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  1. Nope. You should be checking and if you spot something notify your travel agent .
  2. Its a great cruise. You will be just fine.
  3. I'm glad we are not cruising till next March. The testing guidelines are a major turnoff. We too are close to the LA port but too old to jump through hoops. I will wait if I have to.
  4. See if this works. Carnival Cruise Line Nixes On-Site COVID-19 Testing Option - CRUISES - TRAVEL NEWS (boat-cruises-trips.com)
  5. Its happened on every Princess cruise we have been on in traditional dining and we have been cruising for almost 30 years. As others have said if you don't like it don't participate.
  6. I find it a bit funny that the Quest labs are so limited on the map. There is a Quest lab within a few steps of the Princess Headquarters in Valencia. Talk about making things difficult. I'm glad my cruise was canceled and the next one isn't till next March. Maybe they will have things sorted out by then. Maybe......
  7. Are you saying not all Quest Diagnostics give the tests? There are two Quest that I know of, one in Burbank and the other one I use here in Valencia. Seems they have other locations in and around the valley.
  8. Just curious. How often does the cruise line clean the kettles in the rooms especially now with covid. Is there a chance that someone could warm up something other then just hot water in the kettles? It must take time to clean the kettles between cruises if in fact they do at all.
  9. No, no no, it has to be Mayo on the dogs. 😃
  10. That's because the majority of the time you are nice to others. 🙂
  11. This has been discussed before. Seems a lot of the noise comes from one deck below. Crew work areas. They start very early every morning.
  12. One question. How do you escape a fire on board ship?
  13. Doesn't look good for our December cruise to Antarctica on the Diamond.
  14. What am I missing. This says nothing about payment with on board credit just prepaid shore excursions. Looks the same to me. And how can you have a shore excursion balance? If you reserve the shore excursion prior to boarding it has to be paid in full or no shore excursion, right?
  15. If Princess did change the rules they better put it in writing. If not there are going to be a lot of angry customers.
  16. Two major perks for us. Makes me think why we are still with Princess. Those perks kept us coming back. Maybe not so much any more.
  17. The packages don't go on sale. They do have a coffee package only that is reasonable. It use to be all the brewed coffee you want during the cruise and I think 15 specialty coffees. Good enough for us at least.
  18. As mentioned the Regal class ships have a coffee machine in the buffet that uses freshly ground coffee beans. Might want to try that first to see if it's acceptable enough . If you like sitting in the Piazza then the coffee package would be the way to go.
  19. Yes it has been done in the past. Don't know about the Sapphire. It really depends on who is running the dining room at the time. The down side to a table for twelve is they need extra staff to run the food so you can eat at once. It cannot be done with just the two servers. Afraid you will have to wait till you get on board to see if they can get the two tables together. As others have done you can always rotate seating during your cruise so you can talk with everyone.
  20. I'm guessing that is all they had available that came close to what you originally booked. Cruises have been filling up fast. Have you called your travel agent to get all the information?
  21. Wonder how many times a day the crew will wipe down the Portals?
  22. Did I read some where that you can now load the App on an android? Has Princess announced yet that the App is up and running and ready to use? It sounds to me that they are still working on it?????
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