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  1. 58 minutes ago, kimberlym4 said:

    We just booked a trip with this promo.  Does anyone know if this is the same thing as what I have seen referred to as "drinks on us".  It looks like we get free drinks in the casino.  Is this just if you are actively at a machine or do you simply have to order from the casino bar?  I am debating whether the Cheers package makes sense if we have already paid for a cabin with this promotion.   

    You need to be playing..... but if you tip the servers.....they are making sure you have drinks.....

  2. 3 minutes ago, NCTribeFan said:

    I just had my first Diamond sailing on Sunshine on 10/26.  No Diamond luggage tags, but I did get a $50 spa gift card.  No notation on it.  I thought it might have been from my TA but I asked her the other day and it wasn't from her.  And it wasn't because my birthday (that's in a couple of weeks).  Just looking at the Diamond "perks" on the website today and it mentioned a one-time gift on the initial Diamond sailing, so that's the only thing I can think of!


    We had 97 Diamonds on our sailing, so the Diamond brunch wasn't terribly "special".  I thought there was a separate Diamond party.  Sailing on a 4-night next month so we'll see what that's like since I expect there to only be a handful of Diamonds.

    4 night cruises do not always have the special parties....



  3. 23 minutes ago, Tedj6050 said:

    The studio lounge bar is on deck 11 forward.it has limited hours in the early evening.the lounge will have coffee,water,and snacks all the time,juice and milk in the morning.


  4. If the DSC/gratuities/$19.99 per day charge was added to your original reservation, it would show up on your confirmation reservation as a separate line item and would have been part of your final payment amount. We have "prepaid" this way for 10+ cruises over the years and never been charged on board.

    When did the DSC go up to $20 per person per day?

  5. I have applied a cruise next certificate on an existing reservation through the MyNCL payment screen. But this was a certificate that I purchased. I would think you would need to contact the Cruisenext desk to transfer the certificate to your latitudes number. Then on your reservation you would see the Cruisenext number on payment screen and would probably be able to apply it. Best to call the cruise next desk or send them an email. cruisenext@ncl.com


    I have also used a cruisenext certificate on a cruise I just had a deposit on.. it was no problem

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