that add confusion? If I choose more than one guest it costs more. I just find the whole thing confusing but it is RCI so par for the course.
  6. Yeah I'd also like to know this answer. As someone that has lost almost 70 pounds I am always looking for good, but healthy dressings cause most are horrendous for you.😋
  7. Love Maine, gorgeous state but snow mid May is not cool. Sent from my Pixel using Tapatalk
  8. YES! That is the point. The last update or two ruined this site, ruined it. Tappatalk not working for me alone sucks really bad!
  9. I get a message that says I don't have permission. They ruined this site with the last big update, period. Stop fixing what ain't broken. I'm still getting an error message all morning on here when trying to go into individual threads on the RCI forum.
  10. I keep getting this message when trying to check out the RCI threads. Its really annoying. Ever since they changed or updated this website it sucks. Plus you can't use Tapatalk when was the best freaking part of these cruise forums. Now I can only comment when I'm home. Such knuckle heads that run this site.
  11. Too bad because we sailed her 3 times when she was based out of NJ. We loved her so much. Its sad to see her in that condition. She is a very well laid out ship, and the promenade was beautiful. I hope RCI returns her to dry dock to make her up to the beautiful ship she once was.
  12. Oh great, thank you for the info. Yeah soda and most sugary drinks, really all sugary drinks not only make you gain weight they are just bad in every way for you. Cutting those out is a big part of the battle. I use the my fitness app to track calories and macros but macros are more important. Protein, sugar intake, fat intake, saturated fat intake, sodium, potassium, all of those are good to track. I have roughly 16 more pounds to go. This summer I am going in the pool for the first time in years. Good luck, I hope you achieve your weight goal. Thanks again for the info, I am SO glad I don't have to purchase the soda package.
  13. I know with the alcohol package all adults have to purchase staying in the same cabin, but does that go for the soda package too? I have lost nearly 70 pounds, on my way to 82 and I do NOT drink soda at all anymore. I drink water only so I am gonna take 10-12 water bottles on with us and bring a reusable water bottle to fill with ship water. I really hope I don't have to get the soda package. Oh I should say my wife and our son will get the soda package. Thanks for any info.
  14. If I see it for 19.99 at some point I will buy it right on the spot. That is an incredible price. Lucky you.
  15. Yes to this, I feel the same exact way. Its a no go at this price.
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