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  1. Thanks Jim_Lain and Fleckle. Sounds simple enough, though I think I like the old HAL process better...it was seamless. Dave
  2. We’re booked on our first Celebrity B2B on Summit out of San Juan in November. I’m curious how check in works. We have 2 separate reservations in the same cabin. Do we get a sea pass card good for both cruises at first check in or do we have to check in again for the second one? Any info or advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks. Dave M.
  3. Thanks for the review, we're taking the Edge TA in April and were starting to get a little concerned. Was this a 7 day cruise? We stopped doing them because we have noticed a huge difference in the people on a 7-day versus a 10 day or longer trip. IMHO, it seems like the majority of the 7 day cruisers have unrealistic expectations and are generally not experienced travelers. Obviously this leads to a lot of complaints. And I'd be willing to bet that the service/event they complain about is still far superior to what they experience in day-to-day life. It seems most of them don't know how an elevator works, let alone what good service looks like!
  4. You are not required to buy a drink package, you can pay by the drink.
  5. Have they changed the unwritten policy of rolling up the sidewalks at 9 PM? This is why we quit sailing them a few years ago in favor of celebrity.
  6. We're booked on the Edge TA at the end of April and there are absolutely no discounts offered there. I'll certainly be keeping my eyes open though!!
  7. While you will get They offer daily drink specials. Bottled water is not complimentary, and the availability of brand (Evian, Perrier, San Pellegrino, etc.) depends on bar and price. While the comment about having 3 drinks added to your card is correct, the choice of drinks is not unlimited. The bars in the evening will have a Captains Club "menu" posted which will tell you what wines and cocktails can be ordered with your 3 credits.
  8. The drink package descriptions are overly complicated and convoluted. While each package has a cost per drink limit, it also includes/excludes specific brands. If you drink "high end" liquor you will either need the premium package or pay the difference for the drink based on your package. So I'd suggest reviewing the lists carefully. An advantage of the premium package if you visit the specialty restaurants is that they typically ignore wine pricing if you have the premium package. I usually get the premium package and my wife gets the classic package and when we both order high end wine in Murano or Tuscan Grill, we are not charged for the difference.
  9. We've been to Cartagena a few times and have seen all there is to see of the city area. Does anyone know of any tours or guides that offer something different? A FARC tour would be a great example. Something that would get us out to see a little more of Columbia. Thanks.
  10. Its too far to walk (about 3 miles). Cabs are available at the pier and they are cheap. The driver will try tio sell you a tour but just keep insisting he just take you where you asked to go.
  11. Hello. We've been to Rome enough that we'd like to try something different during this summer's stop at C. Is anyone aware of any good options fairly locally, either by cab or rental car? Any special places worth seeing nearby? Thanks.
  12. Yes, our TA takes good care of us. Last time I did a TA it was on a liner (longggg time ago). I'm curious how a shallow draft cruise ship will do on it. I've heard a lot of good things about the ship otherwise.
  13. They did. I've used them (and her) for years. Plus I know where they live 😀.
  14. We usually upgrade our beverage package and purchase dining packages before boarding using my OBC. This time its not available for use before I board. Does anyone know if the upgrade pricing currently on the website for advanced purchase is the same as purchasing the upgrades on-board? Thanks.
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