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  1. For the mobile users, they should be able to do something. With the Tapatalk app, they show up, so it should be doable
  2. I think this only happens on days of the week that end in y.
  3. Since the move to the web based system, some things have been lost that would be nice to get back. 1. In the new system, we only see the thread title. In the old one, we would also see the first few lines in the first post by the OP. This would give give more information than just the title to determine if we wanted to read. (I know, you can hover on a computer to see that, but there is no hover on mobile devices which is probably what most people use). It would be nice to get this preview back. 2. In the old system, the OP was always listed as such in their subsequent posts. Now they are not. Can we get the OP identifier back? I know I am probably missing other things, so feel free to add to the list of wants. Who knows, maybe they can do something. Still waiting for the app to come back. I can use tapatalk to read, but not post yet, and yes, the couple preview lines are listed on it for each thread. Maybe 1 will be done when the app is back.
  4. h20skibum

    Previous ‘signature’ info

    It will display your old signature, but if you make any changes to it, it will need to comply with the new requirements. If you turn off signatures, and your signature does not comply, you will not be able to turn signatures on again until it does comply. It is a shame, where people linked their reviews in their signature. Now, you can only list 3 URL's.
  5. h20skibum

    Rci app

    That’s what they said last year. I guess they didn’t specify the end of what year they would all have it.
  6. h20skibum

    What happens if there's an emergency at home?

    That was our situation. We were a couple days from the nearest port, and started looking at getting off the ship and flying back from South America. Fortunately, things resolved by the time we made port. Just glad we were able to keep up on things.
  7. h20skibum

    What happens if there's an emergency at home?

    Almost five years ago, we were on a Panama Canal cruise, and we needed to keep in touch back home because of some family members medical issues. We used email, and rationed our minutes to make our per minute plan last the duration of the cruise. In addition, we used our cell phone while onboard for calls and texts. For an idea of the cost, For an extra $128 on our cell phone bill, we had 21 minutes of calls, 106 outgoing and 158 incoming texts. I think, overall, it was less than what ship to shore would be.
  8. Sorry, we only ate MDR the first night. Had specialty restaurants the remaining nights.
  9. Thanks for the kind words. I hope you found something useful. Just remember, there have been a few changes onboard since this trip report was written. Check in with your roll call. Often, you will have others who have done this cruise before, and they are a good source of information. Enjoy I can’t believe you read it three times. That is probably more than I have.
  10. h20skibum

    Adapter clarification

    They didn’t ask in March on Allure, but they did on Harmony in November and Indy a couple weeks ago.
  11. h20skibum

    Indy gym after refurb

    Some of the equipment is a little dated. Not as nice as the Oasis Class. The gym does get busy busy in the mornings.
  12. Always take mine in an organizer. Just make sure you pack extra, in case you experience any trip delays. I always take at least a week’s worth more than the trip length.