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  1. There was lots of rockin and a rollin for sure! Though many of my fellow passengers were green around the gills, hubby and I embraced it. It is not the norm by any means. Don't let that discourage you from future cruising but it can happen due to weather. The sky can be beautiful but the seas not! Midship , lower deck your best bet but if King Neptune is partying, no deck is a good one!
  2. Haha, so true! I see lots more drinking going on than I have observed on previous HAL sailings. I was approached by 3 highly intoxicated passengers asking me if they had to do the muster drill in order to "get our OBC comp"! Guess they thought I was a crew member? (perhaps their Mai Tais were talking) They apparently didn't hear the repeated overhead announcements looking for the rogue non compliers. $250 OBC? Setting my alarm to get to the shoppes the moment they eventually open!
  3. I received this invite in today's mail. My initial thought was that they got my name from some cruise data base, if such a data base even exists. The clincher for me was that both my last and first name were spelled incorrectly (in addition to my name or "current resident" invited) so I know they didn't get it from some legit information that the cruise lines might sell. Oh well, I was excited for at least a moment!
  4. When is the cutoff to register a name? Can it be after final payment?
  5. I have never bothered to enter my flight info when I do the final registraion for cruising as I always fly in the day before so I didn't think it was a big deal. The world is wonky so I figured I would supply that info for my upcoming cruise. Lo and Behold! It doesn't recognize the airline! Anyone ever have this issue? (if you are wondering, its Aveloair)
  6. I have always sailed with a balcony up to a year ago. Airfare from CT to FL has become inhibitive to affording balconies and OV. We have become used to interiors and find ourselves hanging out on the decks much more! I'd rather have an inside and be cruising than not cruising but dreaming of a balcony!
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