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  1. Thank you pussy willow. I have that search bar but it takes me out of the Carnival board and finds my key words in other cruise line boards. We used to be able to just search topics for the board we are on.
  2. I haven't been on here much since the new and improved format change. There use to be a box where I could search for a specific topic. I can't see how to do this with the new format. What am I not seeing? (I can't search this topic for obvious reasons......:)
  3. I had an inside and used the clothesline every day for one thing or another.
  4. I was on the Horizon, didnt much care of her. I will stick with the smaller ships.
  5. I am a HAL newbie. Are we allowed into our stateroom upon boarding? thank you.
  6. Or, you could never use the elevators and use the stairs only. Can that be challenging? yes, especially if you are on a lower deck but it sure helps to work off all of the warm chocolate melting cake.
  7. Dogstar, what goes on at " raunchy poolside parties" I am wondering?
  8. I just got off the Horizon and was anytime dining. I originally went to deck 5 to reserve, then got a notice via Hub app that my table was ready on deck 3. After that first time traveling to deck 5, I reserveddirectly through the Hub from my stateroom and received notice of my table being ready within 10 minutes each time. When making my reservation for 2, there was an option during making the reservation as to whether I wanted to join in a group table or keep my seating for two. I chose table for two each time and was never seated next to anyone. I know about those tight seating arrangements as they are not really for two when you are 4 inches away from the table next to you. I am very sociable but me and my cruise mate wanted to be a bit introverted during our dinner. We are 2 old time friends who wanted to talk girltalk privately without people sitting next to us listening in...... #girlfriendsecrets
  9. I just got off the Horizon today (NYC) and we had to skip San Juan in order to give us the extra sea day needed to get ahead of Hurricane Florence, an excellent decision by Carnival. We also had the free bingo games with lucky Jennifer from Brooklyn winning the 5 day OV cruise! What a nice gesture from Carnival. I appreciate the awesome attitude from the OP who did not complain about such a drastic itinerary change but rather embraced it. I have done most of my sailings during hurricane season and have had many itinerary changes due to foul weather. Its part of the deal when cruising at this time. Thanks for the positive post TNCruising02!
  10. Double congrats on an awesome upgrade and a healthier body!
  11. I totally understand. My cabin mate for my next cruise is a 2nd timer on CCL. She has had multiple upgrade offers for our next sailing - me not a one. They know I am going to return because I have 16 times so far! Still, where are the loyalty offers you would hope for....... ( took one of her upgrades, deck 2 inside to deck 9, inside for $8 more pp.)
  12. I had that very issue on several sailings. I left a very polite post it note on their door asking them to be aware that there lights were on all night. Some people will say that will just tick them off and could cause a neighborly riff but each time I did the post it note, they turned of their lights. One couple even thanked me because they said when they left for the evening, they really didnt pay much attention to it. Now keep in mind, this was only when the lights were left on at night and they were not on their balconies. Never hurts to ask. The majority of people are pretty cool about things. I feel schmucks are in the minority.
  13. I wish we could go back to the days when the Miracle sailed out of NYC. Loved that ship.
  14. I'm happy for my deck 2 inside upgraded to deck 9 inside for $17!
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