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  1. Under the clauses in your insurance handbook I think this is a failure of transport to be provided. Possibly a consequential cost thereof. I think it very shabby of a large company to cancel something you have entered into a contract over and simply say it is not happening now here's your money back and leave it at that. You are out of pocket on the policy premium at the least. I am just pointing out that you should be offered more than that and other losses may be claimable for in the small print in the insurance documentation. Regards John
  2. I understand that the OP is simply trying to get their policy premium refunded. My point is that this is a comparatively minor issue in comparison to other issues such as booking annual leave off work, not being able to get a suitable alternative booked. Your taxi money has now gone. The hotel booking is not refundable. The cruise line simply wants to hand you your money back and not offer any form of recompense! Regards John
  3. It is not clear whether you have purchased single trip insurance or annual trip insurance. I tend to go for the annual type as it covers for weekends away as well as a big holiday. I assume you have gone for single trip and now the policy will conclude therefore you want the policy premium refunded. I think it is important to consider all the options available to you and prudent to read the details in your policy handbook which may be online. It is possible to work out,in your own mind the clause or clauses you might be able to use. In addition, did you pay for any part of the cruise using a credit card or a visa debit card in some cases it is possible to get a refund through these routes. Is this a cancellation or a failure of transport? Have you booked other associated items or services which you are now going to incur a loss in this incident, taxis, hotels etc.? Will any of you lost money as a result, through work etc.? If the cruise line "compensates" you will this affect your insurance claim? If Royal Caribbean offers you say £1000 in cash or in credit plus a free upgrade on your next cruise, it might be considered that your losses are minimal to a bonus. I think you need to find out as much as possible for yourself before you play your cards. Regards John
  4. john watson

    Traveling solo

    It was an up and down cruise vacation for me. I booked a year out for my daughter and I, however about two weeks before sailing she cancelled as she was staying in Wales in the preceding days but had got back to Cambridgeshire. I had booked three days hotel in Dover, pre-cruise and phoned her mother after I had stayed the first night in Dover to see if things were still the same. My daughter changed her mind and wanted to come but was at the wrong end of the country and only fourteen years old. Her mother packed her into an approved taxi and sent her down to Dover. So we eventually turned the solo cruise I had resigned myself happily to be on to a cruise with my daughter. She thought as did I it was an excellent cruise with a few problems which related exclusively to her being in a wheelchair and access to buses. There were few wheelchair passengers on board and few young ones, so I suspect you can remember us. Regards John
  5. john watson

    P & O Revised Dress/Alcohol Code

    I cant make my mind up whether this is redundancy or tautology, Tom. Regards John
  6. john watson

    How do you decorate your cabin for Christmas?

    This will be the second one that gets nicked but you wont know that. Regards John
  7. john watson

    Prominade deck on Grand

    Waking around on this deck is fine but there are quite a few stairs. This would disrupt running somewhat. Regards John
  8. john watson

    Where to stay in Edinburgh

    If you stay a minimum of two nights in a UK hotel it is possible to book a "Rail Inclusive Break" through people like superbreak.com. Look for rail inclusive deals. I did a three night break in Edinburgh a while back using a central four star hotel. First class return travel from London, including snacks and drinks was £45 each person PLUS HOTEL COST, at a discount. Any level of hotel can be used including budget lodge hotels and you can start anywhere in the UK, not just London. You can alternatively just book a discounted hotel through them. My experience is that cruise passengers are not usually arriving/leaving in Edinburgh. If you want just train tickets trainline.com will get you advance purchase tickets at a discount. Collection of tickets from this latter system is by using a six letter purchase code in conjunction with your original still valid at time of travel credit card presented at the UK train station to the ticket counter or an automated ticket machine. Hope you find this information useful. Regards John
  9. john watson

    Currency Areas

    I heard in the news about Sweden changing its currency within Europe. The situation for cruisers in respect of what currency to take is becoming increasingly more difficult. People need to know where the eurogenous zones are before you sail and it is not helpful where governments change mid-cruise. Regards John
  10. john watson

    Guarantee cabin category question

    According to my assessment of the P&O deck plan it is a DB grade. Sort of forward midships to mid-ships area so a bit of a winner one might say. I am not good in the colour vision area. Regards John
  11. john watson

    Naughty P&O!

    Are passengers generally for or against the idea of having "Scrubbers" on cruise ships? John
  12. john watson

    PO Cruise N001 3 Jan 2020

    Obviously not. I do not know the financial situation cruise lines have with the canal authority. I suspect that they must pay something for a partial transit and if they cancel - do they pay a lot less? Is a huge saving available? On a full transit there is a huge consequence of cancelling - the ship ends up in the wrong ocean with no access to the next group of passengers for their cruise. Is the cost saving, if there is one. a huge incentive to not bother with a partial transit. Regards John
  13. john watson

    PO Cruise N001 3 Jan 2020

    My theory on the full transit situation is "headroom" (airdraught) under the Bridge of the Americas. 200' limit, whereas the ships are 213' high. The small excess could be different aerials, mast arrangement or whatever. Regards John
  14. john watson

    PO Cruise N001 3 Jan 2020

    I can attest to this. The relevant thread was on the P&O Cruises (UK) section and was entitled: "Ventura Panama Canal glitch". Refunds were given in cash according to posters on that thread. Full transit alternatives given are Emerald Princess 29/2/2020 from Los Angeles to Fort Lauderdale or Queen Victoria 29/2/2020 from Santiago, Chile to Fort Lauderdale. The latter sails back to Southampton if you do an additional sector from Fort Lauderdale. Regards John
  15. john watson

    New to cruising - foreign exchange

    Obviously not. The point is that where you need a non-US Dollar currency and you bank in any currency other than that currency or US Dollars two separate foreign exchange transactions take place compounding how bad the rate of the overall transaction will be. Regards John