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  1. Wonder if we will need our smart phones to board the ship when in foreign ports.
  2. If it's a cold weather cruise you will find the atrium crowded from morning till night. It's the same on the Grand Class ships. One of our last cruises the staff brought down tables and chairs from the buffet and still no place to sit. People camp out all day. The only ship we have found that was comfortable was the QM2. That ship is designed with an over abundance of in door seating. With that being said we stil love the Island and Coral Princess.
  3. Just saved $600. pp on our 2021 Antarctica cruise. Also an additional small amount of OBC.
  4. Cruise Lines have not sailed since March. Where the heck do you think they are going to get your Good Will Money?
  5. I believe the Pacific Princess has been listed for sale for years. Not sure it will be #18 but when the right buyer comes along it will go. Sadly.
  6. Have used EZair to book International flights. Prices were great. I would suggest booking as early as possible. I found pricing to be the lowest when the booking first opened. Seems the later you booked the higher the prices got. Just our experience.
  7. Yes due to fog we missed the glacier.
  8. F315 probably has some door noise but it is a wheel chair accessable cabin so doubt it would ever be offered to us. Yes we also had F307 and was great.
  9. Do your research on the Window Suites. F301 is your least desirable location. Check the deck plans.
  10. I would say the best ship is the one that goes to more of the ports that you are interested in. All the ships have their plus and minuses. Alaska is a great cruise.
  11. At the end of the day only you can decide what is best for you but you are not the expert on vaccines so please don't tell us how they are undermining it's efficacy and safety.
  12. I really don't understand what you are complaining about. The govenrment is fast tracking this vaccine. It's not taking years it's taking months. Why wouldn't they start with healthy people first. I would think it would be the easiet to control and get results back faster. IF it works then go back and pulll in those with immune problems, age etc. and do more testing. Yes you are right. I will not be traveling any time soon even if they say there is a vaccine. Even my own doctor said he would not take the vacine until it's been around for at least a few months to see what
  13. I'm always looking for something close to $100 a day per person.
  14. I read the title and it's as clear as mud. But thank you for clarifying it for me. Me bad.
  15. Princess doesn't seem to give as many upgrades as they use to. I've seen more upsell offers so you might want to figure out how much more you are willing to spend if you get an upsell to a Club Class cabin. Stick with a regular mini and do traditional dining. Book early and pick the table size you desire. Other then the first night there are no lines getting into traditional. You will find if you go 5 minutes after the posted opening you walk right in.
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