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  1. If you search on a regular basis you can find one much cheaper than that. Maybe in the 15 dollar or less range. I will have to see where my Cunard plans are I am sure that I have one for Cabin Class. If I do I will try to get a picture of the cabin location.
  2. I would try Ebay. Just search Cunard Line or Cunard Line Queen Mary. There are usually plenty of deck plans among other things there.
  3. This happened to the ship I was stationed on (USS Shreveport LPD-12) back in 2000. Long story with that one with running aground in Great Bitter Lake and then 2 more times in the canal one of them jackknifed. We held up traffic in just the same way! There is a small entry about it on wikipedia.
  4. They finally added more to the deck plans for both ships such as the main lounge being named Neptune and a few other small things. The rest should be updated in the coming weeks.
  5. Sadly it looks to be true she departed from Greece today for the Suez Canal and then onwards to Alang.
  6. I will throw my hat into the ring and go with Iberia. The Sea Princess was supposed to take that name but instead became the Victoria. Iberia makes me personally think of the sunshine in Spain.
  7. The Magellan now has been renamed Mages and reflagged to the Comoros Islands. It seems that Seajets flipped thr ship and it will be broken up in India. A shame as I sailed in her for her first cruise in Mexico 2 years ago next month. She was a pleasant ship. They had a great product but talking to passengers it was poorly marketed and most were booking last minute. Due to local newspaper advertising and television news stories.
  8. Her career finally came to a close today. Not sure of the time but she was beached along with Cruise and Maritime Voyages Marco Polo at Alang, India.
  9. She was officially renamed Grand yesterday and reflagged from the Bahamas to Saint Kitts and Nevis. Just a few more weeks and she will join the former Tropicale (among others) at Alang.
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