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  1. Regardless of what can be found on MarineTraffic, the ship in the photo the poster used to say the Pride of America was in Portland, is actually the Norwegian Star...as correctly noted by trivimp. Also, your link for the Star is incorrectly noted. The Star, according to that link, is not moored in Genoa, she is actually in drydock in Marseille.
  2. Good to hear! You actually scared me with the thread as I am on the Joy a couple of weeks before you...(fingers crossed)
  3. In December of 2021, the Joy is doing a cruise from the 11th thru the 18th, not the 12th thru the 19th. Are you sure you are looking at the correct dates?
  4. As opposed to seeing the vacuum toilet system on the ship?
  5. I've spoken with some Sr Execs with NCL about the Hawaii situation, and I've been given a slightly different take on this part of the story. Reflagging the Hawaii (Jade) and Aloha (Sky) to the Bahamas was NOT what permanently caused them to lose their exemption. I've been told that they could be reflagged to the Bahamas and then later re-reflagged back to the US on the condition that they did not sail from any US ports in the meantime. Once the Sky starting sailing from Miami, she lost her right to reflag to the US. NCL sent the Pride of Hawaii directly to E
  6. Amazing how easily people are sucked in by marketing. Norwegian is the "Freestyle Cruising" line. The word "free" being used throughout their marketing. "Free at Sea" gives you a drink package so you are "free to order drinks without worrying about a large bar bill at the end of the cruise". "Free at Sea" gives you specialty dining so you are "free to venture outside the MDR without worrying about the extra cost of a specialty restaurant. While "free" can refer to "no cost", it can also refer to "having the ability to choose without worry". Why i
  7. Just ask your booking agent. They are able to explain everything on your reservation.
  8. I think you need to take another read on it. First, when you were talking about private trip insurance, you were talking with another poster, not with me. Second, the post of mine that you quoted and are responding to was directed to another poster (who I quoted in my post) and not to you. Let's try to keep the conversations separate so that things don't get confusing.
  9. Just wondering when it becomes free enough that people stop telling other people what to do (looking at you, OP). And I already know I don't need to believe you. And sorry, but I don't need to buy trip insurance, and I don't need to stop booking cruises as I've been told it's a free country.
  10. Hmmmm...not sure whether to believe you or not. Somebody did say that anyone can post anything on the Internet. 🙄
  11. Good for you! Not that it was your ability to read that was being questioned... Just trying to understand why, given that one person is of the opinion that people should not book cruises, and another is of the opinion that people should book cruises, that you see one as "hate" but not the other? Why do you go right to "hate"?
  12. "hate on you"? What happened to you that made you see having a different opinion as being "hate"?
  13. Just my two cents . . . Every time NCL releases or opens up new bookings there is a press release. These press releases are all stored on their website where anyone can look at them. They are fairly consistent. If you want to know when, for example, they will release summer of 2024 cruises, the answer is simply "one year after they release summer of 2023 cruises"...which is also one year after they release summer of 2022 cruises, which is one year after they release summer of 2021 cruises, etc Just go and look at the archived press releases and find one that
  14. Interesting how much focus is on what Pr1ma is going to have that every other NCL ship has. People seem to be more concerned with what is the same...what is familiar, then they are in what might be new and different. Seems like we have an audience for "cookie cutter cruising".
  15. Not based on MSC Seaside's design, it is based on Fincantieri's Project Mille design. MSC also based their Seaside class on this design. Virgin Voyages based their ships on this design as well. Nothing new here, Norwegian's Prima class (project Leonardo) is simply NCL's take on a ship class (project Mille) that was already designed. Much like this thread is simply a rehash of other threads on the very same topic.
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