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  1. What do you all do about sunscreen then? This is my biggest sticking point with carryons.
  2. Is there any place to get snacks/beverages near eagle beach, or alternatively near the cruise pier? Thinking of grabbing some refreshments before we set out.
  3. Anyone been recently? Curious if all the falls are open now or if water levels are still too low.
  4. Will a magnet stick to the cabin door and walls on the Horizon?
  5. Bummer! None of my four cards has the offer. Thanks for the heads up!
  6. Keep checking…dining times will often open up as you get closer to sailing (assuming you didn’t book a last minute cruise).
  7. We are stopping at Belize on our spring break cruise (they just updated the itinerary from GC/Ocho Rios to Belize/Roatan), and so far they only have two excursions listed for Belize. We were hoping to do Shark Ray Alley, but it's not currently one of the tours that is offered. I'm wondering if more excursions will be offered, or if maybe that excursion just isn't going right now due to lower numbers on ships? I thought with it being spring break, they'd have enough demand to run all the excursions, but also don't know what vendors have survived the covid shutdowns. If you recently stopped in Belize, was Shark/Ray Alley offered as an excursion?
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