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  1. One benefit then, but I wound not plan on it since it isn't written down.
  2. Junior suites don't get suite perks like extra points, you must be in a full suite for those perks. The only thing you get is a bigger cabin. Junior suite Size Stateroom: 247 sq. ft. Balcony: 74 sq. ft. OccupancyUp to 4 guests ViewsOcean view Living SpacesRoom with bed, vanity and sitting area with sofa BathroomsOne bathroom with tub Full Suite Size Stateroom: 349 sq. ft. Balcony: 111 sq. ft. OccupancyUp to 4 guests ViewsOcean view Living SpacesRoom with bed, vanity and sitting area with sofa BathroomsOne bathroom with tub and double sink Exclusive For Suites Priority check-in and departure lounge Concierge Services Priority tender tickets Complimentary luggage valet service Luxury spa bathrobes to use onboard
  3. Check the board for the ports you are sailing from and use the search tool to "Google" reviews, as many people post the menus in the reviews.
  4. I'm having a similar issue and posted about it, initially I thought my TA mistakenly asked for a refund, but after going up to supervisors and up the chain of command, it looks like they automatically refunded it. Ironically , the sailing I was on (they announced on board were all getting refunds) which should have been refunded in April has still not been refunded in cash or fcc. I'm still missing a few hundred dollars from the refund they did give me. I know they will make it right, but I also know I'm going to have to keep calling until I get a manager or other senior level person who can fix it. Their own rules make what they said impossible, as you can't get a refund in cash/credit back to the card if you cancelled, but you don't get an FCC 25%, only 100%. You may ask for compensation for their mess up, but who knows what and if they will. I know once the cash refund hits your card it is a nightmare as I am dealing with the same thing. Sorry not so helpful, but just keep escalating the issue at your TA and with RCCL.
  5. The only person who can tell you is Costco, you can call them and ask. I used them as well and had an issue so better to call and have not needed to then to not call and wish you did.
  6. You could always rent car or private transfer who could stop if necessary, but if course that adds more expense. I agree Venice as the embarkation port for most is the draw. I didn't understand the fuss until I went, it is worth the fuss. At least you have time to plan around it or change it. FYI -I have flown in the day of the cruise from the USA the well, but I gave myself 10 hours to make it. Arrived at 8am (flight was delayed almost an hour) and we had to embark by 4pm. People who are working don't always have the option to add extra days before.
  7. So my big box TA in April mistakenly requested a refund instead of my fcc for my March 16th cruise. On Apri 14th, I called back to see where it was and they talked to RCCL and discovered it was mistakenly turned into refund, at that time they said it would take 2 weeks to get an FCC. In May, I called again and they checked and said it was 30 days to receive the FCC, and again they stated the same in late May (30 days from the April phone call). Two days ago I asked and they said to be patient as now it is taking 90 days. So I call to book something for next year since once it was issued they could auto actually apply it for me and RCCL said it was never changed to an FCC and only a refund. I have managers involved at the TA now, but I figured some well placed emails will help if they are unsucessful. Does anyone know a good person to call/email if this isn't solved to my satisfaction? I still have not received the cash refund either.
  8. This brings up a good point too that we ran into, we flew in late and the Alilaguna was not running. We like to book apartments instead of hotels and a lot of the apartments won't let you check in late without a fee. As so done mentioned flights from your home airport will come into play because it you can do a nonstop or short layover to one place and not another that will be worth it. Check transportation options that match with your flight times for early morning or late evening. We ran into issues with this on a vacation in Finland where the public transport by where we were staying didn't start until an hour to our flight, so we had to walk a good mile (1.5 km) to the bus station in the snow at 4am. Looking back on that trip, it would have been a good time to spend the money on the cab....
  9. We did the bus and boat combo, much cheaper and still gives you atmosphere. Plus as I traveled with kids there is nothing like a good rendition of the Wheels on the Bus at midnight ( true story, my kids were wide awake on our arrival). This is your opinion, but at 100 euros that is not feasible for everyone. I would agree with others on pick your ports first and ship second. I travel with kids, but travel often so I never use expensive cabs and transfers and use the buses and other public transportation for ease and cost effectiveness. Venice can be a nightmare if you don't plan, but so can then other places. Use the different Mediterranean port boards so you know how easy/ difficult getting to each place is by public transport or how much it costs in a cab. Rome is far so costs around 100 euros in a cab or shuttle service, but if you can handle luggage, it costs 5 euro to take the train, with no elevator at the port, which is how my family did it. While Barcelona is cab efficient with cabs costing around 30-40 euro ( airport or town) with many hotels around 20 euros to the port. But if you can walk a few blocks there is a port bus convenient to many hotels that is only 2 euro. So ease of getting places depends on your fitness and budget. What I like may not be what you like so a guidebook of ports, library has them when open, to get an idea of what places you want to travel to and to see your options is what I recommend. Set a budget and go from there. Now if you want my opinion, I recommend embarking out of Barcelona because the city was one of my favorites and I also agree as a first time abroad it is an easier city to maneuver ( be aware it has a reputation for pickpockets so travel light with less cash). My next choice is Venice because it is a unique city unlike any other. I thought it was all hype until I went, but it is an amazing place. If you can handle luggage it was easy, but more planning if you are mobility challenged. As for ports, my favorite cities ( not all visited on a cruise) were Istanbul, Dubvronik, Funchal, Athens (Piraeus) and Montenegro. I love nature/gardens unique experiences ( look at the toboggan in Funchal), ruins, and churches. Happy planning whatever you choose.
  10. bearette


    So the news says it won't be ready until Spring of 2021, but they are still selling Virtuosa and it will likely be cancelled after final payment is my guess. Does anyone know what they typically will do as this was to be our first MSC cruise? As my vacations time is set (teacher) and my air is bought and currently nonrefundable, we can just make it a land vacation, but I wanted to see what they usually do. I assume the 125 FCC like they have been using for civic cancellations, but I understand they limit how you use them, but I doubt we will pay in full if they don't announce something before final payment. Mostly I am just putting this out there to see if there is any new news.
  11. As a parent with kids, them getting the status is a nice perk, as others have stated to help retain them as cruisers when they can one day pay for their own. They have their own status now and I find it fun to tell the grumpy old people (my experience of who complains) that my kids earned their status, too, when they have the nerve to tell me kids should not be in the Diamond lounge. It is misbehaving kids who shouldn't be in the lounge. My kids enjoying a Shirley Temple and chocolate covered strawberry, during happy hour isn't a problem for most people, but for some their very presence is off putting. For you, they have three swipes on the card so you may enjoy any other area.
  12. March 2021 Jewel is in Galveston; I wasn't talking about now. It was doing the Middle East out of Dubai when the pandemic shut down occurred ( I was on it), two cruises later it was transitioning to Europe. It was supposed to do Europe over the summer/fall and then return to the states in the fall to Galveston for Caribbean cruises, that is why it is in Southampton now. Who knows what the ships will do once they start up again...I have nothing better to do now then look up all this stuff.
  13. Oops March 22, 2021, in 2020 Jewel was in Dubai I was just looking at these March dates because my daughter was all excited over the rocket launch, so I thought I would use my FCC out of Galveston or Cape Canaveral to give her a NASA visit.
  14. FYI Jewel leaves Galveston March 22 of 2020 since I saw it was mentioned. 16 day transatlantic to Barcelona.
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