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  1. Liza Minnelli had a formal Tailcoat style of dress which you have just reminded me about. Regards John
  2. I am a big believer in the policy of horses for courses and always use my incognito car when leaving a car for an extended period of time or in a particularly contentious situation. Regards John
  3. I have noticed that CPS on my last two cruises involved a considerable wait sitting in my car before being marshalled to the booking in area and subsequent boarding. I conclude that it is much quicker to board the ship when you turn up in a taxi or transfer mini bus. This waiting has become my bugbear I have used a similar service to parking4cruises called Penguin Parking which is a parking service other side of the water. You drive there and they have a portacabin with toilets and mineral water, transfer you in a mini bus to the relevant ship. On return you locate the personnel wearing the pink high viz jackets and they summon a series of mini buses to transfer you back to the remote car park. If you can afford £179 you can generally get cruise parking with overnight at Holiday Inn Herbert Walker Avenue including transfers both ways. Park your own car at back of hotel car park, keep your keys. They use West Quay Cars and the transfers are included in the tariff but you need to pay for meals. There is a free swimming pool and some sort of gym. Prices and exact details all given in good faith but may have changed. Regards John
  4. john watson

    Tea/coffee making facilities in cabin

    P&O (UK) cruises are generally frequented almost exclusively by British people who have extensive experience of kettle safety since being children. I think the main safety issue with kettles on board is people bringing unsafe appliances which do not have safety cut-outs or other features the more expensive types have. Most people I know could identify a dodgy kettle or know when it developed a fault. Fire on board ships have massive potential for catastrophic disaster. I had a look on cruiseship detective.com for fires and the Star Princess incident is documented in detail. Conclusion of that event was cigarette discarded off high balcony. Regards John
  5. john watson


    If the £1 for 3rd and 4th passenger is exclusively for passengers under 16 years of age, it will not have an effect on excessive drinking of alcohol on board on two night or any other cruise length. On the face of it it looks like a brilliant way to market holiday cruises to families with fewer than 2.4 children. Regards John
  6. john watson


    All the deals relate to cruises booked before 3 December 2018. In my opinion P&O are simply trying to get people to commit to a cruise on the line. Many people book very near Christmas or just after and traditionally sorted out holidays at this exact time of year. £50 deposit commits you to going, you still need to pay the cruise fare ultimately. Extra guests at £1.00 cruise fare may fill up the two night and short cruises but I see no impact on longer breaks regarding excessive drinking alcohol. Very short cruises will likely be affected £200 to £300 per person, with four in a cabin will become £100 to £150. People might get a loose set of friends going on this length of cruise. There are limited four berth cabins and once they are gone that's it. I do not see people booking a four berth cabin for a fortnight with an extra two people they know. To get the £340 obc you need a fortnights cruise at balcony fare level. After May you can save £196 on service charges and I suspect these latter figures are based on two people saving and the £340 obc is per cabin on a fourteen day cruise so that would typically be £170 per person. Regards John
  7. Are you suggesting that if you had a sister and she had a negative modification that you would no longer regard her as your sister? Regards John
  8. The formal dress requirement suggested on the Princess website outlines what men and women wear. Children presumably would wear smart casual type clothing or if the parents wanted boys to wear a tuxedo etc. or girls special dresses this is perfectly acceptable also. No requirement to go out and buy special expensive clothing which will soon be grown out of if you do not want to. Regards John
  9. john watson

    Infants on Britannia

    There are a couple of minimum age to travel rules people need to know about. The first is that babies need to be at least six months old at embarkation. The second rule is that babies older than six months but younger than one year may not travel on certain cruises. These tend to be the more exotic, transatlantic or ones which have two or more consecutive sea days. Regards John
  10. The Princess transfer back to the airports are pretty good I think. They have a large number of coaches leaving with top priority. As I said previously they do London Gatwick, London Heathrow, split into flight times and also different terminals at Heathrow. Usually Transatlantic British Airways is Terminal 5 and often US carriers Terminal 4. Everyone knows their flight arrangements and terminal you just got to get the appropriate coach. The alternative is self-disembarkation carrying your own luggage, but then you must have a pre-booked private taxi of some sort booked. A random taxi off the rank to London is going to be ridiculously expensive. Regards John
  11. They took our passports for a Japan/China cruise and gave us photocopies for some ports. We did a Southampton and France cruise recently and I am sure they took them for that cruise. It is not a big deal you get them back penultimate day. They put a sticker on the back cover with your name and cabin number on. Steward delivers them in person to you at your cabin, they are always handed back to you personally in my experience. I had to sign to say he gave it to me. It is a distinct possibility and nothing to worry about. I think it is dependent on the itinerary and how the different countries set their regulations. Regards John
  12. If you arrive from the USA (and it is never stated that you do, but likely) you will go through Customs and Immigration at the airport as you arrive. If you embark at Southampton and do a round trip cruise Princess will likely retain your passport for the duration until nearly last day. Some British Isles cruises also have people starting their cruises in Le Havre or Dublin and starting their cruise in the middle of your cruise on the same ship. Everyone had their passports taken last similar Princess Cruise we did. I think this is so the authorities can look into peoples identities more closely prior to arriving at the next country. If you need passport in a port the cruise line tells you and returns them but often they suggested we take Government Issued Photo ID e.g. a driving licence where a passport ashore was not a requirement. If authorities ashore need to identify you it's cruise card plus this photo ID. Prior to reaching Southampton the Princess Patter will arrive with a form for you to outline your disembarkation arrangements request. You just got to fill in when you want to disembark, usually there are boxes to tick for each airport e.g. London Gatwick LGW or London Heathrow LHR with subdivisions of say noon to 2pm flights or 2pm or later flights. Princess also do airport transfers and generally offer these on board too. Some of these transfers include sightseeing tours e.g. Windor, Stonehenge etc. for people with late evening flights. As you disembark at Southampton the luggage hall is very efficient and getting through customs and immigration there, usually nobody is visible and you all walk through. Whether the United Kingdom is in or out of the EU will not affect US citizens as they will always be non-EU citizens as will the majority of nationals from all other parts of the world. Regards John
  13. john watson

    Infants on Britannia

    I agree with this situation being the case regarding booking a cruise travelling with infants. I wonder also, when you book a travel cot for your cabin whether or not you need to book a three/four berth cabin. I suspect this is not necessary as you are not using the third bed. You can always phone P&O and ask with or without making a definite booking. In addition, should you actually book and then attempt to book excursions online places are only bookable for either adults or children. Book as many passengers adults/children onto the tour and confirm infants at the excursions desk in person, on board. If infants are permitted (some excursions have a minimum age requirement) infants often "go free" as they do not take up a seat. In these cases, should you be going on a trip which has a series of coaches, I recommend hanging back for the last coach which often is only 95% full then you have an infant seat to nab. Pushchairs are usually put in the coach luggage compartment with wheel chairs etc. My advice is phone P&O and ask exactly what the system is for infants and booking. Regards John
  14. john watson

    Ventura Panama Canal glitch

    Caribbean Princess went through, see post #6. The Air Draft on the tallest Grand Class Ships is 213' and the clearance under the Bridge of the Americas is 200', standard modern clearance for large suspension bridges etc.. I suspect the 13' is to do with masts etc. and can be modified. There is not a lot in it as far as I can see. Regards John
  15. john watson

    Forward Balconies On Azura E Deck

    It works now after three re-typing efforts! Lol John