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  1. Maybe you should ask HAL why there is only 3 umbrellas for the whole back deck as there was when we sailed 8/15 to 8/29 -steve
  2. We were on the first two weeks of the eurodam , AUG 15 TO AUG 29 The entertainment in main stage was as follows:7shows with ONE STEP ,DANCE CO, 3 SHOWS WITH A MAGICIAN , 2 HAL HISTORY TALKS , ONE MOVIE NITE WITH MIA MAMMA AND GREEK EXC NITE .Pretty boring in my opinion .Worse than before covid -steve
  3. Thanks! Found it. Look forward to meeting you on the October Transatlantic. Fran
  4. Is the 5 Star Mariner 50% discount on wine packages still offered? Cannot see it on the HAL site.
  5. We are booked on Star Breeze in June and if this forced shore excursion requirement is not changed, we will be cancelling. The Millenium is sailing on the same dates at half the price without this requirement. Seems to be a money grab.
  6. We have three cruises booked for 2021. Each is over 21 days. We are not willing to give a final payment until we are assured that we can go ashore on our own. It is unacceptable that HAL would not tell you the status of going ashore before final payment.
  7. It was nice of them to tell us after we made our final payment for our 1/23 ZAANDAM which was due 10/25.What a bunch of incompetents .
  8. Good job! Yes we were on that cruise and were lucky enough to make it to shore. Amazing job with tenders! We were with friends that rented a car and we drove all over the island.
  9. By the way the SS AMERIKANIS ex KENYA CASTLE had an operating fireplace in the lounge forward on the top deck.
  11. That is correct. So we have been on the maasdam 47 days with 2 zodiacs excursions . That was a lot of hype by ASHFORD for nothing.
  12. We were on the MAASDAM FOR 27 DAYS from JAN 20 to FEB 15 ,2020.There was only 1 zodiac tour in 27 days . We were told 3 of the zodiacs were unusable due to dry rot.We have only one EXC lecturer . That was it.It was quite a boring shipboard experience.Prior to this cruise we were on the jan 2019 INDIAN OCEAN EXC CRUISE which was quite interesting. It seems SEATTLE cuts good new programs even after a little sucess.
  13. Sorry -I just answered my own question. It was not a pause in operations but a redeployment to MEXICO!Even with ASHFORD gone the lies continue to come from seattle
  14. Does anybody know why the JAN &FEB 2021 HAWAII cruises were cancelled but not the OCT&NOV 2020 HAWAII? -TRIDENT
  15. We sailed on the HOMERIC for our honeymoon .Also sailed on the OCEANIC AND DORIC before HAL brought HOME LINES .Do you remember that on home lines you would pay for reserved deck chairs? STEVE&FRAN
  16. We are not cheerleaders for HAL, just maritime history enthusiasts. We were ready for Ashford to be fired after he changed the logo. Not a fan of his leadership. However, I feel HAL is doing as well or as badly as most other cruise lines.
  17. I have read the insider version of what happened on the Prinsendam I, the book is called "The' Prinsendam' Disaster, an Officer's Account" by Mathieu J. Oosterwijk. I found it in a maritime book store in Amsterdam in 2019. It was originally published in Dutch but was able to order it in English. It is a fascinating account of the disaster.
  18. We are on the Rotterdam Rome to Rome and Rome to Ft Lauderdale. We are on the two CC boards for them. Fran
  19. We will back on the Rotterdam in 10 days for a month and will ask about drydock while we are on board. We have been looking at the cruise you mentioned but it’s a bit early for us to book yet.
  20. Hi Carol, We were told by an officer on the Rotterdam that she will be going into dry dock in November 2020. This unofficial, but we think this is why they switched our November South Pacific cruise to the Zaandam from the Rotterdam. BTW, we cruised with you on the Maasdam with you in the beginning of this year. Fran
  21. Hi Copper10-8, Any idea when the Rotterdam is going into drydock? We were told on our last cruise aboard her that she would be going in November 2020. Asking because we are booked on the November 17, 2020 cruise that ends in San Diego on December 19, 2020. However, HAL shows on the website that she sails from Ft. Lauderdale on December 20, 2020. Any idea what's going on? Thanks.
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