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  1. maja651

    Is the Jade Garden Villa noisy?

    We are in 14000 as well. Was Roel a good concierge? We have had bad experiences with the last 2 concierges, so we are hoping for a good one this time. (Providing Roel is still the concierge in March)
  2. maja651

    Is the Jade Garden Villa noisy?

    We will be on the Dawn in the GV in March. Do you have recent pictures you can share?
  3. You get transportation to the airport after the cruise, but not from the airport to the cruise.
  4. maja651

    CVS. Wine?

    Are the wine prices similar to average US prices or elevated like Hawaii?
  5. maja651

    NCL Dawn aft vs forward suite?

    We were in a forward facing suite on the Pearl in March. We absolutely loved it! We have been in both from and ft facing suites and front is definitely preferred. We never had any issues using the balcony while the ship was moving, not one issue.
  6. maja651


    We are on that sailing and are also diasppiinted it was dropped. We were looking forward to seeing a new island.
  7. maja651

    Gem Garden Villa

    I’ve cruised on the Star and Jewel in the Garden Villa. I feel there is no comparison from the Dawn/Star GVs and the Jewel class GVs. The living room may be slightly larger in the Jewel class, but if it is, it is not noticeable. What is noticeable are the bedrooms. The Dawn class has 2 large masters and a penthouse size middle bedroom. They all have floor to ceiling windows in the bedroom. The Jewel class has one master, which is in my opinion not as nice as either of the Dawn masters, mostly because of the bathrooms. What is also noticeable is the ginormous outdoor area on the Dawn class versus the Jewel class. There really is no comparison. Although, one thing I do like better on the Jewel GV is the location of the hot tub, as it is next to the window so you can see the ocean easily from it. On the Dawn class it is in the middle of the downstairs courtyard so you can’t see the ocean as well. Anyway, that is my 2 cents. 😀.
  8. maja651

    Question about San Juan Cruise Terminal

    Can you elaborate on the BTB process in San Juan? Did they make you debark? I’ve heard sometimes they have you go to a certain spot on the ship and your don’t debark, but I’ve also read where you debark. I’m just curious as to what they did in San Juan as we will be doing a BTB there next March,
  9. Thanks! Just what we needed!
  10. Does anyone have the current price list for buying a bottle of liquor for the room? Also, is the cork fee still $15 a bottle?
  11. We are in the same “boat’. Lol we are doing this cruise back to back, but when we return on March 31, we don’t get home until 10:30 pm. Really sucks because we have to work the next day. I am praying American opens up more DFW flights to/from San Juan before our trip so we can switch back to reasonable flights.
  12. So we changed our arrival flight to a red eye so that we can get in at 1:30pm on Friday versus at 10:41pm. Yes, red eyes suck, but we think it’ll be worth it.
  13. maja651

    The Dawn...Excellent

    Who was the concierge?
  14. maja651

    SAN Juan, Puerto Rico sketchy at night?

    Thanks everyone for your input. I’m glad to hear there was worry for not. I can’t wait to explore Old San Juan!