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  1. Thank you for the detailed review and glad you are both well. Nice to know that the staff took care of you and your son. I actually just tested positive for Covid yesterday. I managed to avoid it for 3 years! I tested on a whim because these cold symptoms feel like they are on steroids. I seem to be passed the bad stuff. The loss of taste and smell is the worst though!
  2. It appears that if you port at Coxen Hole, you would have to take an excursion or taxi to anywhere else.
  3. It will also depend on the sea conditions at the time as well. You have to be able to roll on safely. Or transfer without the chair. The staff will make the call as to whether it can be done safely in the moment. Be sure to inquire at Guest Services as well as to their procedures.
  4. My 15 year old son and I will be sailing in June aboard Sunshine. He loves to listen to all kinds of music. Is he allowed in the clubs if I am with him?
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