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  1. I have sailed with my daughter on Princess right through the age range of the clubs. She is just too old on our next cruise. Your 9 & 11 year olds will be together in the 8 - 12 section I think. Princess run a different set of rules to say P&O UK, in fact many policies are totally opposite. I believe the parents, or guardians will be able to decide on the self-signing in and self-signing out privileges for each individual child. This is handy because you do not have to take them to the club every time or collect them. On port days Princess have a lock in and no self-signing in/ou
  2. I was under the impression that the OP was saying that it was not possible to pick your own cabin as they were "unable to pick a cabin in either of these categories". If this is the case nobody would be able to snap up the "best cabins" as the cruise line was allocating all cabins in the categories mentioned. Regards John
  3. If one were organising people in a public area in the UK, we never refer to lines but queues. In this way as well as using a wider vocabulary and a multitude of idioms generally subtle messages can be inserted into what we say to convey more than one meaning, double entendre. If more than one queue were being filled by an operative we could direct an unruly person to the furthest queue by saying things such as "Far queue sir, far queue." Regards John
  4. The Guarantee system is designed to help the cruise line fill all the cabins and shift people about, before they are told where they are destined. In this respect I think you should get a good grade within the category. I should look at all the locations and formulate a worst case scenario and this might help with your decision. It is unlikely in my view you will get the worst cabin available but by booking early you might be more likely to be upgraded. Once you have an allocation you can always phone in and try to get moved if you think its a bad location. Regards John
  5. I think they might retain Island and Coral as they can pass through the panama canal locks as they were specifically designed to be Panamax ships. However we should bear in mind that now larger locks have been built alongside the originals larger ships such as the Grand Class can go through the Post-Panamax locks. I believe the current problem seems to be height above the waterline as the Bridge of the Americas seems to be the new limiting factor. Regards John
  6. Has anyone else noticed that a large number of full length episodes have appeared on YouTube? Regards John
  7. Spacing out on line or behind the line reminds me of sections of motorway in the UK where a number of rear end traffic collisions have occurred. The traffic authorities mark out large chevrons on each lane about 100 yards apart and road signs indicate you must be two chevrons behind the driver in front of you for safety purposes. There are huge signs saying keep two chevrons behind the driver ahead of you. This all seems easy to do until a Lamborghini driver overtakes you then you have to accelerate like mad to stop him getting three ahead. Lol John
  8. We have an annual Intervarsity Boat Race on the Thames every year in England. Commonly referred to as the University Boat Race or Oxford and Cambridge Boat Race. They have eight rowers in each boat plus an extra crewmember to call the stroke and steer. Their rowlocks are mounted on frames wide of the hull and each member rests his single oar in that Generally speaking to win you need eight hefty rowers (the Ait) with the smallest cox. A small island in a river is sometimes called an Ait too. Regards John
  9. I understand bois means "wood" in the forest sense, from the French. There is a place in England called Theydon Bois, pronounced boys and I have always thought it amusing that there must have been a small gang of lads who thought of themselves as the Theydon Bois boys. There is a place in Cambridgeshire called "Over" near the old military airfield Duxford. It must have been strange on the radio to keep saying over at the end of your transmission. This could easily give rise to a comms call of "I am flying over Over over" "Who would do such a thing?" Edward Woodward
  10. I have no idea how people pronounce yaw in Canada, to English people speaking English; your, you're and yaw are all homophones. The same is true of boys, buoys and Bois but Americans seem to pronounce buoys completely differently do Canadians fall in line with the British or Americans? Regards John
  11. I cannot understand why there should be regional variation in pronunciations of a technical word such as yaw. We are talking about the the change in attitude of an aircraft or ship about azimuth i.e. in relation to a vertical axis. Do people where you live mention this a lot? Regards John
  12. Neither have I. One would assume you use a lot of fake tan spray across the chest put on a decent shirt but only do one or two buttons up so the ladies can see it clearly dangling there swaying gently as the ship rolls. Regards John
  13. It irritates me when people use the incorrect spelling for; your, you're and yaw or fair, fare and fayre. Regards John
  14. I seem to recall a Major Melanie Thrak in the Durham Light Infantry, would that be her?
  15. I assume this would be appropriate if no other cabin occupants were Elite. If another cabin occupant was an Elite member and old enough for alcohol then the alcoholic package would be what the cruise line supply. One mini-bar set up per cabin. Regards John.
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