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  1. Not rookies here, either. And our Feb Spirit cruise shortening with the extra day pre-cruise in Rome is a delightful happenstance. Now we can do that early morning tour to the Vatican museums (take every opportunity we can to get back there) that we originally could not book due to embarkation on Monday and no Vatican tours on Sunday. As with all travel, you learn to go with the flow and make the best of it. But I will add when unexpected changes do occur, we are in a bit better situation financially than many other travelers and can make our fallback plans very quickly.
  2. You’re mistaken to say it’s a rookie mistake without knowing all of the facts. In our case the only itinerary we were interested in was immediately following a dry dock so we booked the cruise fully realizing there could be some changes. We select our cruises primarily for the itinerary. We are Plat Plus so we are not “rookie” cruisers.
  3. Don’t get lost! It’s big and really gives you the feeling you have room to spread out. We loved the huge private hot tub, too. Make use of that big private sun deck! Tipping is very personal and depends on how much you use your Butler and Concierge. We also tipped the guy taking care of the hot tub. Just enjoy it! We did it once on the Pearl to Alaska and doubt we will ever get to do it again.
  4. We are the Spirit right after dry dock and have been informed our cruise is shortened by one day, too. We also are getting either a hotel stay with transfer to port or $300 OBC. It happens and think due to them needing the extra day for dry dock. Many have surmised they need the extra day to get Spirit from Marseille to Rome. Who knows because, as usual, NCL did not give a specific reason. Not sure if other cruise lines give specific reasons for their adjustments to itineraries. But this has happened to us before where Itinerary changes or cruises are shortened. Being seasoned travelers, you learn to go with the flow and look at traveling as an adventure but I sure wish NCL would be more forthcoming about the reasons for the changes. On the other hand, we are loving an extra day in Rome!
  5. The day we were there was right before some big yacht thing and the yachts we saw were absolutely jaw-dropping! Not a shortage of money there.
  6. We did a train tour in Cannes you get right off the ship that drove us around the area. Tickets were very reasonable. Then we walked around on our own along the boardwalk. Very pleasant and easy day. We even did a little gambling just so we could say we did. For Palma, we took the NCL shuttle and walked around there, too. Another pleasant and relaxing day. Unfortunately the big cathedral was not open that day.
  7. Life would be so much simpler if when they change ports they told us the actual reason. This way we all are left conjuring up reasons. I can handle itinerary changes but just tell me why.
  8. Agree 100%. Think it all depends on your Butler and Concierge not the room category. Although the one time we were in the Pearl Garden Villa, we were treated like royalty.
  9. Think you convinced me to wait until I get onboard to upgrade to unlimited. It’s not like it will sell out.
  10. I did not see an extra discount for the upgrade. Is there one? I know there is if you buy a package online before boarding.
  11. No. The Concierge makes a real effort to have contact with all Haven passengers and satisfy their requests.
  12. And we have 2 - 250 minute internet offers under my name and not sure how to handle that with this upgrade internet offer. Any ideas?
  13. We received $125 credit on two prior cruises so not happy to see lower credit for the 250 min promo. 🤬
  14. Thank you for the info. Makes sense to me.
  15. Loved your map! Does your wife use a program to make it or can she share how she makes it? Interested in making one for our upcoming Cruise. And I agree - someone grabbed it. The cruise staff would place it in your room unless one of them took it which I seriously doubt.
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