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  1. Has anyone been on the Flora recently who would be willing to answer a few questions?
  2. Has anyone used Viator for Alaskan excursions?
  3. Trying to decide whether to buy a drink package. I only drink wine. Can anyone tell me the current wine by the glass prices?
  4. With children I would also look at a Tauck Bridges tour. They do a great job!
  5. Thanks for the endorsement of Guided Tours Israel. Our roll call is small at the moment.
  6. We are one day in Ashdod and the next day in Haifa. Looking at Guided Tours Israel which seems to be mentioned a lot and Viator, which we've used in other places around the world. Does anyone have a comparison between the two companies. Price and itinerary are virtually identical. So I would like comments on the most reliable in Israel! Thanks.
  7. It might still be offered. I called the excursion office (last month) and they may open up reservations in a couple of months. So I keep checking. In the meantime, I have booked day trips to Jerusalem and the Dead Sea from Ashdod and Galilee and Nazareth from Haifa with private tour company
  8. We're not taking this cruise until May but definitely want to take the Grand Overland Tour. It's not available to book yet, which makes me nervous. How far in advance do they let you book?
  9. Just back from Normandy cruise May 31. The exit test on May 30 seemed perfunctory. Three of the four in our group tested positive at home on June 1.
  10. We got back from this cruise last week (May 31). It was chilly some days . . . I can't imagine going any earlier.
  11. Fast forward to 2022. We are doing the Seine to Normandy on Viking the end of May. My question was going to be "does hubby need a sport coat?" He always used to wear one, but times, they are a changin'. But I'm sure he'd wear slacks and a button down shirt for dinners. Please correct me if I'm wrong, but to those who have cruised recently, are things better or worse post pandemic?? I can't imagine having dinner next to someone in shorts and a tee shirt much less sleeveless tee shirts!
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