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  1. We were recently at Playa Palancar. It was nice. Low key, no loud music or beach games. If your kids are content to play on the shore I’d recommend it. It’s about the farthest beach club from town so if you’re going by taxi it’d be more expensive to get there than some of the others.
  2. When we were there on 3/1, there were 7 ships in port and the Regal was the last to arrive at 10a. We went to Playa Palancar. Since it was pretty far south, we figured it'd be less crowded than those closer. We rented our own car and we got there around 1p. The parking lot was full but we parked on the road leading in. We had no problem finding a chair and umbrella. I think it was $10 per person. The beers were about $3.00 and lunch was reasonable. It was nice, a pretty low key atmosphere. No crazy games or DJ or anything. The beach was good, long but not super wide. The only negative was there were some stones in the water right as you were getting in. Once you were knee deep, it was all sandy.
  3. Strictly speaking, the movies aren’t first run. Those would still be in theaters. They had a lot of the recent Oscar nominated movies and actors. Bohemian Rhapsody, The Favourite, Crazy Rich Asians, etc were on MUTS and available on demand.
  4. MrSchwump


    I picked my cigars up at Churchill’s right on the Main Street shopping area. Good prices and helpful staff. I want to Casa del Habanos and they were not friendly and their selection seemed higher priced.
  5. I took this tour last week and recommend it highly, if you have an interest in the Rasta culture. It’s about hand hour drive, north to Montego Bay and then inland. You walk about 10 minutes up to the village. It’s a commercial enterprise run by the Rastafarian community and the have various wares for sale, soap, drums, herbs and spices (not THAT herb). They are very warm and give a lot of info about their culture. I really enjoyed it!
  6. We were in Coz on Friday. There were 7 ships in port. It took us a good 30 minutes to get from the entrance from Mr Sancho´s to Puerta Maya (Princess/Carnival). Traffic was heavy.
  7. I’m not sure why you’d want to do 2 beach clubs in 1 day. Chankanaab isn’t a beach, strictly speaking, but it’s pretty close. The beach at Playa Palancar is okay but is pretty narrow and the sand is very soft. Not great for walking. It’s nice but it seems like a lot of trouble to try to hit both in one day.
  8. I think this area is strictly for people needing assistance getting onboard. It’s also a taxi/Uber pickup area for those debarking. Seriously, look for Larry. He’s in his 60s, bald and he’s got a one liner for everything!
  9. The handicap assist area is on the far right corner as you face the terminal from the drop off area. Go there find one of the guys with a clip board and sign in. They will whisk you through the entire process in no time. My wife had 2 knee replacements in consecutive years so we’ve done it twice. The guys who help are super nice. If you get Larry, be prepared to laugh. He’s a real character!
  10. I try to avoid Megadollarville whenever I encounter one!
  11. I've started to avoid the shuttles. I've found that Uber is cheaper and quicker, plus you're not part of a gaggle of 20 or 30 other anxious travelers when the van arrives at the terminal. You don't have to wait for the van driver to unload all the luggage until yours appears. Last year we got there at 10:30 and were on board by 11:30.
  12. I think the biggest difference between Princess and Carnival, besides the passenger demographic (Princess skews older) is the buffet. You get better service in the Princess buffet. Servers bring you drinks, clear plates, etc. On Carnival that seemed largely self service. I think the selection in the buffet is better on Princess. I didn't see that much a difference in the MDR between the 2. Princess does have trivia contests but alas, no ship on a stick.
  13. Last year on the Regal. Looks like I'm not the only one to experience this but maybe it's hit and miss.
  14. I don’t think our cups were that big but we had probably 24oz cups and they refilled them with no problem. Those souvenir Princess cups were no good. Awfully small and tended to leak at the lid.
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