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  1. They actually have stated just that. When FDR took over at NCLH he announced that NCL was no longer going to be "price to fill" (sales based on a varying cabin price), but would move to a "market to fill" (sales based on add-ons to create a "value package") model. It has been this way since 2015 and I wouldn't think it will change as long as he is in charge.
  2. Seems like it would have been a lot easier to book the Haven instead of the inside in the first place....
  3. No need to apologize to me...I clearly said "A good PCC". If you had a bad one, then that is completely on YOU. In my experience, thinking with your brain will require much less reliance on the voting of your feet.
  4. Which brings out the awareness of another item... A good TA is worth their weight in gold**. A good PCC is worth their weight in gold**. People who book themselves or simply call the 800 number to get whatever random person answers the phone are generally the ones who are experiencing issues and confusion. You don't see people with a good TA or PCC experiencing these types of issues. **Especially given that they cost nothing to use.
  5. Funny that you say that because I remember a time when people here would complain about drink prices, specialty restaurant prices, shore excursion prices, etc and they would always say "I wish NCL would just include these things in the cost of the cruise". Just goes to show that you have to be careful what you wish for...
  6. The only awareness that this issue brings is: NCL will offer a price and included amenities on a cruise. This offer will vary at different times. You cannot choose the price from one point in time and combine it with the amenities from a different point in time in order to create your own custom deal. You cannot renegotiate your deal after the final payment date for a given cruise. NCL's refusal to allow you cast aside the agreement so that you can do the above constitutes "questionable business practices". It is easier to apply a negative label to someone than to refute what they have to say.
  7. I wouldn't recommend simply being a "no show" on your NCL booked flights. I assume that if you no-showed your NCL flights that you would be flying on tickets that you book on your own. This would mean that you have multiple reservations on flights...something that might get flagged as suspicious by TSA. This could result in some unforeseen hassles until it gets worked out. Better to outright cancel the NCL booked flights if you book other flights on your own.
  8. You said "I keep doing fake reservations..." perhaps they see that as you expressing an interest in an upgrade so they send you the email reminders. Let the family member do their own fake reservations...that way, it reduces the chance of emails coming to you.
  9. Couldn't agree more, but the info also has to be in the right place. FWIW, this forum covers things that happen ON an NCL cruise. Cruise Critic has different forums for the ports themselves. These are the places that you should research excursions, shuttle buses, etc. You might want to consider putting your shuttle bus info on the appropriate port board(s) so that people who are researching those ports looking for information can benefit from your research.
  10. Funny...I got a completely different impression. The offer clearly states: "Guests are responsible for airport transfers at an additional cost if selected." This left me with the impression that I would be paying additional for the transfers.'' This is also covered in the main FAQ on the offer page: Can I arrange my own transfers? Absolutely. Transfers are automatically added to reservations that book Free or Reduced Airfares, but if you'd like to opt out of Norwegian's transfers, you can give us a call at 1-866-234-7350 to have them removed. Transfers are automatically added, but it doesn''t say that they are free of charge. (Something that NCL would prominently state if it were the case to make the offer seem better. If you give somebody free transfers you would want to ensure that they know what they are getting for free). Also..."Can I arrange my own transfers?"...why would anyone want to arrange their own transfers when they have free transfers included? Interesting that the airfare promo is "free or reduced" yet it is only "free" that seems to cause this transfer confusion. You'd think that somewhere, someone would be asking about "reduced" transfers, but no....only "free". 🙄
  11. I'm not following...who said the Jet Blue flight was "way cheaper"?
  12. Keep in mind that Frank Del Rio is NOT the CEO of NCL. FDR is the CEO of Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings...a financial holding company that owns three cruise lines. Andy Stuart is the CEO of NCL...soon to be replaced by Harry Sommers.
  13. Your PCC is correct. After final payment you can pay more, but you cannot pay less as this would kick in the cancellation penalty. You would have to pay the difference on any guest where the price increased...in this case $400 total.
  14. This whole episode is just another example of how, when the possibility of compensation is on the table, the drama goes up to 11 as does the level of bad behavior. The entire incident is nothing but an attempted gimme, gimme, gimme from some opportunistic passengers.
  15. That would depend on what you can afford, the price difference between the cabins, and how much you want to be in different cabin. You have to choose what best fits YOUR situation...I don't think anyone can do that for you.
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