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  1. Still want to travel on QM2 to New York? NEWS: Rick Cotton, head of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, which runs NY’s airports, has tested positive for the new coronavirus, @NYGovCuomo announced.
  2. That’s just their normal terms, nothing to see here.
  3. Looking at the transatlantic crossing prices today, there are a lot of cancellations, prices are as low as I have ever seen.
  4. So here's a thought. P&O follow suit and allow customers to cancel up to 48 hours before they sail and they are given a future cruise credit to be used by end 2021. Head office now have a bunch of people who have paid upfront for a cruise they are yet to take. Those cruises available until end 2021 have already been on sale for some time and potentially have limited availability. Would you, as Chairman of P&O a) offer new bookings at the same pricing level as already advertised or b) uplift prices for new 2020/21 bookings by let’s say an arbitrary 4
  5. Now New York has declared a State of Emergency, I wonder if that might focus the thinking at Cunard HQ.
  6. No, they are taking advantage of the British nature not to complain or litigate. If the situation does not change, then my allegiance to P&O and Cunard will not continue.
  7. Err I rather think that’s the point, same headquarters, different cancellation policy. And of course inconsistency across the Carnival brands themselves.
  8. Yep, must be just about the only two companies sticking to their guns. It seems they are taking advantage of the unwillingness of the mainly British passengers to complain or kick up a fuss. Royal Caribbean, Celebrity and others are allowing cancellation up to 48 hours beforehand, yet Cunard absolutely no change and P&O prepared to change with a medical certificate- something which for most people would be covered by insurance anyway. I really hope that one of the newspapers picks up on this inequality and produces an article comparing the different approaches being taken.
  9. True, but I wouldn’t want to fall ill in the middle of the Atlantic either, with ICU facilities being days away.
  10. We are on the westbound May 6 transatlantic and are also wanting to cancel. Let’s see how things develop.
  11. If you are eligible for a letter from your GP stating that you are unfit to travel, then surely you would be able to claim on your travel insurance? Why would you want to agree to transfer your booking, if you could get your money refunded through insurance. I certainly wouldn’t agree my booking being transferred. I would want the choice of where I next spend my money and as things stand, it won’t be with P& O
  12. Princess have just announced their new cancellation policy. It so disappointing that a company like Cunard are not treating their loyal customer base with similar consideration. We have transatlantic crossings booked in May and June and the thought of becoming ill during the crossing is weighing heavily. We just want the chance to move our booking or a future cruise credit. If we have to cancel and lose our money, I think it would be the end of our association with Cunard. The true measure of any company is how it treats its customers when things go wrong and Cunard are failing.
  13. Correct, I booked through a cruise specialist company.
  14. Thank you. I booked a package holiday. Looking now to cancel and the cruise company are applying their package terms and conditions to the cancellation rather than the cruise company terms. This would mean a 75% cancellation fee rather than the cruise line terms which would be 50%. The uplift in the cancellation cost is significant. This feels unreasonable, but what can I do. A salutary lesson I fear in the downside of not booking direct.
  15. Can you tell me what regulations would apply to a package booked before implementation of 2018 package travel regulations?
  16. And will you be travelling. We are seriously considering cancelling our two transatlantic sin May and June.
  17. I would like to know what options might be available. And will those same options be available to people who gave booked through a travel agent. Please let us know if anyone finds out.
  18. We are due to sail on QM2 in May and we are starting to consider the implications of the Diamond Princess situation on our future cruise plans. Does anyone know what precautions Cunard have in place to screen people prior to embarkation for the virus and if there are any additional checks being made. It does seem that the temperature checking is not proving to be reliable. On a similar topic, has anyone become aware of any recent changes to travel insurance to exclude any costs associated with contracting Coronavirus? Whilst not wanting to over react to what is a limited ri
  19. For those of you who may be contemplating a round trip with a stopover in USA, the White Star luggage storage service in New York has been discontinued. I have spoken to CUNARD, who advise that the only option now is to check with the purser once onboard and see if there is any availability to arrange storage at the port, but this is not guaranteed. The cost, if available, is $195 per bag for up to 30 days and $30 per bag for each additional 39 days. I find this arrangement to be too vague. We are going to be travelling around USA for 30+ days and have no desire to lug a large suitcase
  20. I think you are probably going to have to accept that you will have to fly your dogs out. I had to fly two dogs from UK to Dubai and was worried sick as one was elderly and the other terribly noise phobic. They both managed just fine. If they are under a certain size they can travel in the same crate, this is what we did and it certainly helped. It is a long journey, in total 15 hours, with flight time of just over 7, the rest is preparation and paperwork at the airport. The kennels on board QM2 can be noisy, every time someone visits their own dog, it can start the others off barking, my dog
  21. When we were onboard in August, the cost for two week pass was £500pp.
  22. Please don’t be put off by the dress code. Yes some people will dress to impress, but it is by no means everyone. I have felt perfectly comfortable and blended in without a problem in nice black trousers and a dressy top. Ball gowns are definitely not compulsory 😀
  23. Bedruthen

    QM2 2022

    Yes, that’s right, that’s why we were hoping it might be on Victoria again.
  24. We are waiting for a South America cruise, but it won’t be this one. As a previous poster has pointed out, a significant number of sea days and not enough SA port calls to justify calling this a South American cruise. Sorry but it’s a no from me.
  25. Bedruthen

    QM2 2022

    Anyone else think this is a strange itinerary? We were hoping for a trip around South America, to include the Panama Canal, for us not enough ports of call in South America for us to consider this particular one.
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