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  1. Sadly, my door decor was stolen, not once but twice. I had some cool 3d suns and some flowers. Well, they were taken on the 1st night. So I took some inside decor we had and put that on the outside door. Same thing. My room steward said he knew who took it because he saw the decor in a room the other side of my floor. So I wrote a big note and attached that to my door. It said "YOU CAN STEAL MY DECOR BUT YOU CANT STEAL MY FUN". No one took that.

  2. I also loved the razors however, I am marked for life. I was shaving my legs in the shower and the ship listed big time. I gouged my leg with the razor and basically cut out one of the eyes of the fairy tatoo on my leg. I bled like a son of a gun and embarassingly left a heap of fluffy white towels that I used to wipe up the blood and wrap around my calf to stop the bleeding. (tjhe gouge was quite deep) Darn razor was seriously sharp. True story.

  3. just off the Splendor, and the cruise director said one carton equals 200 cigs so you can get one of those double cartons that are 20 packs. Marlboro were 2 cartons of 10 packs for $66 or $37 if you purchased just one. Bottom line as cheap as $3.30 a pack!


    So tempted to buy hubby a carton to bring home but I want him to quit!!!

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