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  1. I will be sailing out of Fort Lauderdale on my 2nd HAL cruise next month. My paid in full price has dropped $200. Does HAL give obc for price drops? Thanks for your help!
  2. I would buy them! My Carnival pens remind me of whatever I have booked to look forward to. A simplicity of life. Wont die without one but happier when I do!
  3. I feel sad to say I agree. My recent week on the Conquest made me miss the old days when staff smiled at you, your steward called you by name and the dining room staff didn't look so totally burned out. Remember when the hostess that seated you would place your napkin in your lap?
  4. I just got off the Conquest and not even once was given a spoon for my coffee. I used my butter knife. That would be 5 meals in the dining room.
  5. The seashell shaped bowl you would find in the bathroom filled with razors, toothpaste samples, Vita C packets, etc
  6. awesome news. I didn't realize they changed their minds about the room service charges for everything except for continental breakfast. Good for you Carnival!
  7. From one Deb to another, I also have 2 booked for the first time with the 2nd being 2 years away!! and you know what? I already check for price drops on it! (so far down $50 hoping for more) #lottapricechecks
  8. addiction can creep in ever so slowly........
  9. I wonder what that double BLT is going to cost now with the room service charges!
  10. I think debacles are not consistent. I have boarded a few different times in NYC and its always been total mayhem outside but very organized inside.
  11. The shrimp now adays are about 1/2 the size they were years ago. Sheesh, shrunken shrimp and no more Andes candy, how dare they! 😋
  12. fantastic! 4 thumbs up!
  13. I think its just a fun vibe to hang things on your door whether its from Dollar Store or the custom made signs at Shindigz. Spread the joy!
  14. seriously, it was a $3 decoration from Wally World but its the point of it all, you know?
  15. I can attest to that. I had this most awesome sun hanging from my mailbox, went missing day 2. My room steward however, happen to see where it ended up but he could not steal it back because he could not prove it was mine and re stealing out of a room would certainly get him in big trouble! So I wrote a note and taped it to my mailbox saying " You can steal my sun but you can't steal my fun! (true story)
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