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  1. maggieq

    Which Fjord Cruise

    We are looking at the same. I’m tempted to go with celebrity as it will be cheaper (nicer ship and more perks). However, I would like to see both Geiranger and flaam which I cannot find together on another itinerary.
  2. maggieq

    Shame on RC shows!

    We saw what I consider a very good journey tribute band. Resurrection - can also be found by googling “not journey.com”. Amazing. Saw them twice on jewel in 2916 and three times on anthem last October.
  3. Ok thanks. Obviously, misunderstanding on my part.
  4. We got a certificate noting we were on this cruise. Perhaps I misunderstood but I really thought we would get something other than a certificate to commemorate the occasion ?
  5. Adam, so nice of you to take the time out of your vacation to do this. Soo excited. Thanks so much!
  6. Thanks for the review. Brings back memories as we did this same cruise the week after thanksgiving 3 years ago. We are actually thinking of doing the same cruise for next year, same time of year. Love flying thanksgiving day and having a couple of days before cruising. Right now it’s between the summit and equinox.
  7. That’s good to hear as when we disembarked on 11/9 there was one taxi ready and a long line forming. People were getting very frustrated. Happy we didn’t have a real early flight
  8. We used to enjoy the diamond and concierge lounges (when d+ were allowed in). We have bought the drink package for the last two years. It’s a really nice perk, don’t get me wrong, but it’s just not worth it for us anymore. We have found the celebrity lounges better experiences, although I understand the times and number of days don’t mirror Rccl’s offering. I also understand there are many more loyalty members on Rccl.
  9. I have loved all our cruises out of San Juan but the one we took on adventure in May/2008. I thought about the freedom for our winter cruise in 2019 but not so sure I would enjoy what is described above. The freedom is the largest Rccl ship PR has had. They want to sail as full as possible and I understand that.
  10. maggieq

    Weeks to avoid - spring break

    Thanks! I missed the word “collage” before kids. That’s what I am mostly concerned about.
  11. We have only cruised in March out of San Juan and have avoided the spring breakers (kids). Are there specific weeks that we busier than another in March for cruises out of the US? Thanks!
  12. Terrific review....thank you! the bliss was on our list of ships to choose from for Alaska. From what I am reading the times in ports are an issue and crowding. I like being able able to fly into Seattle and cruising glacier bay. However, I don’t want to be rushed in the ports. Perhaps the timing is good enough for those ports? thanks!
  13. Upon boarding, tell them to go immediately to a box office to reserve. We have done this in the past for a show and had no problem getting the show we wanted.
  14. Looking at a fjord cruise at the end of May. Would we be better off cruising in August or early September instead for better weather? thanks!
  15. We have been on both. Honestly, I would go with the best deal you can get.