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  1. john watson

    new Princess cut back

    This is not a cut back on the days between changing the sheets, it is increase of one day based on your figures. You could look at it as a financial cut back though. Regards John
  2. john watson

    Ventura N907

    The "boycott" of Amsterdam seems to be at least Carnival Corporation wide. If there is a E8.00 charge per passenger P&O are not going to make compensation in my view because it would be cheaper to pay the original charge. I think the cruiseline corporation's overall concern is that this might be the thin end of the wedge with a multitude of local authorities putting a town tax on for their port. This would hit the cruise lines hard and in particular UK cruisers. Regards John
  3. john watson

    Azura Cabin R512

    The original poster was talking about cabin R512 on Riviera Deck, which is a Standard Balcony Cabin. A512, B512, C512, D512 are all "inside" cabins and E512 is an Obstructed View cabin. I am thinking you have not got the correct cabin number identified. Kind Regards. John
  4. john watson

    ventura e223

    There are eleven "Grand Class" ships. Grand Princess 1998 largest cruise ship in the world at the time. Golden Princess 2001 and Star Princess 2002 followed. The way to identify these three is that they have an extra bit of promenade deck attached to the sides of the hull at the forward end and have inset balcony cabins on Deck 8 Emerald Deck. These overlook the Promenade Deck. Diamond Princess and Sapphire Princess followed in 2004 but were built in Japan these wider variants swapped identities due to a shipyard fire in Japan. Identifiable by "Jet Engines" on the funnel. Sapphire is currently doing ex-Southampton cruises. Built about a metre wider than standard to get wider promenade deck for Alaskan cruises with people on loungers. Caribbean Princess 2004 had the "pram handle" nightclub which are being phased out.Crown Princess 2006, Emerald Princess 2007, Ruby Princess 2008, Ventura 2009 and finally Azura 2010. Azura is identifiable with the giant wake supressor on the stern. It also had the forward balconies like the original three ships but instead of welding extra promenade deck sections to the sides of the ship they diverted passengers who want to go to the forward, upper promenade deck section, through the inside of the ship so virtually nobody goes there. Regards John
  5. john watson

    ventura e223

    The Grand Class ships have a number of differences many of which are subtle. In respect of a specific query such as a particular cabin it is prudent to look at the photograph and also to inspect the cruise line's deck plan to see if the two are consistent. If they are consistent I should say this is how things are going to be as you will find them on board. If a difference is found one or other is clearly incorrect and which is accurate cannot reasonably be established without further investigation. In the case of E303 it looks like the view is clear according to the Deck Plans. On Crown, Caribbean, Ventura and Azura E303 is the second of two disabled cabins and E303 has a good view. Regards John
  6. john watson

    Newbie booked 1st P&O Cruise to the Med

    P&O normally have a shuttle bus into town which is free if you book select fare and a small charge if you book a saver fare. Many ports you can walk off the ship straight into town anyway. Own arrangements for excursions is cheaper you just do what you want based on information you have found on the internet on where to go and what to do. The only thing you need to worry about exploring independently is returning to the ship in time as it is not going to wait for you on very late returns. Regards John
  7. john watson

    ventura e223

    I have found a video on YouTube cabin E231, which should give a good idea of the obstruction situation (0.44s). This video also gives creedence to my assertion that my post#3 giving link to renmar's obstructed views site is going to be very accurate. The YouTube video is called: P&O's Ventura E231 Stateroom Cany get the link to work but there is a link on YouTube to some sort of cruise log relevant to the cabin Regards John
  8. john watson

    ventura e223

    If you look at the Deck plan E223 appear to be behind a life boat. There is a site which shows a sister ship and photographs from each cabin. I have carefully compared Ventura to Crown and the lifeboat pattern seems the same. So checking E223 on Crown should be identical view on Ventura, just scroll down on the link to the correct cabin number. The photo view and Ventura brochure deck plan are consistent in my opinion. https://sites.google.com/site/cabinviewbyrenmar/crown-princess/cabins-200-299 Regards John
  9. john watson

    Guarantee cabin

    Guarantee cabins when allocated will appear as a cabin number on your cruise personaliser. Probably just says something like GUAR until that time. Assuming you are allocated an "Obstructed Balcony" that is Deck 8 "G" Deck you can check the view on the link below for Royal/Regal two sisters. The obstructions are more looking down a bit as opposed to level in most cases. Any G cabin number on Britannia is same as the E cabin number on Royal/Regal, just scroll down the link page to obtain the equivalent view. Regards John https://sites.google.com/site/royalregalprincess/home/8-emerald
  10. john watson

