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  1. Don't forget the TV remote control... some just put it in a ziploc and don't touch it at all. Funny how many of us are wiping everything down the moment we enter the cabin. Inflight to and from our cruises, we do the same with our seatbelts and lunch tray, as well as packing these beauties for the flight in case anyone nearby is actively suffering from a cold or flu. Using these inflight during active coughing and sneezing nearby have kept us healthy for several cruises now.
  2. I'm with you, Fabby50, We are cruising this Friday as well. If Congress fails to provide border security and a shutdown becomes necessary, I am confident that the impact on our cruise sailings truly will be minimal. What I worry about is crew switchouts. We recently boarded a ship with a scheduled crew switchout on embarkation day which delayed passenger boarding for several hours, but in retrospect it did not impact our enjoyment of that wonderful cruise. Happy cruising, Esther
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