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  1. It literally says "Government lab proved". I mean literally. There is no doubt that this going to take a big to huge dip here in the summer. I have gotten the normal Flu only in the winter, I never got it in the summer. It makes sense to me that this would dip pretty steeply in the summer. Hopefully within that time treatments such as Remdesivir can be proven to be super effective. More progress on a vaccine as well. I am hopefully unlike most on this board and that is not slight to you. I don't mean it to be but negativity rules the day around here.
  2. A Government lab just proved that this virus does not survive in sunlight and hot/humid temps. This is a good thing. I will look for the link and post. See if this link works. https://news.yahoo.com/sunlight-destroys-coronavirus-very-quickly-new-government-tests-find-but-experts-say-pandemic-could-still-last-through-summer-200745675.html This might give us some breathing room this summer to find better treatments, Remedisivir is one and a vaccine as well.
  3. I don't know if all Royal Caribbean ships do the same but Anthem has that awesome and fun muster drill video. That is so much fun and better than the old stale boring drills of the past. Its also on its own channel on the cabin TV. We watched it a million times during both cruise. I found the same video on You Tube but it showed a Celebrity ship so it was obviously for Celebrity cruises but same exact video.
  4. I guess I don't pay attention enough but I don't recall seeing that many over 70 people on my cruises. I admit I don't pay attention much to that either. I sail out of NJ nearly 100% of the time, once in a blue moon, NYC but its RCI and NJ really only. That might have something to do with it.
  5. A grand! A Grand you say? Holy cow! I am in awe!
  6. When I replaced or rebooked our May cruise, cancelled by Royal obviously, the price was 1,791 which I was over the moon about. My TA emailed me out of the blue last week that Royal was running a new sale or program, forget how he put it, and the price dropped to 1,355 of which I almost fainted. I have a cabin number, an invoice and everything, Cabin 12597, but its just a long hold till FCC is issued so we can then apply FCC. I guess its a new thing Royal is doing because of all the craziness going on.
  7. I didn't know you were allowed to post cruise fares or prices paid? We paid 1,355 for a CP Balcony for Sept. 6th. and that is for 3, 2 adults and 7 year old kid. That is why I'm praying we sail. That price is insane and we should have 900 in FCC's leftover.
  8. Or just watch a video in your cabin and listen to instructions from the speaker in your room. That is a solution but to be honest if you can't have people gather for just a muster drill then cruises are not gonna start. How are they going to have less full or half full ships for cruises that are sold out right now? I'm not volunteering to give up our Oasis cruise Sept. 6th. If they are sailing, we are going. How would that even work? On a selfish note, the idea of being on Oasis, GIANT Oasis will just half the passengers sounds pretty good.
  9. Oh right, I forgot we are on the same cruise. OK, we can share the blame, no problem. Every time we get close to sailing her, she is taken away. Between me and you, I think we will sail in Sept. That is 80% hope, 20% confidence.
  10. I think it might be my fault actually. I've wanted to sail an Oasis ship since they first came out but I don't fly so the only way is take the train down to Florida or someday hope for Oasis to come here to NJ. Guess which was supposed to happen first? I booked not too long after it was announced she was coming to NJ. May cruise cancelled, rescheduled for Sept. 6th and God only know even if that will sail off. I'm gonna cry if we don't go in Sept, and if we can't go at all in 2020. 😭
  11. Well I would consider myself a "leftist" but I don't think this should be about what side of the political fence you fall on. This is very serious but its not the end of the world or life as we know it. There are awesome things going on right now. There drugs right now being tested that seem to be extremely effective. Remdesivir is really, really looking promising. This could be the key to all this while waiting for a vaccine. If this can keep 99% of people that would have otherwise passed away from this horrible virus then we have something. If this is as effective as it seems then life can actually go almost totally back to normal. The older population and people with underlying conditions will still need to take precautions. We still all will have to take precautions such as washing hands, cleaning surfaces, not sneezing or coughing on people, not going to work when sick. Lets just not be so pessimistic is all I ask.
  12. We are booked for Oasis Sept. 6th, if they sail we go, if not what can I do about it. This was a reschedule because our May 10 same cruise was cancelled. I think anything is possible.
  13. If they aren't sailing by then you can kiss Royal Caribbean and the industry as a whole goodbye.
  14. Yeah that is true, the cruise itself won't show up in my "upcoming cruises" till the FCC is issued then applied. I still see my 😭 May 10 Oasis cruise which would be 25 days away, and that makes me for sure 😭 Luckily I don't usually order anything from the cruise planner till a week or a few weeks before cruises.
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