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  1. Sky Princess is a Royal class ship, the first of which being Royal Princess and so too is Britannia. If you have sailed on Britannia you will have a good idea of the size and layout of the ship. Princess cruise line is similar to P&O but has a more international passenger base. Mainly Americans and British ex-Southampton but also Australians and Japanese in smaller numbers. I have shared a few breakfasts in the Main Dining Room at tables with Japanese people struggling with the language, they even have a Japanese Breakfast Menu, same stuff in the script. Do not be frightened to ask fo
  2. Free WiFi has probably been introduced in my opinion because of the Ocean Medallion. They seem to be putting more into this sort of technology and having a smart phone with the app on it would not be such a good thing if you had to pay for WiFi as participation would be significantly less. Regards John
  3. When I made the US citizens comment it was on the basis of people more likely cruising locally i.e. US citizens cruising to the Caribbean and Alaska from US ports. It does not matter where in the world the ship is sailing it is about from where a cruise originates. Obviously peoples nationality does not affect which rules apply to them. Regards John
  4. Why not try taking a snare, tom toms or if it must be a kettle, the ones painters and decorators use are acceptable to Princess. Regards John
  5. The majority of passengers reading on here will be US citizens and the 21 advice will be sound. The biggest anomaly is with Transatlantic Voyages where Westbound is 18 years and Eastbound is 21 years I believe. Presumably due to point of origination. Regards John
  6. On cruises starting in Europe that should read under 18's. Other parts of the world will also likely have a different age restriction. Regards John
  7. The shorter route walking forward involves walking past 18 cabins and across the ship whereas the longer route involves walking past 30 cabins and across the ship. I think the forward option identified by mjmalino is significantly shorter but you may have to open wo fire doors. Regards John
  8. Has anyone seen this video on YouTube? You should be shocked. Lol John
  9. Saw this on You Tube "242. Crossing the Wash by Narrowboat - Narrowboats at Sea". This is a very strange voyage, you cannot sail as the crow flies, you need a pilot, a second boat for safety and follow a long route. Stopping half way along the route you can have a rest on the beach in the middle of the sea. It seems to be a bit of a hazardous venture. Regards John
  10. I think most people find cruising romantic particularly if you meet someone special on the cruise. I suspect very few go this far as matrimony is a very serious thing. On a positive note men of this age group always come with a full set of tools which is very handy around the house. Regards John
  11. I saw my first dustwoman the other day. I could not believe it. Does anyone know if that should be dustlady? Did anyone ever see the restoration TV series with Suggs of Madness fame. They did various restorations of interesting vehicles and vessels. The one that really made me smile was when they restored a dust cart for an enthusiast who had bought it but not got round to a chassis up restoration. They did an immaculate job for the guy and then the big reveal at the end. The funny part of this was that it was a narrow track version with a short wheelbase as used in smaller a
  12. The cabins on the Sun Deck (top deck) are accessed by walking in the open and have no shelter when it rains as you walk to/from them. The next deck down have a verandah and as you probably realise people walk through it as it is really just a part of the deck. You can prop your door open for extra ventilation and sit just outside. Regards John
  13. john watson


    I do not like to be excessively pedantic but is not Whiskey an Irish drink not Scotch. The Scottish version generally more popular is Whisky. Lol John
  14. I see the way you are thinking but statistically the most popular ship based on numbers of passengers was RMS Queen Mary which did a transatlantic voyage with 15,740 passengers on board, that is popular. A world record which will likely never be beaten. Regards John
  15. Statistically speaking the bigger the ship the more popular it is. This is how Carnival Corporation and Crocodile Dundee think. Regards John
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