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  1. If you want to cruise on an oasis class ship, is there a reason you have not considered the other ships in same class? While oasis is a great ship, it would my last choice, based on shows. We have been on all oasis class ships with 3 cruises on oasis. We did our 2nd and 3rd cruise on oasis based on cheapest price on the week we could cruise.
  2. Now, I would have paid to see the expression on his/her face.... Continued great cruising!
  3. Ugh I just can’t believe how and why people would think that’s ok to do so. My fiancé and I have been together for a very long time. There is a big age difference (20years) and every once in a while we will get asked if we are together ? Ugh hello of course we are 😂
  4. So happy you made it. Just thinking about your travel experience today was stressful for me 😂. We have had a near miss many years ago and now we always fly in the day before.
  5. Omg now that is a great deal. I’ve never seen that many perks given with a booking. Keep your ta! Good for you! Have a wonderful cruise!
  6. I ordered the crab cake on our 5/23 anthem cruise and was very disappointed by the quality. Also, the Caesar salad used to be one of the best parts of dining at chops. This time, not so much.
  7. We are on Allure in September and will now probably book Giovanni’s for our bogo
  8. Thank you so much for doing this review with pictures. Totally on my long bucket list.
  9. Will the explorer have gone through dry dock by next year? I love its itinerary but the picture someone posted recently is a bit of a turn off. I do want to see santorini and Mykonos.
  10. I made reservations online but I don’t think you would have a hard time getting in without them.
  11. We saw it on our quantum cruise and left about halfway through. Didn’t book it on our Canada/NE cruise but saw it again on anthem on our 5/23 cruise - would just say it’s not our cup tea. We did the same with spectras Cabaret - not our cup of tea. I do hope they change up the shows soon. Thankfully, they had good entertainment in the bars/music hall and comedians in the theatre.
  12. Aww I hope the sun finally came out and your day wasn’t ruined.
  13. What lovely weather you are having....enjoy! Thanks so much for continuing your live review.
  14. Yes, but this offer can be made available pre cruise to all depending on the sale offered. This is not a true D+ benefit, with the exception of buying onboard. This is very similar to the bogo perk that is offered on most oasis class ships. I do do think RCCL need to review these perks and make adjustments for diamond +.
  15. I would be curious to know as anytime we have ppd gratuities for Rccl or celebrity through the TA, they show on the cruise documents.
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