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  1. Mr.QT loved the hamburger and I'm still drooling over the Lobster Mac and Cheese. We also thought it was very good value for the money.
  2. We just got off a 4 day cruise and The Salty Dog was busy every night. We certainly enjoyed it.
  3. We were on this cruise as well. Mr.QT convinced me to do carry on and must say I will do it again. I think we were one of the first ones on and then off the ship. We ate in the dining room then first day and my salmon was raw in the middle, not a game changer and I just ate around it and thought the vegs were great. We really did luck out with the weather didn't we? So nice except for the first sea day but even that wasn't bad. Mr.QTactually didn't like any of the menus offerings from the MDR so we ended up eating at The Salty Dog (really good , loved the lobster Mac and cheese, Share (this was incredible) and eating Tapas and sushi at Vines. I do agree that warmer cruises are also my more style. Had never been on the Emerald before but liked the smaller ship.
  4. We just had it for our 4 night Emerald coastal coast and Mr.QT maxed it out twice. Loved it for the SP water, fresh OJ and special coffees. We felt it was a good deal just for those perks as they do add up.
  5. I love the CB on Princess and ordered it often in the past. I actually make it here at home and the middle is always chiller than the outside as you cook it in a water bath in a low set oven then put in fridge until ready to sprinkle with sugar and flame the top. I always think of CB like a Baked Alaska (which I also love)....inside chilled, out side browned to a sweet toffee crust..
  6. I am a huge fan of Princess Spaghetti and meatballs and have often ordered it from the children's menu. I didn't know about the dessert ( I love Banana Splits) YUM
  7. I love the Spaghetti and Meatballs and yes I get the gentle smiles when I order it off of the children's menu. YUM
  8. The only time I could ever cross that rope bridge was after one or two of Fox's margarita's LOL Is Café Roma's the same now that Fox and Foxy have sold? Yea, we also heard the same thing about Oscar's and I think you have seen more people in there than we ever have. I heard a rumour years ago that Glaza Blanca was built with the same type of funding :( Sea Monkey has our vote too, DH likes the ice cold Pacificos through he laments I will insist on ordering from the more expensive drink menu. SM's fish tacos are a good nosh as well :)
  9. Actually this is very normal, if the hotel or resort are booked at 100% then they can not offer day passes. I certainly would not want to be staying at a resort which was 100 % booked out to find out they were still offering day passes.:eek:
  10. I have never had to pay for a chair or umbrella at any of the Los Muertos restaurants I have chosen to spend the day at. As long as I am buying food and drink those items have always been free. Are you talking about one of the beach clubs? Swell or the Vista Grill one (forget the day name but at night it's the Vista Grill. In all of my 25+++ visits (last one was this May) chairs and umbrellas are free for patrons at restaurants. Crowds are larger than normal :)
  11. We really like the small cove at Mismaloya. Lots of restaurants (with restrooms) to choose from. It's about 20-30 mins from the cruise dock, depending on traffic and taxi driver. I believe we paid around 200 pesos each taxi to and from Mismaloya. We always go to the first restaurant when you cross the bridge or small water path. I forget the name but they have been there for many many years. Clean (but rustic) banos and they have a great massage hut :) Food and service are great, I think we paid 120 pesos for a whole extremely fresh incredible red snapper complete with rice, beans, salads and tortillas. DH had a bucket of 6 beer for around 60 pesos and I drank large Cazadore Margaritas for 80 pesos. Love walking up the path to where they filmed Night of the Inguana (my favourite movie )
  12. Yes to all of the above. I also love the salad bar at the HC.....I have made many a salad meal that is worthy of booking the next cruise right there.:eek: We also really like the warm breakfast sandwiches they make at IC....for us on a port day our morning starts with us (Me actually) going down and getting 2 lattes, 3 sandwiches ( 2 for Mr.QT, 1 for moi), and a yogurt parfait for me. I use the tray on our room to bring this feast back and we dine on the balcony waiting for our port day to begin. I really like the chicken salad at IC too.
  13. I agree with Ine and have read a review from Punta Minta Four Seasons where a reviewer went for brunch then tried to use the pool, towels and beach chairs, it didn't end with a happy ending at all.
  14. We actually love Bucerias (where is the Malecon there through? It's been a year since we were there, I remember the great wrap around market full of stands). Shopping we have always found the prices better for gifts, Retinal-A, Gericaman (this amazing bug bite after-care, and most tequila's and Kaluha's) Many a beach front restaurant (we really like Karen's Place). We haven't bused there for about 2 years but think we paid about 25 pesos each way so 30 pesos now sounds right :) I personally think it would make a great cruise day stop, especially if you have experianced PV a few times.
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