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  1. Your right. EZAir is only available about 330 days or less
  2. OP have you checked your cruise without logging in to Princess and gone into EZair. Very easy to play around with and see what flights they have, cost and times. We have found when booking EZAir the earlier the better. Best prices go fast.
  3. We have had a window suite on the Grand twice. . IF the door at the far end is left open too long, which happens on occassion, I have smelled some smoke in the hallway. Very faint. It has never gotten in the cabin. I'm guessing the cabin steward left the door open while working. I have closed it a few times. Yes you might have some smoke smell in the hallway. Sorry guys. It does happen but again never smelled it in the cabin.
  4. We had no issues with that type of buffet serving. It worked well for us. Wished it had continued.
  5. Sorry to say but no amazing deals on board. Very rare that they will have a special cruise that they will offer some additional on board credit. Very rare. If you find something you like book it then transfer to a travel agent when you get home. Most travel agents will give you some additional on board credit or discount the fare slightly depending on the cabin category.
  6. I think the key word here is Pre Packaged only.
  7. The cruise terminal was a nightmare when we disembarked. Ship to a bus, bus to the termainal. Not much direction. It was slow going for us and stressful for anyone over a certain age..
  8. We also had age restrictions for our zipline tour.
  9. Never used them in England but used Blacklane in both Tokyo and Sydney and were very happy with them. Both times met us at baggage claim with a sign.
  10. Are you flights available if you book directly through the airline? Or are they also gone on the airline website?
  11. And so they sat in the Cold for 3 hours? Put it on a credit card and when you get home fight it out with your travel insurance or Princess. They are elderly. You don't sit in the cold for 3 hours.
  12. You get more living space in a suite and of course the perks listed above.
  13. We were on the Royal in December. We had a great time. Royal Class ships are bigger and have more bells and whistles. Only complaint that keeps popping up is that the ships are getting too big. Princess and Alaska are great.
  14. Here is a thread from last year.
  15. Sounds like you got the better deal. 😀
  16. The key is Princess has it listed as two different cruises. So you received 2 mini bars.
  17. For those that remember the 1972 Andes plane crash with the soccer team on board there is a museum dedicated to them that is close by. Nice walk through Old Town. We found it very interesting
  18. Yes, we have had window suites with the FCD. They do go fast so hopefully they are still available in 2 weeks.
  19. Cruise wise the roughest seas leaving Los Angeles is the beginning of the year. Probably Jan. thru March
  20. Googled spring break for Los Angeles. March 25th to March 29th
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