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  1. Fortunately closed loop cruises don't necessitate a passport as my DH will most likely not get his processed before we cruise out of Port Everglades end of October. Hoping for the best, preparing for the worst.
  2. Change is the only constant in the universe.
  3. I think I need to start playing in the casino! Some of these deals are crazy. My last experience was about 12 years ago playing a penny slot machine on I think the Miracle? I had no idea how to do it. A kind casino employee approached me, obviously aware of my struggle and instructed me. hahaha. I remember his name. it was Stefan.
  4. Downside to the gift card refunds is they are not refunded in the denomination purchased. One of mine came as an $800 but was purchased as $100 cards among 4 people. Now I can't split it up to refund the family members. I bet they are wiped clean of actual cards.
  5. April cruise cancelled by Carnival 2 weeks ago. Received my gift cards today but not the balance owed to my credit card yet.
  6. This cancellation policy was established pre-covid. I am very aware that it's been around forever. Airlines, hotels, etc are accommodating travelers with covid related cancellations. Though I hope, I don't expect CCL to, I merely asked if anyone had an experience that would relate to my potential decision.
  7. Yes, I booked early saver but the other half of my family did not. We are both going to call and see if we get the same response.
  8. I looked up the CDC ruling and it states that there can be no itinerary longer than 7 days. Though these are back to backs totaling 9 days, neither falls into a 7 day or longer category as they are 2 distinct shorter sailings. So many fine lines.
  9. I am seriously contemplating cancelling the 1st leg ( 4 day) of my B2B scheduled for mid April out of Miami. If I am one of the lucky ones to even be able to cruise, I just think the chances of the CDC allowing B2B is slim to nothing (2nd leg a 5 day) and I am tired of having so much money tied up with cancellations and reschedules. I understand how it works if Carnival is the one to cancel but has anyone cancelled of their own accord and bypassed that cancellation fee without rebooking?
  10. my head is spinning. obc, fcc rcl, ccl, $600, $300, MC....I just want to be on a dang ship listening to the soft roar of the engines , not thinking about anything other than my next Guys burger.
  11. I would like to see the gratuities as part of the actual cruise fare and ditch the entire gratuity philosophy. Just add it in and if need be explain in our contract that __% goes towards staff salary. The frosting on the cake for me would be to add in the port fees and taxes. Just one price includes all so that the advertised $430 cruise fare shows up as $700 that it actually is.
  12. I am the OP. thank you to all who mentioned the difficulty with reading my post with the font and color. I did repost in good old black and white early on in the post but it seems like a whole lotta people didn't see that. I am guilty of trying to bring in some flare with color but that font? No idea why it shows up like that. I am not a script kind of girl believe me. Everyone's feed back is greatly appreciated regarding preparation/paranoia on an unlikely but possible scenario. Am I going to upgrade from my porthole to a balcony? Yup ~ if the price drops!
  13. I am the OP. Thank you for making me aware that there is an issue with the font and/or color making it difficult to read. My original post: I have all hopes that my 8/29 out of Miami sailing will happen. My 4/19 took a digger and I am patiently waiting for my refund mostly coming back in gift cards. I was wondering if any of you that booked or re-booked chose a higher cat room such as a balcony or suite specifically for the off chance that there ends up being a quarantine during your voyage? (shudders at the thought of being trapped in an inside stateroom) I don't want to think
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