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  1. Thank you both for your informative replies. We look forward to the experience, which I'm sure will be enjoyable. We prefer to go independently, too, and it appears the ship docks are convenient to town at each stop. We lived in the Mannheim area decades ago, and have visited H'berg and the castle many times. However, those days we drove over and avoided the public transport rigamarole. This trip we are being accompanied by DW's sister and niece, who've never been there before. The boat docks somewhat behind the Mannheim Hauptbahnhof, so catching a train to H'berg is not a problem. The castle opens at 10 AM...the ship departs at 2 PM...that's not much time up there as we'd have to depart the Schloss no later than 12:30 PM. I don't know whether the ship's excursion has early access...but it's still tight, IMHO. Again, thanks for your help.
  2. We are booked on the Crucevita running from Mainz to Amsterdam. It appears that the ship is in good shape, and we anticipate a fine journey. What were your impressions on the excursions? Did any stand out one way or the other? I'm particularly interested in your experience at Mannheim/Heidelberg. The time (only seven hours) seems very short for a visit to H'berg. BTW: Are there any issues on bringing alcohol on board? Thanks for your help.
  3. I love this...NCL takes your money, plays with the prices, and then stiffs the over-charged customers without even a thank you. So, it's 'round and 'round it goes, and no matter where it stops they keep your overpaid money. Get a fraction back; or take an upgrade for a few bucks more. Hello, suckers! I'm certain this next one is my last visit to the NCL Anytime Casino.
  4. I just received a $75 OBC on a price drop after I called. Our reservation was made online. It took a supervisor over 20 minutes to come to the NCL reservation center phone to make me an offer that I could not refuse. (Guess they don't trust their front line agents.) After a short conversation I was told bluntly by Rosanne to take the $75 or take nothing - and I won't have a second chance to ask. Take it or leave it, she confirmed. Upgrade? I suspect they are virtually always "sold out". There were none available in my case. We've done three NCL cruises, and this will be my last - only taken because of the itinerary and my sister-in-law's preference, which is softening. Previous NCL cruises have been just okay, and I just don't like their business practices.
  5. Vista was the most disappointing ship on which we've ever sailed, from embarkation to the chaotic disembarkation. (I've put the details in my review awaiting publication.) Sadly, several first-timers with us were questioning ever cruising again. (BTW: We sailed just last week.)
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