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  1. We did a back to back out of San Juan last year. We stayed on the ship. We met in one of the restaurants and the Customs agents came on and checked us there. We then were able to roam around, or go back to our room as we did. We also did not have to go to the Muster drill the second week.
  2. We rebooked for February 2021 through an NCL agent. We used FCC for the deposit, no credit card needed.
  3. One thing no one has brought up is the major convenience factor when located in the Haven for things like escort off the ship for tender ports, for debarkation, for escort to shows with Haven group, etc. For these types of things, you meet in the Haven complex. It is especially nice on debarkation day if you have a carry on, so you don’t have to lug it to the Haven complex to debark. Plus - you won’t have to fight for an elevator UP to the Haven to go DOWN to debark.
  4. Is it too late to cancel the upgrade and get your money back? That is what I would do.
  5. I just spoke to the Pre-concierge and she said Bowen would be the concierge for the Breakaway in April.
  6. I’d like to know this as well.
  7. We were in the GV on the Dawn last March for 14 days. We have also been in the GV on the Star as well as the Jewel. I can tell you with personal experience, you will get the absolute BEST SERVICE you could even imagine when in the GV. Last March, we ate 95% of our meals ,when on the ship, in the villa. We also ordered from just about every restaurant on the ship, sometimes multiple restaurants for one meal. We paid for the specialty meals as required, but everything else was included. Jane, our butler, did ask us when we ordered from different restaurants if it was ok to deliver in separate phases, so the food would be warm. We had no issues with that and the food was always perfect. Note - you will have menus from all of the restaurants in the villa, and you can ask your butler to bring you the main dining rooms menu for each day so you know the daily specials. Take advantage of that! Also, you can ask your butler to bring certain things daily - for example, we had Jane bring a plate of pastries, fruit and coffee every morning to have waiting for us when we woke up. (The nice thing about the villa is that huge living and dining area, so she could easily come in, drop off the food, and leave without waking anyone.)We would order the hot breakfast after we woke up (if we wanted it, we just called her). Usually she came up to take every order in person. We didn’t ask for that, she just did that. Enjoy the villa! In my opinion, the best GVs on the Star and Dawn are the absolute BEST ROOMS of any NCL ship. The outdoor space alone makes them simply magnificent! oh - and please don’t forget to tip the butler, room steward and concierge well. They really do go above and beyond for the villas. ‘Have fun!
  8. We spent a little more, but not much, no worries. 🙂 I trust your judgment, and we really discussed the differences and decided location would make a big difference in many of the perks of the Haven, so it was worth it. Yes, we loved the Epic, but hated the distance from our cabin to the Haven. Your post actually reminded us of that so it was good! Thanks!
  9. Well David, your post got us thinking, and we upgraded to the H5 courtyard penthouse. Although only deck 15 was available, it is still much close than the forward deck 10 forward facing penthouse. Plus, I believe there is a staircase within the Haven area on deck 15, so we won’t have to go all of the way mid ship to get to the Haven. Thanks for you input!
  10. Thanks David. I kind of expect this ‘outsider’ feeling, so I’m glad we booked 10th deck forward penthouse. I figured it would be nicer to be closer to the action of decks 6-8 then the Haven. And yes, we agree the Epic has a much better Haven then Breakaway class. I did like the Haven sundeck area on deck 17 of the Getaway, so we may end up going up there in sea days. For dining, with the dining package and platinum benefits, plus the Velvet show, I doubt we will ever eat in the Haven. We like breakfast in the room, and lunch is not a big deal to us. I can’t wait to hear about your Encore experience! Those front observation areas look amazing! Are you in a Haven suite for that cruise?
  11. Thank you for your feedback! I’m looking forward to meeting her! We’re you actually in the Haven or in a suite ‘off site’. We are in a forward facing suite outside of the Haven and I wonder if that will impact our level of service.
  12. Lol! OMG you are too funny! I first read that and thought, oh noooooooo! Lol GV BTb was amazing! Roel was over the top amazing for that cruise. I mean he escorted us off the ship EVERY TIME we left the ship. He met us up in the villa, held the elevator and we just left the ship with him. He also escorted us to dinner when we went, he came up to the room a lot to chat (he has such a fabulous guy!) and just in general was super personable. Jane was our butler and she too was over the top amazing! We have always had great butlers, but Jane was definitely one of the best. Our room steward was great too, he even had cushions made for the villa outdoor chairs when we asked for more comfy chairs outside. Overall, just an over the top, once in a lifetime trip. Oh- and I almost forgot. The last day of the cruise they put together a party in our room with lots of champs and food, for the HD, Food and Bev D and another officer to come socialize with us. We didn’t ask for this, they asked if they could. Apparently, it is very rare to have someone book the GV BTb and they wanted to thank us. It was just crazy how great everything was!
  13. What was your experience with Martina? Is she a good concierge? For reference, my all time favorite concierge is Roel, close second Adrian, and close third, Patrick.
  14. Last year on the Dawn out of Puerto Rico we did not have to go to the Muster drill two times.
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