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  1. do you know how this is supposed to work. one time I called and they gave me a price right away next time I called they said go thru email, request cruise and they'll get back to me.
  2. good you took a screen shot. I wasn't on RCL website, it was one of larger online t/as so maybe that was why? though usually pretty accurate
  3. What's the deal? just looked it up, 99% supplement, $2700.
  4. Hope this isn't hijacking. I am unvaxxed and looking to take some multi b2b and other cruises thru the winter, possibly different lines, looks like Florida would be point of embarkation. I am NY resident. Can I buy one Covid policy for several months duration that would cover me thru these different scenarios. I feel buying individual policies for each cruise would be prohibitive Thanks
  5. that's fine, I shoulda mentioned I was looking at FL based cruise thanks
  6. anyone know the rules for unvax using the gym? thanks
  7. my covid test results are sent to my Android phone. Is it enough to just show that result at port terminal or do they require a printout? thanks
  8. thanks for concise report. Sounds like MSC is doing the best they can.
  9. yeah, that's what I'm concerned about
  10. how are unvax being treated onboard by crew and other pax? severe discrimination? what's app. ratio vax/unvax. talking US cruises now thanks
  11. Did you stay in same cabin and left your stuff throughout room or did you switch cabins and you're stuff was all packed to be moved? Did you see anyone from YC also hanging about for 2 hours? thanks
  12. yes I think alot of people are wondering same thing, please let us know
  13. found them, had to do deep search and sort thru diff dates till I found the free air and no single sup
  14. I've been searching for this deal, can you give me any type of guidance for my search? thanks
  15. I dont fax/mail, I printout form, fill it out, take pics of the form and my monthly statement (with pertinent details redacted) and send via email.
  16. bones774


    thanks, I'm looking at B2B too
  17. bones774


    hi, does MSC have any kinda laundry deal, hate to pay by the piece, it's so expensive. thanks
  18. Been on Meraviglia and it's a nice ship, they do meet and greets if you ask and organize but as I'm following MSC board they have been suspended as of now but some roll calls are doing indy meets
  19. The question is will it satisfy MSC requirement? Did you get any bonus using points?
  20. CNBC article, 1st of this month The Sapphire Reserve states, “quarantine of you or your travel companion imposed by a physician or by a competent governmental authority having jurisdiction, due to health reasons,” is a covered event. Likewise, it states in The Platinum Card® from American Express guide to trip cancellation and interruption insurance that a “quarantine imposed by a physician for health reasons” is a covered loss.
  21. Has anybody looked into their CC travel protection? I have Chase Sapphire and it states quarantine by a doctor or competent govt authority will be covered. Will that be good enough for MSC?
  22. Yeah, those of you in Florida can get some great deals on MSC. Meraviglia is a nice ship
  23. OP here, I finally got thru and the rep seemed to be knowledgeable. He told me that the cruises avail are many and just a matter of how booked the ship is, and discounts can range from 20-50%. I booked B2B one cruise at 50% off and another at 35% off. Seems like I got good deals. thanks
  24. Those are not particular to Heroes promo, just standard adverts.
  25. Their phone service here in states is terrible, i'll just have to bear down and hold on. Thanks
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