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  1. Just purchased Princess transfers from the airport to the pier and the cost was $34.00 per person
  2. No real juice bar on Princess. Most juices are the canned or bottled variety.
  3. Or bang into the wall all night if you are in the twin next to the wall.
  4. Well thank god we are on CC. We have many people that post like yourselves that give us select few a heads up. I guess we keep spreading the word.
  5. But it shouldn't be a Suprise. We know before we get on a ship that something like this could happen. For some it might not be a time to start cruising.
  6. Just wondering out loud with the recent Carnival ship that caught fire did that ship have anyone in quarantine at the time and was someone there to unlock the fire doors?
  7. We used Club Class a few times for breakfast, and I enjoyed it as much as the suite breakfast.
  8. Thanks Gloria, Very interesting. Just venting. LOL As I said don't mind the quarantine, don't mind waiting for food, I could eat torillas and cheese slid under the door but I really have a problem with Princess holding back calls or keep you from making direct phone calls. Not a vocal person but I guess I could learn. 😁
  9. I would not mind the quarantine so much but IF the phone doesn't work and I can't get my traveling companion on the phone they will have issues with me. Whats to stop me from walking out of the room. Is the door locked? They just might have to lock me up in their jail. Princess you need to get your stuff together.
  10. Can you go online and do a new booking without signing in. If Club Class is available, it should come up. You would be able to see the price difference then. If not pick another cruise and do a booking where Club Class is available, then you will get an idea of pricing.
  11. You really should start a new post asking for this information.
  12. It really is ship to ship and cruise to cruise what you will or might get. Think of it as a suprise when you get on board. Just think about all your breakfasts. ☺️
  13. Off of Grand in April, window suite, and no issues getting bars of soap.
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