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  1. We are Platinum Plus on NCL and get quite a few extra perks. We are thinking of switching to Celebrity because NCL itineraries are getting a bit stale. Does anyone know if Celebrity will offer to match our NCL Platinum Plus status like MSC does? And what perks do you get from Celebrity in The Retreat? Does Celebrity have Personal Cruise Consultants? TIA
  2. We are NCL Platinum Plus Haven travelers and thinking of trying Celebrity. Not seeing any itineraries right now that appeal to us with NCL. We love the Haven and are wondering if any here have experienced both the Haven and The Retreat. We are interested in which you preferred - the pros and cons - and why. I did a search but it is not working for me for some reason. TIA
  3. We use it all the time but only for non-delicate clothing. I did a ship tour and saw how they do the laundry. Convinced me to not include delicate blouses, etc. It’s a great perk.
  4. Thank you. We were looking at both of those hotels and others in that area.
  5. Primarily interested in a good location for setting up touring. And price not an issue but want something that gives us good value.
  6. Spending 4 days precruise in Reykjavik and wondering about the best hotels to book in central location. Any suggestions? TIA
  7. Yes, that’s what I’m doing. Now that finally makes sense to me cuz it comes out to 5% per person. Thank you for the clarification!!
  8. Well I’ve tried to do their math numerous times and can never get the full 10% FCC to work out for me. Their 30% discount works fine and I had a 50% FCC that was accurate mathematically but when I added the 10% FCC it actually comes out to be only a 5% discount. Remember those discounts and FCC’s apply only to your base guest fare but even when I calculate it that way, I still only get about 5% off rather than the advertised 10%. I think it has something to do with applying more than one discount or FCC to the booking. Even my PCC can’t figure out how it’s calculated once he enters the cod
  9. Think this is all related to kids under 16 are not approved to be vaxxed and can be asymptomatic carriers of Covid. Once vax for children approved, I expect they will adjust the regulations.
  10. Thanks for the heads up. I now have it scheduled to record.
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