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  1.   If money is no object and if you are of a certain age the Princess hotel and transfers worked well for us.    We don't use the service often.  We used it in Buenos Aires and we were happy with the service.   

    As others have stated their is a rep. when you get off the plane to meet you .Hotels have been nice.   Any yes getting to the ship is slow.  If you are one of those that has to be the first on board then the Princess shuttle may not be for you.  We have been there, done that so we just go with the flow.  We are slow and in no rush. 

    At the end of the day it is expensive but their is the peace of mind that you will be looked after.




  2. We have had a window suite on the Grand twice. .   IF the door at the far end is left open too long, which happens on occassion,  I have smelled some smoke in the hallway.   Very faint.   It has never gotten in the cabin.

    I'm guessing the cabin steward left the door open while working.    I have closed it a few times.

    Yes you might have some smoke smell in the hallway.  Sorry guys.   It does happen but again never smelled it  in the cabin.

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  3. Just now, antsp said:

    After the restart, the buffets on allnships was no self served, it worked quite well, yoh had one single crew member that's served you throughout the buffet service

    We had no issues with that type of buffet serving.   It worked well for us.   Wished it had continued.

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  4. Sorry to say but no amazing deals on board.   Very rare that they will have a special cruise that they will offer some additional on board credit.   Very rare.

    If you find something you like book it then transfer to a travel agent when you get home.

    Most travel agents will give you some additional on board credit or discount the fare slightly depending on the cabin category. 

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  5. We were on the Royal in December.   We had a great time.  Royal Class ships are bigger and have more bells and whistles.  Only complaint that keeps popping up is that the ships are getting too big.

    Princess and Alaska are great. 

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