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  1. Excellent news…thanks to everyone.
  2. With the new program (including drink package in fare) I only see two options for upgrading. One is $30 per person per day and includes $200 to use on excursions. The other is $60per day per person and it also upgrades your wi-if and provides $400 to use on board. Formerly I could buy an upgrade to my drink package or pay the difference on an ordered drink. Is paying the difference still an option?
  3. Check out Banks Mansion. We've stayed there 4 times and it has always been great.
  4. I'd highly recommend Dingle (and the whole peninsula) while on the west coast. It's a gorgeous town and the scenery on the peninsula is unrivaled anywhere in Ireland. Just drive very carefully.
  5. I apologize in advance if you already know this, but GT is actually a measure of volume, not actual weight. Its based on how much water is displaced by the ship. 1 GT is equal to 100 cubic feet of space on the ship, so things like climbing walls will not contribute.
  6. And this has only gotten worse with the new ships (Edge and Apex) as well as the on-going refits. They have created the "Retreat" which pretty much takes over all upper deck space forward of the pool. They are also converting a number of previously "regular" veranda cabins into Aqua class.
  7. Thanks for the response, but what is "CP?"
  8. We’re in concierge traveling with two other couples in regular verandas. When I make a dining room reservation can I make it for 6 or only for ourselves? Thanks.
  9. Thanks Jim_Lain and Fleckle. Sounds simple enough, though I think I like the old HAL process better...it was seamless. Dave
  10. We’re booked on our first Celebrity B2B on Summit out of San Juan in November. I’m curious how check in works. We have 2 separate reservations in the same cabin. Do we get a sea pass card good for both cruises at first check in or do we have to check in again for the second one? Any info or advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks. Dave M.
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