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  1. I agree. I saved thousands by repricing with that sale.
  2. Repriced my booked cruises and no savings for me with this deal. 😥
  3. Best suites for us are the OS at the front of the ship on Deck 10. Front facing AND side facing balconies, big living room with table off in alcove, great master bathroom with large closet and a second half bathroom. It’s the suite we book on Jewel class ships. Disadvantage is you are not in the Haven proper but not a problem for us.
  4. I canceled two cruises before NCL did. One New England to Canada for Sept 2020, another Australia/New Zealand for Feb 2021 and promptly received our deposit refunded to our credit card. I felt we would be locked down at least that long. Given the progress on therapies for Covid and vaccine possibilities, we are now booked on a Boston to Quebec cruise for Sept 2021, Rome to Athens April 2022, Iceland/Greenland July 2022, Alaska Cruisetour Sept 2022, and Panama Canal Jan 2023. I booked them all under the 15% discount and felt we got good pricing on all of them but no mega ship ones. The me
  5. I miss the bartenders! They were the best. And we cancelled several included specialty dinners to eat in the Haven restaurant. We were so impressed by the service and food there. We loved that cruise despite the rough weather. It was quite the ride and we loved it but we are not sun worshippers so staying inside was not a problem for us. We were Uncle Fester and Cousin Itt for Halloween.
  6. We were in a DOS on Getaway and found sitting on the balcony when at sea is doable but a bit windy so not sure about eating out there then. We could sit out there at sea but were sitting lower down so it wasn’t bad. There is a wrap around side balcony that is a bit more protected but not as deep. You go through a door on the main balcony to access it and that door is usually closed/locked until you open it. We went through a hurricane last year going from Copenhagen to New Orleans and thought our balcony doors were going to blow in! It was quite the ride.
  7. Well when I rebooked, I saved more money so I was not paying for something I perceived as free. It all depends on how the math works out. Once you decide to spend x dollars on a cruise, you’ve taken into account the “freebies” or perks and realize they are baked into the cost. I’ve saved over $5,350 on 3 cruises I would have spent had i not rebooked with this 20% discount.
  8. Did you get the 3 extra bottles of liquor since this is classified as a DOS? Just curious. We have the beverage package included so not a big deal for us.
  9. Just booked Star 12502 to SA and wondering if anyone stayed in this cabin. I know there’s no balcony but loving the floor to ceiling windows. Also, which is preferred - 12502 or 12500? TIA
  10. Totally agree. Each booking is different and the only way to know how it will turn out for you is to work the numbers paying attention to what perks you currently have, what perks you get with the new offer, and how important they are to you before you decide. You almost need a degree in accounting to figure some of this out!
  11. Well I just could not let it sit and called our PCC about the second cruise. By rebooking, even though in a Sold Out Room category, we are saving an additional $366 plus the amount of our generous OBC. Moral of the story - it never hurts to ask them to rework the numbers. So I’m saving on my two future booked cruises and very satisfied.
  12. I have two future booked cruises and repriced both of them. On one, we rebooked and save $800 pp, on the other we would lose our generous OBC and not save so we left that one alone. It’s all in paying attention to the details.
  13. We did this cruise, too, and really had a great time. (If you were at the costume party, we were Uncle Fester and Cousin Itt). We love sea days so missing one port did not bother us. We really enjoyed all of our pre-big pond crossing ports of call. And fortunately we avoided getting that upper respiratory thing. We’ve canceled two cruises - one for Sept, one for Feb 2021 - and are anxious to get back to cruising but really want to wait for the vaccine. Two cruises booked for 2022 so we are being optimistic.
  14. Received my cruise deposit refund today for Feb 2021 cruise I canceled before final payment due on June 2. I’m satisfied and feeling a bit better.
  15. Ok, like I said - cancel one cruise and rebook another BUT the deposit itself is transferred over to the new booking with the date of the transaction in my cruise confirmation as the date from the original booking.
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