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  1. We've been on many cruises (RCI, Celebrity, Carnival, and Princess). We love cruises. We are a young family and are looking to do a Caribbean cruise on the Luminosa and I can't find too much information on this cruise line or this ship. We saw a few videos, one in particular on youtube that raised some red flags --- Have to pay for Pizza?!?!?! --- Two set dining room times?!?! [no anytime dining] --- Buffet has limited times and is the only place to get "free food" None of these are deal breakers, but curious to hear about this cruise line, pros and cons. Looking for honest opinions on this specific ship. I searched the forum about caribbean cruises on this ship and nothing came up..... Tell me everything about Costa. Thank you.
  2. Hiccups...... I've used this site so many times for our Vacations. The site is easy to find. Go try searching Google.com , I would think it would come up pretty easily. Between my parents and I, we have booked over two dozen cruises with this agency. Sometimes YOU have to read between the lines to find THAT great deal!
  3. Remember regardless of the answer...OBC can always be used toward gratuities, giving you an even bigger cushion if for whatever reason you don't spend as much as you think.....
  4. How the heck are you on an elliptical for 80 minutes?!?!?! At what level? That's insane!
  5. Thanks for sharing, this will be our first celebrity. Young couple with a 4 year old daughter, so it'd be interesting to see our perspective on the cruise.
  6. Dear All: Now with an indoor and outdoor theater, is there any chance to get fresh popped popcorn on the Equinox?
  7. Dear All: I see that the movie screen has been installed!!! Woo!!! Hoping for some family movies at night on our cruise. However, someone mentioned on FB, be tough to sit or lie down on the grass for a 2-hour movie and I have to agree. Could one somehow bring up pool chairs up there? Or is that not possible. Never been on Celebrity nor have an idea how the ship is fully laid out. Thoughts?
  8. We like to prepay gratuities in advance as it's one less thing to worry about.....many times we don't spend too much money on a cruise ship. A couple photos and that's about it.....it's my understanding that if we dont use the OBC that our TA gave us, it does away..... I thought....ok fine.....remove the tips.....OBC can be used to pay tips (at least on other lines you can)....and then pay the gratuities again minus the OBC we didn't use. Make sense? Is that kosher?
  9. Could I remove all of the gratuities, use my OBC to pay them and then repay with credit card?
  10. As part of our booking, we got $50 on board credit (OBC). We went ahead and prepaid our gratuities as well with our credit card. In the rare event we only spend $25 on board. Can we remove $25 from gratuities and then use our remaining $25 OBC to replenish what we took off of gratuities? More than likely, we'll spend the $50, but we're not drinkers and we're not gamblers...we tend to buy a couple photos and that's about it..... Anyone with experience on this, let me know. Thanks in advance.
  11. Dear All: Is there anywhere in "cruise planner" where I can check how much On-Board-Credit (OBC) I have? Thanks.
  12. Clever. I like it. Touché +314 points. Well done. Holzhauer worthy! #truth
  13. Dear All: On the Equinox, I assume there is a locker room by the weight room. Are there showers? Sauna? Thanks
  14. Oh....My family and I are going on a cruise. Dad is joining my wife and I with our daughter. Daughter booked in my Dad's cabin, but in reality, she's staying in our room. To me, that's just smart.
  15. Settle down people....If I was solo, I would think like the OP and use a good friend's name and birthday. Hey Joey, wanna cruise with me. "Sure!" Book it. 197 days later. Oh yeah, Joey, the cruise is tomorrow, you ready? "Shoot, man, can't go,I wish you reminded me a while ago." "No big deal, Joey, I'll cancel you out when I get there!" "Ok, thanks, have a safe trip!" Still a crime? C'mon people.....solo cruising is already ridiculously priced.
  16. You think movie screen on the lawn deck will be added?
  17. Can you shake it one more time for us, please?
  18. Hot topic right now as it heads to Spain..... Predict what WILL and WON'T happen.....
  19. I thought that would be the case, so I would lift my daughter up and she would do it, but, that turned out to be one big mess and caused us to get escorted out of the buffet. It got a little awkward during the kerfuffle when my bathrobe came off, but luckily I was barefoot so I had good traction on the tile floor, so it wasn't too bad. I didn't fall down. The weirdest thing happened though for the remainder of that cruise....they would sit us down when we entered, took our order and brought our food. It was the best!!! This was at the buffet nonetheless. I should tell you guys about that one time I was so thirsty, I dunked my head under the water dispenser, but I made sure not to make contact with my lips....no different than a drinking fountain right? same rules apply! Have a good night all!!! You guys are hilarious!
  20. True....I'm really just FAKE NEWS making a complete guess in the dark on what is happening. Seems like an issue like this....money could solve it, but like you said, I could be 100% wrong.
  21. Is it wrong that I take each and every Raspberry off of each individual dessert. I don't want the dessert, just the berry. Most of the time I use the tongs, but there are times where I test out my OPERATION Skills from a 9 year old child to see if I can touch the berry and only the berry. I have a 98% success rate...couple times my pinky brushed against the whipped cream. I agree, so much easier if they just had a bowl of berries to spoon out instead of doing it this way....I agree wholeheartedly.
  22. Fingers crossed for the outdoor movie theater....I'm hoping they do this at it would benefit everyone.... If I was celebrity, I would have a team of workers working around the clock.....yes, invest more money in work force to ensure everything is done. Many people will be upset if the "revolution" doesn't completely happen and can be a PR disaster....May be wiser to double down and get more workers going 24-7 once they are docked....if that is even a choice.... My best guess from reading everything.....no cruises will be cancelled, but not everything will be done.....My fingers are crossed for that outdoor movie theater though.....
  23. Here's the thing....since it's not sold out, it wouldn't be wise as a business to even comment on this as of now.......everything is a "GO" in their eyes I believe and will only make an announcement if they have to. It's not a good situation but I think it's the best we got for now.....I'm on 6/29....so not too concerned....
  24. If Celebrity cancels?!?! What happens to people's airfares, hotels, car rentals, etc? (that are non-refundable and not usable?!?!) Does Celebrity compensate in any manner? I'm on the 6/29 sailing of Equinox......how concerned should we be?!?!!?
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