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  1. Thank you to everyone for your suggestions. I have an uber account in the US. Can that be used in Amsterdami? I will lokk into airportstaxitransfers.com. as well.
  2. Our group of 8 will be on the Relection of the Seas round trip Amsterdam. We will be staying in Amsterdam for a couple of days after the cruise and need transportation to Banks Mansion. It is easy to get transportation from the airport to the ship, but am having trouble finding ship to hotel. If anyone has suggestions for private transportation, it would be appreciated. We do not want to go by Train or other public transportation. Thanks so much.
  3. Yes, did book with a travel agent. Will check with him . Thanks for the suggestion.
  4. Thanks for the luggage suggestion but I don't feel comfortable using it since we are from the US and the possibikity of something going wrong and our luggage not msking it in time to the ship in Amsterdam.
  5. Thanks again Ine. Lots of good ideas and suggestions from you.
  6. Thanks ine. Yes, Relection does dock at PTA. We are on the August 10th sailing. Does anyone use Uber for transportation from the airport to cruise terminal?
  7. I will have to call Celebrity to be certain where the Reflection is docking . Minivans can accommodate 8 people , but there isn't room for all the luggage too. I suppose we could use transport of 2 minivans, but we are hoping to travel to the ship together in one vehicle, like a 12 seat minibus, hoping that it might be cheaper than transport using 2 vehicles. Thanks for your help.
  8. Our group of 8 ,with luggage, will need transportation from the airport to the cruise terminal. We do not want to take the train, due to mobility issues, and would rather go together to the ship. Are there companies that offer transportation in mini busses or large transit vans that can accommodate all of us ? Thanks for your help.
  9. It's best to make reservations with Gail but if you are going soon, it probably wouldn't be an issue if you just showed up. October and November are a quieter time in the Caribbean. You don't have to buy the all inclusive. Pay for what you use is available, as well. If you contact Gail, she can arrange pickup and return to the port taxi with a family (father, mother, son business) who she knows well. I believe it's $5 pp each way and is a very reliable and safe company. We are a group of 8 going the beginning of November and Gail said we could request pickup time at the ship. Same for return.
  10. I heard back from Gail at Beach Limerz a couple of days ago. She said she was still on the road getting back from vacation. Beach Limerz is reopening on the 27th of this month. I'm sure Gail has many emails to return. We are booked at Beach Limerz for early Nov. Gail says she has us on the schedule for taxi pickup at the port and the all inclusive day pass.and will be back in touch in a few days after she gets back on track after her trip.
  11. I think they reopen on the 17th. Gail is very responsive and will get back to you.
  12. Beachlimerz is closed for the 1st 2 weeks of September.
  13. We are crusing in August of 2020 and have just started looking at hotels. Also looking for a private evening canal tour. Do any of the private canal boats pick you up at a hotel? If so, are there certain hotels that they start and finish ? Being a little nervous of being out after dark and not knowing Amsredam at all, was hoping that an option of being picked up at a hotel might be possible. Thanks for your help.
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