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  1. Going to be booking a cruise on Marina and wondering which deck for a Vista Suite people would select. I already know about too windy concerns - not a problem for us - but wondering which deck people prefer staying on and why. TIA
  2. Anyone know if NCL uses Emirates for any of their flights?
  3. Also interested in Ushuaia guide so please forward email to me, too @ mertziek at yahoo dot com. TIA
  4. So what deck do you feel is best for a Vista Suite on Marina?
  5. Mura - Thank you for your insights. We have been in forward suites before on NCL ships, once on a Transatlantic, and got used to the wind. It really did not bother us. We looked at the Marina aft suites, too, but really are people who like to see where we are going not where we have been. We think we will try to book 9001 because it’s closest to the concierge lounge. If the verandas are larger on 12, we might opt for that.
  6. Which deck on Marina has the largest balconies for the Vista Suites? Any differences between the inside of the suites on different decks? What deck would you select and why? What exercise equipment is in the suite’s exercise room? TIA
  7. We did get a credit for the promo. We are Plat Plus.
  8. Following along. Love reading cruise reviews. And if you think your winter is bad, you should have been in Wisconsin. And snow/ice not done yet!
  9. We upgraded to Delta One and were able to select the airline, seats and flights plus use our Skymiles number so our experience was different. We also are leaving 3 days early and delayed our flights home by 2 days after disembarking. We did work through our PCC and paid a deviation fee per person and the amount to upgrade. Our flights for a Transatlantic ended up saving us $1,800/person. So I’m not sure why others are not getting the same availability. I do know if you don’t upgrade you wait until 70-80 days out to get booking info that NCL selects for you. The one-way flights are very expensive so not sure this would be true for round trip flights.
  10. Not related to Vibe passes but we booked a cruise for SA for 2021 in the Star Haven OS. Very expensive for 14 days. Can go on Oceania SA for 20 days for less per week than on NCL so going to jump ship and book Oceania as soon as prices out. NCL has reached our breaking point.
  11. You are physically removed from the actual Haven complex on 14 but actually in a Haven category room with all perks. We like being removed from the Haven complex because we like being away from all of the activity and rarely use the Haven. There is no dedicated Haven restaurant on this class of ships so not a big problem. We have stayed in 9504 and 10504 on Pearl, Jade and Jewel. This is our favorite room category because of the two balconies. We prefer the deck 10 room for the table off in an alcove so the room seems more spacious but both rooms are wonderful. The Deck 9 front balcony is a bit larger but the interior of the room setup is why we prefer Deck 10.
  12. We also did the lava tubing on Kauai in May 2016 and had the best time. That night they had heavy rains in the mountains and the lava tubing was canceled the next day due to the tunnels being flooded. You’re right though - it is a UNIQUE experience! The second day we went to the shopping mall and booked a private tour around the island. Cheaper than from the ship. Great day, too. By the way we were also in the DOS and loved it! Expensive? Yes but we only vacay once a year and if it’s not better than home, we stay home. My only complaint was the bathtub had a peculiar hump in the middle so when I was in it I felt like I was curled up like a pretzel. 🤭😳
  13. Been on two different cruises in Europe - one Transatlantic and one Mediterranean - and always had wash cloths in our bathrooms.
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