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  1. For the views, then I am all for the upper decks. But, when I want to log a few miles on the track in the morning, deck 5 is better because you don’t have some wandering coffee sippers to slow you down. Or, at least you have more space to avoid them. That track on VV looks narrow.
  2. Safe travels home. Thanks for doing this. I may want to look at these, but it would have to be at least 7 days for us.
  3. Those top deck tracks give a whole new meaning to….. Against the wind We were runnin' against the wind We were young and strong, we were runnin' against the wind That is one advantage to Royal’s Oasis class tracks.
  4. It is good that he didn’t break anything. A friend of mine fell in the shower, and broke his shoulder last fall. His friend he was visiting in Michigan was able to drive him back to PA, but he had to get back to Michigan before winter to retrieve his car. Hope Charlie heals quickly.
  5. That’s not right! Whenever I have asked for new tags, I have gotten them. Maybe things have changed, because we now opt to walk off with our luggage. That is the one, and only time we see the inside of an elevator.
  6. I saw that. Near gale force winds right now.
  7. You all talking about cruises has me window shopping again. I know I probably shouldn’t, because we have those bigger trips scheduled this summer. With our week in Myrtle Beach, Utopia cruise, week at Disney($$$$$), and our Sun cruise, I am getting overloaded with planning. Not only cruise prices are insanely high, but so are excursions. I keep looking at that Bella cruise, but prices are up on it, and it is 3 weeks after we get off the Sun. To do that one, I would have to either drive back to PA, then fly back to Florida a couple weeks later, or just stay in Florida for those three weeks. Decisions, decisions.
  8. Daryl spent the night at our house. He is here for repair of a small leak, so he is ready for his summer adventure. He was happy to be back in the water this morning. 😁
  9. That’s what I thought too, because it has always been moored whenever we have been to Aruba. Then I read that it was spotted at some other ports. It was in St. Lucia a couple days ago, and then moved to Barbados.
  10. She seems to be doing well, but the worry never stops. She finished all the chemo and radiation, and finished the three vaccines in the clinical trial at Cleveland Clinic with no adverse reactions. She has another follow up with them next month. All bloodwork has been in the normal range, which is a good sign. We hold our breath at every appointment, until results are back.
  11. Sorry to read this. I wish I knew how they come up with their estimates. Had a friend that the doctors said she had six months. She had twelve good years after that. Hope things go well for you friend and her husband.
  12. Today was the one year anniversary of our daughter’s surgery. Not something to celebrate, but to recognize one milestone on her journey. So we recognized it with her. Lunch today at the Thai restaurant. Yummy Plate with meatballs, crab rangoon, gyoza, and spring rolls. My plate of Famous Pad Thai. Susan and I spent our evening serving at a funeral dinner at our church. Seems like we have had too many lately.
  13. Harry, just an FYI, you can find most of the cruise compasses already online. Here are the ones from your sailing in a flip book format. It could be easily printed to pdf format . https://issuu.com/hochmania/docs/cruisecompass-odyssey-dec23-23-compressed I usually check for recent ones before I cruise, to get an idea of what may be going on each day.
  14. That sounds like my wife. She never eats a burger on a bun. We went to one place where I ordered a burger, and she ordered one without the bun. Same type. They charged extra for one without a bun. 🤷 Must have been a special order in their system. After that, she just ordered with, then threw the bun away.
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