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  1. No, I am just tired of you harassing me. Now I have started on payback. Annoying, isn't it?
  2. Here we go again Mike... Our Haven cabin is over $12.5K FOR TWO OF US. $6,000x2 people. And, to quote myself: "Just say a 'regular' cabin fare is $500 (and I know they vary wildly)" Fare=PER PERSON. 6,000/500 is about 10x. I KNOW it is 12x, but I try to keep things simple, as 50% of the population are of below average intelligence. Refute that. Go ahead. I know you want to. I don't care how much an inside phone booth costs. I wouldn't even know how to look up the price, and the entire concept of being stuck down there under the water by the engines damages my calm. I figure that by staying up top in the Haven if the ship does go down I will be one of the first ones taken off by the helicopters, because they will see me first. Not because I am 'special'. And as I learned in the Navy, it is way more fun to jump down into the water than be trapped screaming as your compartment fills with smoke and water. Sweet dreams. BTW, there will be four of us, so we will be paying extra for all sorts of other things that two people in an inside phone booth won't be buying. So we are Cost+ Word of The Day: Pedantic. adjective overly concerned with minute details Ring a bell? Have fun.
  3. We initially had an aft Haven booked until I read a post from a guy who reported that he and his wife lost weight during their cruise. He attributed it to the trek forward to the Haven three times a day. Fitness+ We are now three cabins down from the Haven restaurant. Nom. Nom. If I wanted to spend hours running around fighting huge crowds for free snacks I would just go to Costco on Saturday morning.
  4. You leave Juneau and then sail a couple of hours to the glacier. It is really nice, as most of the actual cruising is done at night, you normally see very little of Alaska except for the tourist towns. To make the most of it we once booked a specialty dining at the back of the ship, and had a big window table, and could go out on the back deck (Jewel) when anything interesting went by. Another time we had a forward facing penthouse on the Sun, and just ordered room service and stood out there. They don't go into the glacier areas at night. It would be dark, and those rocks bite ships. You will be back in the main channel by sunset.
  5. Yes. We have done cruises up that way where people's breakfasts were later deposited on the carpets and walls in the passageways. Try these things. We use them at work: And quite affordable. Don't leave home without it.
  6. Let me do some very rough maths for the ship that I am booked on. A Haven guest is paying about $6,000 per person, and there are 300 of us. $1.8M Just say a 'regular' cabin fare is $500 (and I know they wary wildly), $1.8M divided by $500 is the equivalent of 3,600 other cruisers. So, just those 300 Haven guests are paying the same as 3,600 other passengers. 10x. But everyone eats the same food, and pays the same for drinks, and pays the same gratuities. The profit margin for everyone on the extras is about the same, it is only the cabin prices that are different. In the Haven the food isn't 10x more Gucci, we don't drink 10x more, or sit on 10 deck chairs each. There are no caviar or champagne dispensers. Just the same Three Cheese Ziti, and a bowl of M&M's in the Lounge. It all comes to the ship on the same big white trucks that deliver for the Cafe/MDR. No such thing as Gucci M&M's. Just regular. A ship operates as an individual business unit. It is required to make a profit in its own right. The ship needs as many passengers on board as possible to sell the drinks and spa visits to make money. 300 people in the Haven aren't going to make them much money at all, but if you charge them an arm and a leg for their 'exclusive' little area up top, you can use all that extra money to drop the price of the regular cabins and get more people on board who will happily pay $15 for a photo, and $15 for ten minutes on a go cart. Or perhaps that Haven money pays the crew salaries, or the fuel bill, but whatever it pays for, it is going back into the ships economy, and paying a lot of bills somehow. The DOS is worst off. They have maybe 5x the cabin space, but each guest is paying an eye watering 25x. They don't get 25 deck chairs each. They only get 1. So they are paying for 24 others that they don't get to use. And just to troll, based on those dollar figures, the Haven is paying for 50% of the deck space, and we are getting ripped off because we are only getting 30%.
  7. Cruise ships make their money on alcohol and restaurant upsells. That is why they pulled the Joy out of China. They want as many warm bodies on board as they can get. One DOS is costs about 40x the price of a double occupancy inside cabin, but doesn't consume anywhere near 40x the resources. That extra income is going somewhere back into the ships overall economy, and it has been discussed elsewhere (not on CC) that the Haven is used as a way to supplement those other cabins. It is exactly the same as the airline industry. Simple economics, not class warfare or elitism.
  8. I have seen something similar after about seven Freddy Fudpuckers. But I also couldn't find my shirt the next morning.
  9. I don't consider myself wealthy. I just work like a dog in a difficult ugly job that took me years at university and on the job to train to be able to do without killing people in the process. They pay me a lot of money to do it because the hours are rotten, and most people wouldn't want, nor be able to do it. I don't like doing it, but it is how I get money to pay the rent. A person I work with was hating on me at work the other night for doing the cruise. She spends $20 on dinner every night. I take a sandwich or leftovers from home. I pointed out to her that if she and her husband each took a sandwich they would save $10k a year, and could go on a cruise a well. Silence... Last night she bought a sandwich.
  10. Nope. Pieminster is way under seasoned. They are horrible. And they do that weird British thing of putting carrots in the beef pies. A sweet beef pie?! Yuk. Greggs rule, plus they are a lot cheaper, so you can buy 6. And eat them... If you are ever in Borough Market, go to the duck confit place, face the counter, and do a 180. There is a little pie place right there that has way better pies, and an old Scottish lady who will scold you if you ask for tomato sauce. She's hilarious. She gets really wound up about it.
  11. It's fine. We are going to Alaska again. All the pools are usually totally deserted, but we don't care about the cold because we are from Seattle, so the weather is totally normal for us. If you are on the Joy, and you see a family in the pool getting strange looks from everyone else walking around in down parkas and Ugg boots it will probably be us. We hit a storm out of Juneau one time and they had to come and kick us out because of the sloshing. It was like a wave pool. It was awesome.
  12. Believe it or not, we sometimes see UK ones in different places. I always grab a few and stick them in the freezer.
  13. We only cruise to Alaska because we don't like the heat and the sun. That is why we liked London. The 16yo Haven sundeck rule is a bit of a drag, but we wouldn't have been up there sitting around much anyway. I doesn't really have much value to me. I am just so grateful to be able to have a week off work and have someone else do the cooking. Now, what is the chance you could organise Greggs to do a deal with NCL and install a kiosk on all the ships? Just no Pieminster. They were horrible.
  14. We can do Alaska on the Haven for just over $12k. We went to London last year, and it cost us $20k. You are so lucky, to be able to just get on a train and be there in a couple of hours. Or Paris, of Scotland, or Ireland. I haven't been to any of those places, and probably never will. Plus, you have Mars bars, and fish and chips. Meat pies, sausage rolls, Greggs... I envy you.
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