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  1. No...what I was originally questioning was the fictional 50% cash back offer...something NCL never made available.
  2. Huh?? You said "The women cancelled their cruise" and "when the cruise they were originally booked on (and cancelled) was cancelled by NCL". Sorry, but once you cancel, you are no longer on the cruise and subsequent cancellations (regardless of who is behind them) have nothing to do with you.
  3. Seems like the story poses more questions than it answers. "When the pandemic hit, the women said they were each offered 50% refunds". The cancellation-FCC-refund situation has been discussed here ad nauseum. Not once have I ever heard of people only being offered a 50% refund. Seems like we are missing some information from this story.
  4. There is "some recourse" available. Anyone with an FCC is allowed a one-time transfer of that FCC to someone else. Just transfer the FCC to a willing recipient who will give you $$$ in exchange for it. Outside of that, you can't really expect a do-over on your decision. Once you choose the FCC, the option for a cash refund goes away. Much the same for those who took the cash refund, they won't be able to change their minds and ask for the FCC in the future either.
  5. Nobody said they were... However, in a crisis, leave and vacation are limited in certain fields such as this. Look at the wildfire situation in California. You really don't think "normal vacation schedules" are being followed by firefighters, do you?
  6. They could offer free cruises to healthcare workers...if the state of the pandemic is so dire, the healthcare workers won't be able to be on vacation to even take the cruise in the first place.
  7. We're in (🤞). Myself and three grandsons...it'll be a hoot.
  8. Hmmmmm...I posted this a month ago and was called out for it. Now we have this: http://www.crew-center.com/nclh-cruise-ships-go-cool-lay-manning "In an article published a couple of days ago entitled “Cruise Lines might lose the most valuable asset, the crew” we warned about the danger that many experienced crew members might decide to seek for a permanent job back home and not return on cruise ships. The long suspension of cruises might result in a loss of a great talent and experience these crew members gained during all years spent working on the cruise s
  9. I didn't inject it, I'm just hoping you'll explain why you seem to take one word to mean the other. Regardless, you still fail to comprehend that they have the option, not the requirement, to choose one...or none. Not only that, but you completely miss the section of the GTC that covers what happens when the Government issues a no-sail order. But thats what happens when you take things out of context. Keep flailing.
  10. Seems like you are confusing "entitled" with "required to x or y". Entitled doesn't mean you HAVE TO. Try again.
  11. Being the legal scholar, the section you quote plainly states: "the Guest agrees that the Carrier shall be entitled to". Note that it does NOT say "the Guest agrees that the Carrier shall be required to". Please explain the difference between being entitled to do something vs being required to do something.
  12. Sorry, but once again wrong. It has always been a part of every cruise contract that if you violate the rules they have the absolute right and authority to disembark you. This isn't new and none of your flailing will change that.
  13. Not sure why the first amendment is even being considered in this discussion. The ship you are cruising on is foreign flagged and the US Constitution does not apply there. Additionally, when you are off the ship in a foreign country, you still don't have your first amendment rights as you are subject to the laws of the host country. You need to follow the laws of the land where you stand.
  14. Is there any evidence showing that the cruise lines are charging triple the price for the same excursion available privately, or by saying "triple the price" are you just exaggerating for effect?
  15. As with any purchase, if the offer provides value...book it. If it does not...then don't book it. I see nothing new that would change that. Not sure of the reason behind all the hand-wringing drama.
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