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  1. Asking as I am looking for a possible backup plan if the delta cases continue to rise through September. We have a trip that was rescheduled for September 3 but we still have to test to return to the US. Thinking a cruise from Ft lauderdale would be a good option but concerned about the passport requirement as ours expire early March 2022. Do not have a US birth certificate
  2. NJ is great for the following great restaurants pizza bagels prior to 2020 - proximity to NYC and not having to pump gas
  3. Ok thanks. Must have misunderstood the masking flying off.
  4. I agree with you on the ncl entertainment vs celebrity. We have had more fun at the Martini bar some nights vs the shows on celebrity. We love celebrity cruises. We took our first ncl cruise on the encore TA and loved the different shows we could attend. Big fan of comedy so loved that option too.
  5. Didn’t someone already post from the first cruise that they didn’t have to test prior to debarkation?
  6. The color of that water looks amazing. Hope you had a great day!
  7. Wishing you a wonderful cruise. Hearing conflicting info on mask wearing onboard for vaccinated folks. Can you share your experience ? Many thanks!
  8. Thank you for doing this. There appears to be conflicting information on indoor mask wearing requirements and testing before debarkation for vaccinated guests. Would be interested in knowing what celebrity has shared with you. Thanks!
  9. Not sure if this was asked already. Is testing prior to debarkation for vaccinated passengers required? If yes and there is a positive test result, are there details noted somewhere on what happens? Quarantine? Thanks!
  10. We always stay at the Renaissance. Was the Irish pub Waxys?
  11. Jim, you just made my day. I miss all of the reviews and comments you used to share with us. Here’s to getting back on a cruise sooner than later.
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