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  1. And so they sat in the Cold for 3 hours? Put it on a credit card and when you get home fight it out with your travel insurance or Princess. They are elderly. You don't sit in the cold for 3 hours.
  2. You get more living space in a suite and of course the perks listed above.
  3. We were on the Royal in December. We had a great time. Royal Class ships are bigger and have more bells and whistles. Only complaint that keeps popping up is that the ships are getting too big. Princess and Alaska are great.
  4. Here is a thread from last year.
  5. Sounds like you got the better deal. ๐Ÿ˜€
  6. The key is Princess has it listed as two different cruises. So you received 2 mini bars.
  7. For those that remember the 1972 Andes plane crash with the soccer team on board there is a museum dedicated to them that is close by. Nice walk through Old Town. We found it very interesting
  8. Yes, we have had window suites with the FCD. They do go fast so hopefully they are still available in 2 weeks.
  9. Cruise wise the roughest seas leaving Los Angeles is the beginning of the year. Probably Jan. thru March
  10. Googled spring break for Los Angeles. March 25th to March 29th
  11. Same here. We don't sail till October but can't select dining reservations yet.
  12. I know when we were on the Royal for our New Zealand cruise the Customer Service desk did not have any US dollars when we asked for change. I'm going to take a guess that if you didn't have AUD dollars you could/would use your medallion for playing the slots and it would be charged to your credit card where the conversion would be made. We did get an international fee when we used our credit card.
  13. They will take your money any way they can get it.
  14. Nope. No other options. You can always give it away while on board.
  15. So Good with real horseradish.
  16. Agree. Without the light the closet is way too dark. Just off the Royal.
  17. Enterprise has the closest office to the ship. Almost walking distance. Only down side is they close on Sunday. We use them to also get to the ship.
  18. We have had the same feeling doing our 32 day cruise. I'm lucky that we have a good friend that came over a couple times a week to water my poted outdoor plants. She also had a key to the house to check on things inside if need be. Our next door neighbor came over and kept the pool level up. We have a pool guy that came in once a week to clean the pool and a gardner who came in once a week to do the front lawn. You can go to the post office and request they hold the mail longer then 30 days. I believe it has to be done in person. Setup auto pay for some bills, Over paid on others. Would defiinitely not drive. Fly then Uber or take a shuttle to the port. Parking at the port has gotten extremely expensive.
  19. I was also on the same cruise. Certainly no tall story.
  20. Looks like this has been rescinded by Carnival Corp. per the Gardian.
  21. From whats posted it is a bit disappointing looking. Doesn't look much bigger then a mini suite on a Princess ship. I would have expected more on Cunard. Thanks for posting this.
  22. Thats why they are called rumors. ๐Ÿ™‚
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