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  1. Jennie, you will be happy you chose Blexie. I'm glad my review has proved helpful to you. Also it is my civic duty to drop a link to Deladane's Carnival Review so we can all learn a bit more about the Carnival product and maybe see some new destinations through her great photos. Knowledge is power is my mantra. Enjoy! Norris
  2. Dana, I have been checking the Carnival Board each day since your return. Am settling in for a nice long read and great photos. Are the effects produced in the camera? Norris
  3. Trip, I was wondering how your experience would have been and hoped that my raving about it wasn't too far off the mark-it's not Michelin star cuisine but for a beach location I was well pleased with my seafood dishes and the service and I will go back there when next in beautiful Aruba. I would love to eat there at night as you did. Anything you particularly enjoyed on your plate? Location can't be beat, I will say that. Glad you enjoyed!! Norris
  4. Jennie, I emailed Blexie to remind him about your request. He apologized for the delay .He has been very busy leading tours and has responded to you . Check your spam folder if you haven't seen his response yet. Norris
  5. Hi Maris! Thanks for reading until the end and I am glad you enjoyed it. I know from the Norway roll call that there are people who return to Norway again and again but for us that would be hard to do as we have so many other places we need to see and little vacation time to see them in. We'll see if it works its magic come September. I don't see Dana's Carnival review just yet but it should appear any day now. Hope you can join us on this X board in September! Norris
  6. Yoshi, thanks for the pic and the recommendation. We do like our cheese! I'm glad you popped over to the Princess board after my Azamara review and hope to see you in each of my next 3 reviews. We have half of our Norway excursions booked and debating a few more. Cheers! Norris
  7. Just a note to say that the Members Section review I was urged to write by a couple of posters on this board was written about 10 days ago and is now published. It's on page 2. Norris
  8. Jennie, thank your friend in Perth for me as I am glad you got to read this. If you still haven't heard from the third Cuban tour company tell me which one. You love those R ships, huh? Me too. I sailed on the Ocean Princess (Venice to Rome review). The Quest has the Azamara decor which I personally love. I am sure the Oceania style is beautiful too. I would like Oceania better if they didn't do that "Brochure Price" nonsense that no one in this Galaxy would ever pay without first having suffered brain damage.Why pretend that they are giving you a deal? It's like Macy's "Regular Price" vs "Sale Price" . No one pays the regular inflated price and tumbleweeds blow through the stores. Small ships are not so small when you are on a lively itinerary. Would I want to do a TA on them? Nope. I do like big ships like Silhouette but it only carries 2800 people nicely spread out. Mammoth ships like Oasis class I am unlikely to sail on. Staying at the Intercontinental in Miami will give you a nice view and easy access to your ship. I hope you'll write a review in March 2020 and tell us how you liked Cuba! Cheers! Norris
  9. Allison, that is quite the long trip you are taking in July! 4 nights in Malta? We had about 8 hours there! 10 days in the UK-a retirement dream for me. We are only seeing Bergen, Flam, Alesund and Stavanger on our cruise and will be busy with excursions in each. Maybe someday we'll go further North. Lofoten Islands are supreme eye candy. So I will certainly be tuning in to your Sapphire review! Thanks for the kind comments on the review. Norris
  10. Megan, thanks for the great feedback! The Revolution Museum was Carol's idea and I am so glad we went. I hope you can make a plan to visit Cuba and see it for yourself. As a Spanish speaker you'll get even more from it than I could. The report was on the first page of the X board for 5 weeks but now will sink day by day with less people getting a chance to read it. Of course Cuba isn't everyone's cup of tea as it is not a typical beachy Caribbean island flying the Diamonds International or Michael Kors flag. For me that's a big plus! Norris
  11. Susan, I have been looking at Capri but Carol doesn't want to spend the time getting there when we could be touring the Amalfi coast. I'd like to see Amalfi as well as Ravello and Positano. I'll drop a couple of youtube videos of Capri in her mail and see if she is interested, but we usually go with the first plan. Enchanted Princess- no research here, nor did we do any before we booked the Sky Princess which will be the newest ship we have ever sailed on ( Inaugural in Oct 2019 and we sail Jan 2020). Sky just happened to be sailing to a place we wanted to go (Western Caribbean) at the time we wanted to go (Mid January when we always sail.) The fact that it was a new ship which has a French Bistro on board is just pure gravy! My middle name is French Bistro. I am very much a Francophile as Carol could tell you and I launch into my high school French at the drop of a chapeau. I still like the older Princess ships but am glad we added two other worthy lines to give us more choices. I couldn't be a one cruise line guy and I would get tired and jaded if I just sailed Princess Grand Class ships, beautiful as they are. Sunset verandas? We are committed aft dwellers and pay more as a result. You're not daft if you sail aft! I will look forward to your impressions of the Edge! Norris
  12. Mike, yours were the first great photo reviews I read on joining CC and have enjoyed traveling along with you and Carol on your many adventures ever since. I am so sorry to hear of your loss. Norris
  13. Yoshi, I hope you do love Azamara as much as I and either of those itineraries would appeal. I am sure that Az will call on more than Lisbon on the Portugal one. Venice to Athens would be a solid gold choice for sure. We have only two past cruises on Celebrity and loved what we experienced but a caveat is that we sailed in suites (S1 aft corner each time) and our third in September is same thing only starboard not port deck 7 corner. We love the suite X life but it is very costly to Norway. Th itinerary appealed. For the January Caribbean cruises we have X , Princess and now Azamara too so the choices keep growing but if the Edgification of the Silhouette spoils her in our opinion then X cruises may be few and far between. Edge is not a big lure for us. My head is now filled with Norway and what to do there excursion-wise and I am always thinking photo opportunities to share. We are not stay on the ship and relax by the pool people. Fun researching, I will say. Thanks for being part of the review! Norris
  14. Thanks-I'll do the same as this time-drop links in the Azamara and Princess boards. Norris
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