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  1. Suzieanna

    The old style drinks packages

    Cool. Like a whippy?
  2. Suzieanna

    American cruiser just off 12 nights Magnifica in Marseille-

    Thanks for the great review and photos. Looks like you had a great time! You can’t have a drink in the theatre though!!! I never knew that! Still, the shows are short or so I believe! So I will manage haha! Thanks again.
  3. Suzieanna

    The old style drinks packages

    What is take away ice cream in a cone or cup? Is that the gelato people keep talking about?
  4. I had a piece of golden triangle... never knew it was called that. yummy. I stole it off my husbands plate! haha! I cant imagine they are very healthy... but for there to be "healthy choice" there has to be things that aren't healthy. that's just logical. I had an omlette in the MDR. wouldn't order one of them again mind. tiny one egg effort. 3 mouthfuls and it was gone :(
  5. Suzieanna

    Main Stream compared to Luxury Class

    I see where you are coming from cruisemom. This is why it’s difficult to say what is value and what isn’t. From my perspective, the Med is WAY overpriced . But that’s because I live in Europe and can get to Rome etc very cheaply. Also, there is the fact that when something is on your doorstep and you have been there too many times you get bored of it and don’t see it as others do? Then sticker shock kicks in when you see prices have doubled in the last year on Med itineraries! No doubt people who live in Fort Lauderdale or Miami etc think the same and wonder why I get so excited about going to Nassau and wonder why it is such a big thing for me? But purely from a bottom line price perspective, itinerary aside, I was very surprised to see The low price on Regent.
  6. Suzieanna

    Main Stream compared to Luxury Class

    We had a brochure come through the post yesterday. You can fly Uk Miami have a 14night full AI Cruise, veranda suite. Drinks, private transfers, 2 nights in coral gables WiFi, dining, your trips, grats for 3 and a half grand. Regent Seven Seas Voyager Or or you can have the NCL AI package on the Jade 11 night fly UK Rome then round Europe in June for 3 and a half grand. Depends what you want from your ship I guess
  7. Suzieanna

    Park West art auctions?

    These things used to be good fun when they used to have raffles. I remember one time I won a day in the spa, a key ring, a t shirt a photo of the ship, a casino match play and a few other things. now they keep you prisoner for ages and bang on and on about the ”Painter of Light” AKA Thomas Kinkade, the wonder that is Peter Max, and then there is great excitement when they bring out the painting of the tree.... you can hang this upside down and it’s a different tree!! Havent done a decent raffle raffle in I don’t know how long. If you are lucky you might get a picture of a lion or something. I do enjoy them though for the people watching experience!!! (when I studied art history we were told the painter of light was Rembrandt!).
  8. Suzieanna

    Mandatory Tipping ant

    Quite agree. Avoidance is not Evasion. I live on an island that is powered by tax avoidance schemes! I think that’s why I found it funny.
  9. Suzieanna

    Mandatory Tipping ant

    So basically it’s a tax avoidance scheme! Haha!
  10. Suzieanna

    MSC status match

    I will take the lesson on board the Preziosa.. haha! I taught a P&O ship the Boston Two Step once!!
  11. Suzieanna

    MSC status match

    I do think the “welcome back” type events should be kept to those who are actually coming back. I see black card holders get a free dance lesson? I can already dance... I will give 2 dance lessons for a chocolate ship if anybody wants to trade!
  12. Suzieanna

    Grab your Old Drink Packages Now

    YAY!!! I will probably only have about 2 over the three weeks..... but it’s about principles int it! Thanks for clarifying it!
  13. Suzieanna

    Guarantee cabin category question

    Update for anyone who might be interested. We were put in Room D309, which was brilliant! best part - the room was twice the size of a regular balcony room - but the balcony was totally open to the sky - so we spent our evenings stargazing! Bliss!! I did get a bath!
  14. Suzieanna

    Grab your Old Drink Packages Now

    I am going on Preziosa from the UK and have a Bar and Restaurant package... so am unsure if gelato was ever included in that anyway? is Venchi the name of a café? The coffee bar on Preziosa seems to be called Il Cappuccino. I don't eat enough gelato to be bothered if its included or not but I will back people 100% who are. I remember a couple of years ago when days after my final payment, Royal started charging for Room Service (previously free). That bugged me NO END!!
  15. Suzieanna

    Cost of drinks - on UK booking for Med on Seaview

    Hi. We have the all inclusive bar and restaurant package. Anyone know what that equates to now?