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  1. There is talk about pushing it back again possibly into 2025 sometime. Problems with the port of Dover, smaller airports, and I would imagine some very small ports and border crossings in the middle of nowhere like Corfu to Albania. The announcement is supposed to be by the end of August. I forget the exact date. Until then it is looking like October 6th.
  2. Frankly, that was really strange and stupid of them to do that if it is true. Sure the money was great but when the ship looks a complete mess on the inside how can you justify the fares being charged for cruises that are due to sail in just a few weeks? I hope they get their act together quickly!
  3. I used to do it with Holland America Line a lot. The last time was probably 2003 or 2004. I did it one time with P&O on the Victoria too. Other than that it was always low or no single supplement. Off the top of my head Carnival, P&O UK and Australia, and Princess would match you up with someone.
  4. The last time I had a single share was March of 2005 on the Oosterdam. It worked out fantastic as I ended up with a cabin all to myself that was quite large 1001 if I recall correctly. Most of the single shares I did went fine 2 were somewhere in the middle though. It could still work today but I doubt many people would want to post covid which is understandable. I think it was already fading out by that point anyway as most of the bookings I made with it I had to he cabin to myself.
  5. Well, I called HAL today and like some of you said there is no set rate for singles. I bit the bullet and am booking the Nieuw Statendam for the westbound Transatlantic this fall. It ended up being 200 percent for occupancy of an inside cabin. Wish they still did single share but c'est la vie!
  6. I recall the Pinnacle class having a few singles all the way down forward. I was actually looking at the Nieuw Statendam for her Transatlantic crossing this fall. The price is great and I know it doesn't book super well hence the 499 price. I will have to call HAL and see what they say. Hopefully, I will not get the run around that I am getting from a travel agent. They quoted me a fare well above the 200 percent occupancy for an inside cabin.
  7. I can not seem to get a straight answer online about how much the single supplement is for Holland America. I click on links on their website and it just seems to redirect me to the have it all program. Years ago I would just book the single share program they had but that has long since disappeared. So question being is it always 200 percent occupancy for 1 person less the tax and port charges? Or something more in line between 125 and 175 percent?
  8. So the Queen Mary 2 still actually docks at the Gate Maritime? I had heard it was completely converted to a museum and they have a new cruise terminal in another part of the harbour. I did have the privilege of seeing it from a distance when I sailed for Dublin on the W.B. Yeats last October (I can highly recommend that trip)
  9. It looks and sounds like a fantastic Atlantic Crossing! I so regret not being able to do it now even more! I was supposed to go with a friend of mine but he backed out just a few days before we were going to book. C'est la vie!
  10. Uggggggg......no.....🀬😭 Nothing arrived in today's post. But there is still Friday and Saturday's post before the holiday. I am thinking about just going ahead and booking things under my old passport and I hen updating all the reservations once the new one does arrive. I just can not risk booking anything for June. So maybe a delayed birthday trip in early July instead. Stay tuned.....πŸ˜πŸ˜‚
  11. I don't think it was that as Ireland is part of the Common Travel Area with the UK. I went through exit immigration at the terminal before embarking the W.B.Yeats for Dublin. When I arrived the next morning in Dublin the immigration officer just glanced and scanned my passport and sent me on my way. I did ask if I needed one and he said no. Not sure if he stamped others as I was the first in the queue.
  12. What a sad ending for the American Queen! There must have been a lot wrong with her behind the scenes. Let alone the steam engine she has. Just a shame she didn't get a proper send off. πŸ™
  13. I am just curious. Does Ireland still stamp one's passport upon entry? I know they are usually very big on that. At least they used to be. I always receive one at the airport but my last arrival by sea into Dublin from Cherbourg I did not for whatever reason.
  14. Well, nothing in today's post. Hopefully this week! There are all these Memorial Day sales coming up or already have started. But I can't book anything without the new passport number. I will be sure to let you know when it does arrive! 😁
  15. I had 4 years left on mine but it was just about filled with stamps. I needed to get a new one as I am planning a long trip to Europe in late August and will need the pages. I got smart this time and bought the larger booklet. Hope it comes this week though!
  16. I mailed mine in the 3rd and so far the only thing is that the cheque was cashed on the 7th. I just hope it comes soon! I want to do a pre birthday trip next month!
  17. I always have some pesos with me. I go to Mexico several times a year or more on cruises or land based holidays. So it is just easier. I know in Cancun they take dollars on the bus so maybe Puerto Vallarta would too? Just check the route on the cardboard sign in the front and they will get you there quickly. Beats wasting all that money on a taxi!
  18. I don't debate that in the least. I was stationed aboard the USS Shreveport in the late 90's and the early 2000's she was steam turbine driven. There were times on deployment we spent more time in port due to the expense of having us go in circles or cross cross the Med for no reason. On my final deployment the longest time at sea was the Atlantic Crossing in both directions.
  19. Try ABE Books. If it is not currently available you can create a want in there and you will be notified when it is available. There is also the option of eBay. I have purchased books from both with fairly good success. Including the above book! I can highly recommend it!
  20. You could just catch the bus in both directions for about a dollar each way. There is a stop just outside the Chedraui grocer from what I recall. It will take you directly there.
  21. At the end of the day it will be a shame if they are all dismantled. I could see the smallest of them going due to the limited capacity but at the minimum perhaps the AQ as their river flagship (then again maybe not due to her having steam power) and the Countess with some tweaking brought back but it is most likely wishful thinking!
  22. Just wondering is there actually anything wrong with all 3 that they just couldn't be incorporated into American Cruise Line? I know the American Queen is getting on in years but the other 2 were recently rebuilt and if I recall correctly one was even lengthened. The only thing I can come up with is that they don't fit their business model. It really will be sad to see the American Queen go if it does come down to it.
  23. She has NOT been scrapped as of yet. However, it is looking like she will be as she passed through the Suez Canal yesterday and is currently sailing down the Red Sea destination unknown. Chances are the ship breakers at Alang, India though.
  24. Just for fun I would love to see them bring back the Dutch hats that they would have on the table at dinner 20 or so years ago.
  25. Just curious what are the differences between the 2? I did the Allure going on 2 years ago and almost the Harmony a few weeks ago. (I went on the Vision of the Seas instead)
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