    Disembarkation in Southampton

    Easiest disembarkation for you. Cases out overnight. Have an MDR breakfast with waiters. P&O do two sittings on disembarkation day (see Horizon Newsheet for times) The sittings are about an hour apart with entry permitted for about fifteen minutes. Then they exclude newcomers until next sitting. This avoids the last day buffet bun fight. Wander back to cabin and obtain your hand bags. Cabin vacating requirement is 8am but you can get away with your hand bags neatly in a wardrobe. If you can do stairs with hand luggage its ideal as lifts choke up with people and cases. Go to your advised assembly for disembarkation place and wait for instructions to walk off. When you walk off as you get to ground floor look out for guys with sack barrows. Ask one if he's free and he will go to the Luggage reclaim hall. Bags are set out either by deck or colour group so find your pile. Point out your cases and he puts them on his barrow. Once he has them all tell him "Taxi RanK" and he will wheel them through customs immigration out the building locate the taxi rank and unload them there. Tip him about £3-£5. Then tell taxi driver "Southampton Airport". Regards John
  11. john watson

    Disembarkation in Southampton

    If you do want to get a taxi from quayside to airport, it depends on which airport you are talking about. Southampton airport you could just queue up and tell the driver. If you are thinking Heathrow or slightly nearer Gatwick you must think about pre-booking. This will give you a feasible fare. The main operator used by many Southampton Hotels etc. is West Quay Cars. They have a website and do pre-arranged airport runs etc. Other services are out there google Southampton taxis but see their website: westquay cars com Regards John
  12. john watson

    P & O cabin allocation

    There is a lot P&O could do to increase business. The number of disabled cabins is very few even on the most modern ships. In addition to this if you want to take a scooter on board you need to book a disabled cabin or a very large cabin such as a mini-suite. Taking a scooter on a fly cruise is not realistic and some people only need to use one ashore. it would make sense to me if they increased the choice for some disabled travellers by building new ships with their large cabins fitted out with more user friendly facilities. This may well suffice for many disabled travellers who do not need everything fully adapted. Scooter storage is still an issue though. P&O have a special department which oversees the problems in this respect. It would be sensible if they had a scooter hire service on board for off ship use. They could also have BMX bikes for hire for fit people. Could be run on a commercial basis similar to the UK shop mobility schemes. It would be ideal for the Caribbean Fly-Cruise market. Regards John
  13. john watson

    P & O cabin allocation

    P&O must know if they have general passengers in adapted cabins and which cabins/grades. Should a disabled person make a late enquiry about an adapted cabin and be put on a "wait list" one would hope the cruise line would remember the score. If a late cancellation came, in the scenario we are thinking about, a cabin above deluxe balcony level, i.e. a suite, one would hope the cruise line would take stock of the situation and displace general passengers so that disabled passengers can be incorporated into an adapted cabin at some level (it may be the newcomers are seeking "inside" and w hole upgrade chain of disabled passengers should take place). It would not be difficult to manage with a computer programme. Allocating adapted cabins to anyone is understandable as it is better to have someone in a cabin than an empty cabin. The trouble is I think people should have some information given to them beforehand in these circumstances. The OP seems to be saying that they have only worked out the cabin status by looking at their cabin number and a deck plan and presumably has no idea of the policy allowing them into this situation. It would be better if people were sent an email explaining the policy and how they are not hogging a disabled persons cabin. Regards John
  14. john watson

    P & O cabin allocation

    I think technically you did not book a guaranteed DC grade cabin. I believe you made a booking where the cruise line guaranteed you a cabin which has a minimum grade of DC. Therefore any cabin of the grade DC or higher would also be acceptable within the contract. The grade first letter "D" stands for Deluxe and the second letter gives the quality within that classification so A grade is best then B and so on. P&O usually only allocate adapted cabins to people who have not requested "adapted" until they cannot find a passenger who is disabled and requests one accordingly. So you are not short changing a disabled traveller for example. The cabin in question looks a lot bigger than the standard deluxe balcony type so to me the lack of bath is the only issue. I would sit tight if I were you and risk travelling with a wet room. There is a possibility up to sailing date that a disabled traveller might want an adapted cabin, at any level, which a very rare cabins and displace a whole chain of disabled passengers upwards with the top of the chain displacing your good selves. If this happened I am thinking you got to be shifted into a suite which is why I would risk it. Regards John
  15. john watson

    Cruise booking disappointment

    Yes, this is possible I can book through a specific US travel agent because I am a pre-existing customer of that US travel Agent who has booked both Princess and Cunard through that agent before the restrictions came into being I am restricted to those brands too.. I believe the major cruise corporations saw that a growing trend of UK passengers were booking through US ta's to get better deals and wanted to stop the trend. Other exceptions are UK citizens who have a US address and another is if you book a cabin with a US national in your cabin. There are a few more exemptions as I understand it but I do not know the rules for those. Regards John