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  1. Why do they recommend not tipping individuals? I worked in the service industry and was always majorly happy when someone gave me money for a drink or whatever.... and it might not be PC to admit to it, but yes, I think I did pay them that bit more attention afterwards. We only thought about removing tips once. The service at the MDR had been terribly slow/inattentive and the food cold for days. We watched the server and soon realized he had far too many tables to look after, he was also on his own, and didn't even have a wine waiter to hand. He was in effect doing the job of three. Why would I possibly want to take his wages off him??
  2. I need to make myself a coffee. It’s the thing I do before I can even look at anybody! There is a strange snobbery about this though? I haven’t noticed the tone on this post, but people seem to say quite condescendingly “just go to the buffet or get room service... what’s your issue?” Bit like TV in cabins. I don’t really watch it but I will defend the right of those who do to voice their opinion I think making myself a brew is a basic human right! Also, if it’s no big deal to not have one.... why do all the suites have facilities?
  3. thank you so much for this great post! picking up so much valuable information. (remember to pack face flannels) Shout out to Dave Darby! what a man!!!
  4. I don't "appreciate" speedos either .............. but I don't suppose many people like seeing my physique in my swimming togs! thanks for the great review.
  5. When we went to The Boatyard we paid somewhere around 25 US dollars? That gets you in, your lounger and a drink. there is a long pier. At the end of the pier there is a rope swing - which was really good fun! There is also a couple of trampolines floating in the sea and big iceberg thing that's a slide. I couldn't get up on that one! You put your name down for the boat trip. They have a clipboard and they put your name down and ask how many are in your party. You don't get a "time", you just get sent away with the instruction to listen out for your name. When they call you - you go up and get togged up with a lifejacket etc. Its not just turtles. You get taken out over a shipwreck and there are quite a few fish here so you can get in the middle of a school and that's a nice feeling. I enjoyed it there a lot.
  6. I don't feel sorry for crew. I agree, nobody is making anybody stay. Sometimes people just look sad and tired and there might not be a reason. I like my job but I don't sit here at my desk smiling! I don't like people being treated differently than I would expect to be treated myself though. if I was offhand with a patient I would expect to be hauled over the coals - neither do I feel like I should act like a performing seal to make people know I am happy in my work. One thing to remember Europeans (I am one until the end of March I think!) are a bit more reserved. We don't wish you a nice day, or miss you already etc. But that's probably a stereotype too?!
  7. Hi folks Unsure if anyone is able to help because I know things change all the time with MSC! We fly to Barbados and have a week round the Caribbean. Then transatlantic, then a further week round Spain, Portugal etc. My question is.. will this be treated as 3 separate trips? I have done B2B before and have had to go through a "sort of" embarkation again. What's the score this time? Anybody know what MSC normally do? tia suzie
  8. Apples and oranges.... yeah but what when you buy an "apple", but the apple has ceased to exist on the ship.... and you don't even know if you are going to get an orange or the grape that has gone soft in the bottom of the box? We have AI Restaurant and Bar.... if I recall correctly that gave me pretty much everything I would want except premium drinks, minibar and room service (which seems to me to be the same as what Premium is now?) However, - I have just seen a flyer that says "Upgrade from AI R&B to Premium for E9 a day" - so if AI isn't Premium equivalent already?? - then what is it? Am I getting a rotten grape?
  9. Hi everyone I have been reading so much about yacht club that I want to give it a go. Been on MSC website, and a variety of TAs but every single trip I am picking says YC not available? It doesn’t seem to matter what week/itinerary/type of cabin I pick? Am I doing something wrong in my searching? TIA
  10. I wasn’t no. We were on the Farewell to Barbados tour, and there were some Birmingham bound people on it. They were taken back to the Ship because the delay was going to be too much for sitting round the airport?
  11. The same flight the fortnight before (2 to 16th) was delayed as well.
  12. When I first read the initial post I thought “how silly”! But when I think about it.. if you are not outgoing it is really difficult to start a convo with a stranger It’s probably similar to thinking ... what do you mean you can’t swim? Just get in the water, spin your arms and kick yer legs! Then that water splashes you in the eye so you get scared and get out of the pool as quickly as you can! i was shy until I was given one little gem of advice. Don’t worry about what people think of you.. because the irony is they are only worrying about what you think of them!!! Do your own thing first and make sure you are interesting to yourself you want a friend... ? get down early to get a good seat at the quiz or the show. people will want to join you. Go to the dance lesson. Sit at the bar with a soda. Smile at people. Say I like your dress... if you see them again say Hi, another lovely outfit!
  13. Anyone know where Guinness or IPA cider are within the packages?
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